In these days of digital inter-connectedness, you’d be forgiven for thinking that online marketing happens fast. Things of value take time to create. Creating something as valuable as a community online is a long-term commitment.

Why an online community?

The rules of marketing have changed. What you say about yourself is no longer as credible as it once was. What others say about you, and where they say it, will ultimately determine your success.

Building an online community means engaging with your actual and potential customers. It is about building your circle of influence over time.

Act Fast

  • Getting your website live
  • Creating collection points for email addresses
  • Sending your articles to article submission sites
  • Starting business accounts on social media channels
  • Acting on your goals.

Go Slow

  • Regularly reviewing your website statistics to inform your website tweaks
  • Building your email database – buying a list is never a good idea
  • Determining what to say, how to say it, how it could be received, and how it should be received
  • Creating a following on social media channels
  • Regularly revisiting your goals to ensure they are working you.

One of the key strengths of a small business operator is the ability to be quick and flexible. Slow does not mean endless naval-gazing. While reflection can often give you clarity, too much time spent on decisions are a waste of your advantage.

Learn to act quickly, think slowly, and commit over the long-term to building your online community.