Your Business Development


Is this you?

You’re energetic, and like getting stuff done.

You don’t have time – nor inclination – to meet for longer periods of time over many months – you just want outcomes, like, yesterday.

You love bouncing ideas around with others, to brainstorm and strategise, but it’s important that you trust the person you’re seeking advice and feedback from.

You know how important it is to render your competitors irrelevant by being distinct, but you sometimes struggle to explain how you’re different in a compelling way.

You want to position your brand without compromise, saying something worth listening to and doing something worth talking about. You’re ready to stop hiding and be seen and heard.

You’re well-and-truly done trying to do #allthethings and are ready to be a better leader who makes smarter decisions on outsourcing, managing and delegating, without spending all your profits in the process.

You’re ready for your business marketing to be far more easy, joyful, creative, while also bringing in a truckload more people.

Creativity loves constraints (and company!)


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make big changes – in just one day? 

Introducing, our VIP Strategy Day: a highly creative, whip-smart strategy process that’s not just enjoyable, but also effective – and highly profitable.

“Brook is refreshingly direct, approachable and totally the real deal. Will be back to do more learnings with you soon Brook.”

Janie Rose

Petal and Rose owner

“Brook McCarthy is exceptional in her work – in all the years I have been hanging on her street corner – so to speak – her offerings have been nothing short of on-point, incredibly effective and delivered with all the vibrance you need to be inspired and empowered in your business, to do it your way and stand out. No fluff, plenty of fun, buckets and buckets of succinct useful wisdom.”

Briellen McAlpine

Breathwork & Yoga Teacher

“Working with Brook is an investment in your business and yourself. No fluff, just tried and true, evidence-based methods and processes that work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brook.”

Liz Ellis


“Brook is always a willing “giver” of energy and information. Certainly worth the investment of time, effort and money.”

Sean Collins

Executive Coach, Business Coach

“Brook is such a wonderful ally to have in your corner as you traverse the business high-wire. Her knowledge and experience is invaluable and her open, honest, down to earth approach is a breath of fresh air. Working with her is sure to remove your barriers and take your business to the next level.”

Katie Shanks

Throughlines Owner

“I LOVED working with Brook for one-on-one coaching. Her expertise, fun personality and her practical deliverance of advice made my time working with her so very enjoyable. I’ve seen a noticeable increase in my productivity and income. I am moving forward with a new found confidence to continue to grow my business.”

Rhianna Smith

Rhianna Smith Events

Hi, I’m Brook McCarthy

business coach brook mccarthy
I’ve been a business coach for more than 10 years now, and have more than 16 years’ experience in communications, including Public Relations, digital marketing and copy writing.

I’ve run my own business since 2008.

I’ve been told I’m not a typical business coach. As well as business coaching, I also train and teach business and marketing at universities and vocational training colleges around Australia, as well as internationally.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve coached innumerable business owners, as well as business coaches and those seeking to be business coaches, marketers and marketing and business consultants. They come to me to reposition and reinvent themselves, rediscover their energy and turbocharge their creativity.

Communications strategy and creative messaging is in my DNA. With my father working as a journalist and a PR consultant, I’ve had decades of experience understanding how messaging and influence works, and how to help change the conversation around the key topics that affect your industry or sector.

Let me show you how to stand out, say something worth listening to, and do something worth talking about.

“One of the biggest hurdles any small business owner faces when going to work with someone is wondering if they’re ‘your people’. I can honestly say Brook is definitely ‘my people’ – her fun energy, business nous and sharp strategy make working together on any plan or project, a really satisfying experience. I think Brook brings out the best in anyone she meets.”

Cyn Co

Cynco, Your Creative Concierge

“Brook is a no nonsense, very practical, effective coach. She set me up with systems for managing outreach, helped refine my pitches, got me moving on various marketing projects. Her style is straight forward and honest, and she really knows her stuff. I definitely recommend Brook for small business coaching!”

Samantha Sutherland

Facilitator, Coach, D&I Expert

Our process is:


Fill out the form below to book a call with me

The first step is to book an obligation-free call with me. You’ll be asked a few key questions about what your business and your goals.

We meet to see if we have synergy

We meet online, via Zoom, to see if we can work together! This is a mutually agreeable arrangement. If I think you’d be better served by something or someone else, I’ll refer you. We need to see if we can work together before we both commit.

We book your day. Your investment is due to secure your booking

If we both decide we’re a good fit, we’ll find a day that works. Your investment is due at this time, to secure your booking. Payment plans are available.


You fill out your preliminary discovery questionnaire

Allow yourself plenty of time to gather essential information and answer the key questions to ensure we get the most out of our time together.

We meet!

Your VIP day runs from approximately 9am AEST (that’s Sydney/Melbourne time) to 5pm. You’ve done all the preparatory work – now you can enjoy the creative process! Regardless of what we’re focusing on for your VIP day, we’ll need to meet, at least once. Depending on what you want to achieve, we may be together, via Zoom, for most of the day, or I may work alone on your project with a check in at the end of the day to review the work done.


Going deep and wide

Depending on what your done-for-you day is for, we may need more or less time together.

For example, if we’re mapping out a new program for you, or working out your expert signature system, we’re going to take more time to talk together. If I’m writing you a marketing plan, we’ll need less time together. 


You leave the day with your project DONE

While I can’t give any guarantees, I’ll be updating you throughout the day on progress. You’ll be surprised how much we can get done in just one day of focused effort.

You'll have a clear Action Plan

You’ll leave with a clear action plan, sorted by priorities, of things to work on before we meet for your first follow-up session. No more spinning your wheels trying to figure out where your time and energy should go.


Access to me for after care

You may well have follow-up questions or need clarification on what we did. I’m not leaving you high and dry: your VIP day include two weeks’ access to me via Voxer (a walkie-talkie app), to ensure you can ask questions, get feedback, or seek recommendations for your team or contractors.

What kinds of things can we work on in the VIP day

One-to-one work is customised to you. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure with your goals as the map. We can work on anything in the day, so long as it’s within my skillset and experience (I do not want to be doing things that I can’t excel at; it’s not fair for either of us). You can choose how much you want to be involved (though a minimum amount is necessary).

Here are some examples of things I’ve worked on with clients:

Develop your expert signature system

I’ve worked closely with clients to sketch out (for beginners) or refine (for those who’ve already done the groundwork) their expert signature system, or framework. This includes visual models and tools that they apply to their client work, marketing and sales processes.


Communications strategy and content plan

I’ve worked with soloists and large organisations to their communications strategy to ensure that they’re communications, marketing and content plan is powerfully magnetic to their ideal clients.


Development or revision of sales assets

I’ve worked with soloists and large organisations to develop or refine their sales assets, including sales page writing, email funnels and automation, client proposals and other sales materials, and review and redevelopment of a complete sales system.


Review of all of your offerings

I’ve worked with innumerable clients to close down unprofitable or unstrategic offerings and launch new offerings, including online courses, premium-priced offerings, and memberships. We review through the lens of strategic positioning, profitability and joy.


Review of tech stack & systems

I’ve worked with online businesses to map out their tech stack, redesign their systems, reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Tech and systems is NOT a ‘one size fits all’ and the most expensive/sophisticated isn’t necessarily the best choice for you.

Who this IS for:

  • You have goals. These may not be super clear, but you do need to be ambitious to get the most out of this.
  • You know your audience, ideally better than they know themselves!
  • You’re passionate about what you do. Building a brand is hard work. Passion is what fuels you to keep on keeping on.
  • You’re open-minded and open-hearted. This will be impossible otherwise.

This ISN’T for you if:

  • You take advice and inspiration from anyone and everyone.
  • You don’t know what you’re selling, to whom.
  • You don’t like being creative and don’t want to participate in co-creating your strategy.
  • You don’t like standing out; you want to blend in.
  • Whiners, complainers, projectors, blamers, nit-pickers, perfectionists, and those looking for a mother figure (I’m not your gal).

Your investment:



$2400 AUD (ex GST).

Where: Online, via Zoom.

When: At a mutually-convenient date that suits both our schedules.

Apply now

I don’t overbook myself. I want to be as fresh for my clients as possible, so the earlier you apply, the better chance you’ll have of securing your preferred date.

Got questions?

What outcomes can I expect from the day?

You’ll likely be surprised by how much we can accomplish in a short timeframe. Please review the list above or check in with me to see if we can cover something specific you have in mind.

Can we cover something else?

Could do, depending or whether or not it’s within my skillset and whether I think it’s possible to produce something wonderful within our dedicated time together. The best thing to do is book a call with me, using the form above, and we can discuss.

How do I prepare for our time together?

Don’t worry – they’ll be preliminary work for you! My questionnaire is carefully designed to give me as much information as required to help us better utilise our time together. This will be due three days before our session.

We're in different timezones. How will this work?

I’m based in Sydney Australia. If our timezones are problematic, we can split our time together across two consecutive days, to make this easier.

When is my payment due?

Your full payment is due before we meet. However you may like to split these into instalments, depending on how far out we book our sesssion.

Can I bring my team?

You can have up to three people along for your VIP day, however (this is important), these people need to be participants, not observers. Bringing the maximum people along doesn’t make this better value for money, in fact, it can be counter-productive.

This is not team training (if you’re looking for training for your team, head this way).

"I really want your help to map out my offerings and ideate some new offerings. Can you help?"

I’ve done all kinds of things with clients in intensive chunks of time, including sales copy writing, launch planning, Public Relations and media publicity strategy, email funnel mapping and copy writing, and developing an expert signature system for people to use throughout their businesses. The best thing is to get in touch by booking a call with me and we can discuss.

Is this coaching or what?

This is implementation, combined with a little coaching as needed, facilitation, if your team is involved, and some plain talk advice, as required. Together, we’re rolling up our metaphorical sleeves and getting stuff done. Expect to create fast, brilliant work together.

I'm not sure if I should do one-to-one business coaching, or your program, or this?

This VIP Strategy is for the kind of people who can do one intensive implementation session, and then take powerful action towards the goals you set, without needing a lot of checking in or external accountability. This is best for you if you want to deeply focus on one or two things and take fast action and experience fast progress.

This is for you if you want to focus on something that takes a concentrated chunk of time to create: like reviewing copy or brand positioning, working out your expert framework, creating a structure for your days and redesigning or reinventing your business or life. We get into the nitty-gritty together quickly and can make massive progress in a short space of time.