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We are a training college, community and worldwide movement of like-minded, awesome-type folk-in-business.
Our flagship program is open now, for a limited time.

We work for love
and money.

Hustle & Heart teaches people-centric marketing, helping you tap into your creativity and empathy, making your business marketing more valuable and useful.

We equip and empower business owners to become more proactive in business – and life!

Learn how to use your values to help guide their decisions, to hone your point-of-difference and turn up the volume.

Join us if you’re ready for more joy and profit in your business.


How we help:

Increase your business’s


Turn your expertise into leveraged assets.

Grow your professional


Your reputation is a bankable asset, use it to attract your perfect-fit people.

Design a business that

Works for You

Redesign your business from the inside out so it supports your lifestyle.

Your intrepid guide,
Brook McCarthy,
Business Coach &
Digital Marketing Trainer

Self-employment is self-advocacy.

Self-employment is self-determinism.

Self-employment skills are life skills (resourcefulness, confidence, negotiation, resilience).

Self-employment is the future.


You can go your own way. (Thank you Fleetwood Mac.)


February 1, our flagship marketing+sales program, Hustle & Heart, is going up in price.
Join us now.


Brook is completely committed to her students. Her approach is genuine and always straight to the point, enabling me to find solutions that are simple and systematic. The wealth of information Brook shared is humungous and relevant to today’s values-based business approach. The content shared during the program will keep me learning and applying throughout the next year. Thank you!

Donna Zaffino

Project Grow

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How to become the go-to expert in your field

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How to outsource and delegate like a boss

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From overwhelmed to clear and intentional

From overwhelmed to clear and intentional

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