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We are a business coaching and training college for small business owners who would rather just do the work than talk about it. We teach content strategy, digital marketing and sustainable growth through the lens of values-based business.

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Hustle & Heart teaches people-centric marketing. We help you deepen your creativity and empathy to make your business marketing more powerfully relevant to your audience.

We equip and empower business owners with the practical tools and emotional intelligence so they can design a business that works. Learn how to use your values to help guide your business decisions, hone your point-of-difference and turn up the volume on your brand message.

Want more joy and more profit? You don’t have to choose between working for love or money. The future of business embraces both.


How we help

Increase your business’s


Stop trading hours for dollars. Excavate your expertise into assets to leverage and grow your impact.

Grow your professional


Your reputation is a bankable asset – building your professional reputation will attract more of your ideal clients.

Design a business that

Works for You

Redesign your business from the inside out so that it supports your lifestyle and reflects your values.

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Unlock consistent $10K-$20K months – without working 100 hours a week


Learn how to turn your words into money. Write Sales Pages (that sell!)


Profit planning & pricing confidence – for your wildly profitable business


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Self-employment is self-advocacy.
Self-employment is self-determinism.
Self-employment skills are life skills (resourcefulness, confidence, negotiation, resilience).
Self-employment is the future.



You can go your own way.

(Thank you Fleetwood Mac.)

Your intrepid guide,
Brook McCarthy,
Business Coach &
Content Strategist & Trainer

Hustle & Heart provides customised workplace training, too.

We’ve worked with the following clients, making breaththroughs in their marketing and business.

See how our Workplace Training can help you render your competitors irrelevant

Brook is completely committed to her students. Her approach is genuine and always straight to the point, enabling me to find solutions that are simple and systematic. The wealth of information Brook shared is humungous and relevant to today’s values-based business approach. The content shared during the program will keep me learning and applying throughout the next year. Thank you!

Donna Zaffino

Project Grow

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With online courses, begin at the end

With online courses, begin at the end

Jane Doe decides to create an online course. She’s seen online courses promising everything from how to grow beautiful orchids, to how to home-school effectively, make your own pickles, or learn business bookkeeping, and she’s up for it. She’s participated in several...

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The ego and marketing

The ego and marketing

For seven years, I marketed my marketing services without using the word ‘marketing’ because my audience hated that word. Instead, I talked around the topic, using words such as “communicating” and phrases like “giving value”, and “giving away your gold”. Truth is,...

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Reducing your internet consumption while you find new clients

Reducing your internet consumption while you find new clients

Online course creators don’t love course junkies. Most course creators and coaches want their students to use what they learn, and reap the rewards. Course junkies, by definition, don’t have time to apply what they learn, because they’re too busy jumping into the next...

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