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Professional with a busy schedule

Leverage your skills

You’ve been honing your expertise for some time now

Your clients love what you do and come back over and over again.

The problem is…

… busy doesn’t may the bills (nor give you the elixir to youth). 

You can’t – and don’t want to – work longer hours. You don’t want to grow a large team and have to make chit-chat with Debra at the coffee machine, or mentor kids in their 20s, who just go and leave you when they’re finally trained up.

You appreciate the flexibility and freedom that your business brings. But you do want to earn more (and – dare I say it? – be rich as a white male tech founder) …

Leverage your time

You know you’ve maxed out your current business model

Worse, you’re boring yourself senseless repeating yourself to different clients. You know you’re not working smart. 

And just quietly?

You’re starting to resent your business…

There’s a better, smarter way to work: where you’re playing to your strengths, leveraging your time, while increasing your reach and magnifying your impact.

It’s 2024! You don’t want to get paid for your outputs, but rather, your ideas, style, approach, and how you think. You’re ready to move from one-to-one to one-to-many.

You’re ready for Leverage.

smart marketing

“As a business owner, I now feel more confident in the decisions I’m making, the systems I have set up and the possible actions I can take to reach my (ambitious) goals. Thank you many times over, Brook.”

– Michaela Epstein

Maths Teacher Circles

It’s time to step up

Your clients are waiting for you to shine

Your best clients are waiting for you to leverage your expertise through a transformative group experience – that widens their connections, diversifies their perspective, and deepens their sense of belonging.

They’re waiting for you to shine: well rested, not over-worked; inspired, not overwhelmed; at the top of your game…

No longer the town’s best kept secret.

Your clients are waiting for you to step up to your next level challenge, knowing this will create a ripple effect that prompts them to step up, too.


Sydney business coach

Hey there! Want a taste of our Leverage approach?

Enter your name and email and we’ll send you six mini video trainings, to give you a taste of our style, curriculum, and approach to leveraging your expertise through your flagship group program.

creating group programs

A smarter way to work

Elevate your business model and create flow

Leveraging your expertise with your flagship group program, means more opportunities to service more clients, without massively increasing your hours or investing heavily in team.

It means moving beyond the day-to-day, week-to-week routine of your business, and creating a new business model that ushers in momentum, growth, and flow.

A new business model for your next era of business – and life. (See you in Ibiza.)

Get paid for your ideas

There’s a better way to work in 2024

A way where you’re being paid for your ideas, perspective, and the unique way you think.

Where you’re empowering others to change the way they approach work, parenting, team management, eating, relationships, or whatever your field of expertise is.

A way of working that rewards the long years you’ve invested into building your expertise and thought leadership.

Imagine creating leverage from your expertise – the work you were born to do – making significantly more money and impact while reducing your hours, expenses, team, and fluctuating cashflow.

Get “Done with you” support

Create and launch your flagship group program (even if you’re not confident people will buy it … yet)

group program

Perhaps you’re unsure whether your clients would be interested in a group program rather than one-to-one?

Perhaps you’ve tried to scale a group program in the past, and it hasn’t worked?

With many moving parts to a successful group program, from tech, to creative, from audience growth to engagement, it’s not uncommon to have a few attempts, before your breakthrough.

It’s also really common to for your first program launch to be great, followed by an okay second launch, and a total flop third time ’round.

Whether you’ve had a successful group program launch, which has sizzled out over time, or you have a low-priced course that you’re struggling to sell, or you’ve never created a group program before, our proprietary process is different…


Because we’re NOT going to tell you the bare minimum and leave you on your lonesome to implement everything…

We’re going to walk alongside you through the entire process, from conception, to validation, creation, promotion, and actually selling your program. (This is a mastermind in digital marketing and online business, since online launches require all those specialty skills, and then some.)

We’re going to partner as your strategists, coaches, technicians (yes, doing it for you, not leaving you to drive yourself nuts trying to figure it out), and supportive cheerleaders, to get you from ground zero, to sold out.


Leverage Mastermind

Brook McCarthy Simon Kelly

Leverage is a mastermind for ambitious experts who are ready to create leverage through sold-out flagship group programs.

It’s specifically designed for consultants, coaches and professionals who have maxed out their current business model, and don’t want to scale through investing heavily in ads, training up a new team, or continue doing what they’ve been doing.

Instead, they want to get paid for their ideas, synthesise their body of work into a proprietary process that scales, and reach and impact far more clients, while capping their hours (and rediscovering their weekends).

Leverage will teach and support you to ideate, create, launch and sell a premium-priced group program, even if your list is small, you don’t want to do ads, or invest in team.

It’s specifically and lovingly designed for business owners who want to reduce their one-to-one work and turn their process into an expertise methodology and increase their clients and impact, without overwhelm or burnout.

This mastermind is right for you if:

You’re a busy consultancy who is looking to expand into leveraged training, coaching or facilitation.

You’re an online business owner who already has a course or program, but struggles to sell  it consistently.

You’re an expert in your field who wants to codify your approach into a proprietary process and expert methodology that you can use to scale through premium group programs.

You’re a coach or trainer, or you’d like to be, and are keen to avoid the trap of selling low-priced digital products and courses that require a massive investment in ad spend and digital infrastructure in order to sell large volumes.

Meet your Leverage mentors

The Leverage mastermind is co-created and led by Brook McCarthy and Simon Kelly.

Leverage Brook McCarthy

Meet Brook McCarthy

I’m Brook McCarthy, a veteran business coach and trainer with 18 years in digital communications and a background in Public Relations. I’ve supported thousands of business owners over the last 11 years, to design, develop, market, and sell out their premium group programs.
My own flagship group program has been running now for eight years, and I’ve also developed online and face-to-face training courses on behalf of national and international training organisations, as well as being a guest expert in other people’s group programs.
I love supporting owners to develop their flagship group program to elevate their expertise, create leverage in their business model, and work less, while impacting many more people.
Group programs enable owners to stop being the bottleneck in your business and “the only one” your clients want to work with. 
I’m so excited to be collaborating with my colleague and friend, Simon Kelly, who’s been my launch strategist, helping me to develop my email funnels, launch events, and other systems, and focus on the right things through my launches.
Leverage Simon Kelly

Meet Simon Kelly

I’m Simon Kelly, a launch strategist. digital marketing consultant and digital agency owner. Over the last 15 years that I’ve been working closely with online business owners, supporting them to scale their web and digital marketing.
I’ve been lucky enough to have worked closely with some of Australia’s smartest companies, entrepreneurs, and coaches, including Envato, Troy Dean, David Jenyns, Amy Bell, Bayside Blades, CyberCX, and more.
I love helping my clients simplify tech, optimise websites and create seamless systems that attract more ideal clients, while saving time, effort, and heartache.
As well as being “on the (digital) tools”, I’ve also been an expert mastermind coach in other people’s programs, coaching owners to stay calm, confident and in control while rapidly growing their businesses.
Having studied Criminology at Griffith University, I’m fascinated by our minds, and am currently studying NLP coaching and training. Fun fact: I’m also a keen rollerblader who’s competed internationally, and a sponsored rider for one of the biggest rollerblading shops in Australia.

We’re here to support you every step of the way

We look after the crucial tech elements that take the heavy lifting out of launching, develop your magnetic messaging that will have your clients hitting the ‘buy now’ button, and help brainstorm an incomparable guarantee that will provoke the cynics to question how we could possibly afford to be so generous.

“I have had the good fortune of working with Simon on numerous projects (from website and membership builds to product launches) and he has exceeded my expectations at every turn.”

– David Jenyns

Author of SYSTEMology

With Leverage, you will:


Learn how to co-design and carefully develop a group program that your ideal clients actually want


Learn how to sell your program consistently without heavily investing in ads, fancy tech, or marketing agencies that are high on hype and low on value


Learn how to consistently deliver your premium group program – without overwhelm or burning yourself out


Design a new business model so you can reduce your working hours and reimagine a lifestyle of freedom, flexibility, and fun

The curriculum

Here’s what you’ll achieve in Leverage:

Ideate & validate

Too many coaches and consultants waste exorbitant time, money and effort, creating a program that they haven’t validated.

In module 1, we sort through our ideas, validating what our audience *actually wants*, and create ourselves clear launch goals, not random ‘shoulds’ lifted from the internet.

Module 1 takes a client-led approach to identifying the sweet spot between your expertise, your reputation, and what your ideal clients are craving.

By the end of this module, you will have:

  • Identified meaningful and clear launch goals
  • Defined the parametres of your program’s focus
  • Created the first draft of your sales page
  • Your one-page program curriculum plan
  • Be crystal clear on exactly who your program is for and why it’s a no-brainer for them

Build your audience

Our audience building needs to happen earlier than most people think.

This is the difference between a one-hit wonder, where the business owner’s first launch is a hit, the second is lacklustre and the third is flop, and consistently sold-out programs which scale over time.

By the end of this module, you will have:

  • Your Minimum Viable Marketing Plan™ to finding your best people
  • An audience-building gameplan that works to your communication strengths
  • Identified your best advocates
  • Have launched your lead magnet to create a short path for people between downloading your freebie and signing up for your program
  • A goldmine of value to be useful, valuable and relevant to your right people

Appraise your offer

Module 3 drastically reduces your risk while heightening your likelihood for success by rapid testing and iteration of your offer.

Together, we build your interest list, call in your ideal clients, validate your pitch, and build your sales page so that you’re co-creating what your ideal clients most desperately need and actively want.

By the end of this module, you will have:

  • Created a minimum viable offer
  • Tested and validated your offer
  • Activated your advocates
  • Published your preliminary sales page to grow your interest list
  • Co-created your offer with your ideal audience
  • Amplified your audience

Create your expert methodology

Together, we unpack your unique perspective, process, and vision and turn this into your unique expert methodology. We explore your unique IP and codify what you do into a repeatable process so you can impact multiple clients at once.

Your expert methodology is hugely useful, not just to your premium program, but also throughout your marketing, website, and for future projects – such as a book, keynote speech, or podcast.

By the end of this module, you will have:

  • Codified your ‘why’ into a compelling rallying cry
  • Unpacked your unique ideas, perspective and experience into visual models
  • Structured your repeatable processes
  • Developed your expert methodology
  • Created clear client milestones for measuring progress

Launch confidently

It’s go time! In module 5, we develop the key skills to selling with joy!

Launching can be immensely stressful, but this module has been carefully designed like a warm hug, to support and cheer you on, while equipping you with the key elements of effective launching.

This includes story telling, launch events, testimonials and social proof, and selling through sales calls, video, and social media. We also look at payment plans and addressing barriers to purchase.

By the end of this module, you will have:

  • Mapped your launch runway into a clear launch plan
  • Crafted your stories and storylines that sell
  • Decided on your minimum viable launch event
  • Created your irresistible offer using testimonials, social proof and no-brainer elements
  • Created your application process
  • Implemented your sales system

Nail your delivery

In module 6, we cover the different possibilities for delivering your premium program, including teaching frameworks, essential tech, learning aids for engaging participants, giving feedback, coaching groups, hotseats and hosting Q&As.

Plus, we cover the nitty gritty realities of sets/handouts for participant complaints and problems, resolving conflicts, and dealing with crises.

So you can handle it all with aplomb, confidence, and calm.

By the end of this module, you will have:

  • Decided on your program delivery methods
  • Gained the essentials of teaching and presenting confidently
  • Have your tech set-up to deliver your program
  • Workbooks and assets for your participants
  • A playbook for resolving common issues and conflict
  • Understood the fundamentals of effective group coaching
  • A deep understanding of how to develop belonging and community
  • A system to capture case studies and testimonials


Plus, we’ll also work together to:

  • Craft your expert methodology, proprietary process, visual models, and densely-branded language
  • Identify particular group dynamics and develop your personal leadership style (there’s no one-size-fits-all)
  • Apply values-based pricing to your work
  • Effectively grow your program wait list as well as your main email list
  • Develop your marketing excellence, including your unique blueprint for generating steady leads and inquiries
  • Confidently sell one-to-one, whether on the phone or via DMs, without any weird, bait-and-switch, unethical techniques. Just simply and directly making your offer, naturally,
    and effectively.


The Leverage Mastermind

Here’s how it works

Leverage Mastermind

Leverage is a combination of coaching, training, done-for-you implementation and support.

We will be moving through a carefully designed, highly valuable curriculum that covers everything that you need to conceive, create, launch and sell your flagship group program experience. (And nothing you don’t.)

If you’ve already got a course or program that you want to develop, you can use Leverage to edit, refine, and relaunch.

Together, we’ll be working on the key elements of your group program. You’ll have regular opportunities to submit things for feedback from Brook and Simon.

And we’ll take care of the key elements ourselves, so that complicated tech, design or magnetic messaging doesn’t hold you up.

The finer details

Here’s what’s involved

Leverage doesn’t just teach you how to create and scale a successful group program, we show you how to:

Build a community of engaged participants who are excited to learn and grow with you.

Codify your expert methodology, visual models, and proprietary tools, which can be applied to podcasting, book writing, speaking on stages, or any number of different things.

Develop systems and processes that help you manage and scale your program effectively.

Increase your revenue and create more freedom and flexibility in your business.

In addition, you’ll have your very own WordPress program website, built by us, so that you can create, launch and deliver as many programs as you want and grow your revenue and validate your offers.

After 12 months of us hosting your site, you can either move it to another website host to manage, or you can continue using our platform for an ongoing monthly fee.

And perhaps most importantly – you have the dedication of two highly experienced coaches and program technicians who’ve trod the path before you, to mentor you through key decisions, and keep you focused on the right things, in the right order, at the right time.

What you’ll get

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, or service professional, this mastermind can help elevate your brand through creating leverage.

By joining Leverage Mastermind, you’ll get access to:

  • Live group coaching sessions with experienced coaches
  • A supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Step-by-step training modules that guide you through the process of creating and scaling your program
  • Personal support and guidance to help you overcome any obstacles or challenges you may face.

Spots are strictly limited

Who the Leverage mastermind is for

This is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a busy consultancy that’s looking to expand into leveraged training, coaching or facilitation.
  • You’re an online business owner who already has a course or program, but has struggled to sell it, or want to elevate with a premium-priced, flagship group program.
  • You’re a coach, trainer, or expert in your field who wants to codify your approach into a proprietary process and expert methodology that you can use to better position yourself.
  • You’re open to new ways of approaches and have an upbeat, adaptable attitude.

This ISN’T for you if:

  • You’re brand new to business and don’t have any paying clients.
  • You don’t understand why an email list, or growing your email list, is important
  • You are committed to selling low-cost (less than $500) and are intimidated by selling premium programs.
  • You want to outsource your creative thinking and don’t want to take responsibility for key decisions.
  • You’re not coachable. You’re not interested in experimenting and learning. You want a sure bet.

How much is all of this really worth?

A flagship group program that sells easily (and profitably!) every time: $15K-$200K per launch

A high-converting email funnel: $9-$30K+ per week

Your proprietary process and expert methodology that you can leverage beyond your group program, into a book, keynote speeches, and other products: $2K+ per week

Your own private WordPress website to store your program/s foreverafter, built by us? $4000

Nine months of support, feedback and coaching from two seasoned experts (who normally charge $500-$1000 an hour): $4000+ per month x 9 months

Leverage Mastermind

Your Investment

Leverage is AU $10,000

All amounts include GST.

Flexible payment plans are available.

Apply Now

Applying does, in no way, obligate you to join us. It’s simply an opportunity to see if this makes sense for us.