Make Boldness Your Business Strategy

Hustle & Heart is a training college, community and worldwide movement of like-minded awesome folk who want more from their businesses. 

We work for the love and the money.

Hustle & Heart teaches people-centric marketing, helping you tap into your empathy and creativity to make your business marketing more useful, relevant, valuable and compelling.

We aim to equip and empower business owners the world over, to be more proactive in what they need in business (and life!), to use values to guide decisions, to embrace their differences, and to bring more joy and profit back to business.

We help you to:
Understand your business’s profitability (not just revenue) so that you can make far more money.
Build your professional reputation and profile so that prospects are drawn to you and trust you.
Design a business that works for your income goals, lifestyle, personal values and integrity.
I really appreciated Brook’s way of understanding my obstacles to being the best business person I can be, and giving me practical strategies to address those obstacles. The program has helped me ‘get my hustle on’ and have the courage to turn ideas into action. Highly recommended! Janet Lowndes

Psychologist, Mind Body Well

This program reminded me that all the tools and opportunities are here within me as well as ‘out there’, to kick ass at growing my business filled with passion and serious hustle. You don’t have to trade one for the other like we are constantly told! I feel excited and positive about my business now. When sharing and hearing others’ stories and facing my fears head-on, I’ve made a plan of how to work through them and they’ve lost their power (thank god!). A couple of months later, I put my prices up, which everyone embraced. I sold out my new course that I charged at premium and and have attracted pretty much all new people beyond my small community. I’ve made more profit from changes made that were inspired by the program. I feel fabulous about it all. Your work has enabled me to move forward with clarity and confidence. Thanks so much for putting this out into the world! Helen Wilkes

The Collaborative, Maroubra

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Zen and the art of coaching

I’ve never been very good at saying good-bye. This made life difficult when I was a tour leader in South-East Asia, where good-byes were part of the job description. Of course, there were many passengers I was happy to see the back of – I’m no saint. But when I’d...

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Marketing hit-list: “I’m proof”

In university, one of my lecturers used to scathingly refer to “evidence by anecdote”. It was the practice of using anecdotes to indicate that something was statistically significant. What she was getting at was that evidence or truth shouldn’t be confused with...

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Time to write a new chapter on selling

In Pulp Fiction, gangster Marcellus Wallace is preparing Bruce Willis’s character Butch to throw his fight. “Pride only hurts, it never helps,” says Wallace to Butch. As it transpires, Butch doesn’t throw the fight, he wins. Seems pride (and cunning) wins after all....

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