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We are a marketing and sales training college for values-based small business owners who want to work for love AND money.

Figure out your next best step in business:

More joy,
more impact,
more profit.

Hustle & Heart teaches people-centric sales and marketing through the lens of values-based business.

Through our courses, programs, masterminds and business coaching, we enable people to have more joy, more impact and more profit.

We believe effective marketing is about creativity and empathy and sales must be consent-led, social, and joyful.

Learn how to use your values to help guide your business decisions, build your professional reputation and develop your thought leadership, and turn up the volume on your magnetic message.


The Hustle & Heart Goods


Your Blueprint to Consistent $10K+ months


Goal setting & planning with YOU in the centre


It's time for your next high-impact move

As well as public courses, classes, programs and masterminds, Hustle & Heart also offers custom and workplace training.


Meaningful Work, Remarkable Life

In Meaningful Work, Remarkable Life podcast, we explore the intersection of work, identity, meaning-making, and values-based business so that we can craft a remarkable life.

Self-employment is self-determinism.
Self-employment is power.
Self-employment skills are life skills (resourcefulness, confidence, negotiation, resilience).
Self-employment is the future.


You don’t have to do business like anyone else does.
You can go your own way.

(Thank you Fleetwood Mac.)

Brook McCarthy,
Business Coach & Trainer

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Your step-by-step game plan to future-proof your business

Your step-by-step game plan to future-proof your business

Apocalypse novels and dystopian novels were my favourite as a teenager. I loved losing myself in the end of the world, via a good book. The last few years in business have been a deviation and felt, in the thick of March 2020 like the apocalypse has arrived. This...

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