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Business is built on communicating effectively. Regardless of your industry or the nature of your organisation, effective communications helps your people be efficient, grow your brand awareness, reach through screens to pluck the heartstrings of strangers and ultimately, do business. 

Communications done well should overcome misconceptions and misunderstandings, bring diverse viewpoints together towards a constructive goal, and make people feel seen and heard.

Brook McCarthy, writing here in third person, is a professional communicator with 15 years experience in online communications, Public Relations, digital marketing and training.

People’s attention is the most valuable commodity. Whether you’re communicating through your website or other people’s, email, social media, or print or broadcast media, I can help ensure that you don’t squander other’s attention. Ensure your communications are on-point, memorable, compelling and pitch-perfect.

Workplace training on digital communications

I deliver digital communications workplace training to help ensure your organisation is relevant, sensitive, responsive, emotionally powerful, and action-focused.

Particularly when you’re undergoing a period of rapid growth or making key strategic changes, in-house digital communications training is a fast and efficient way of ensuring your relevant departments are aligned and engaged.

If you need a communications trainer with up-to-the-minute, real-world business experience, who’s also adept at training and facilitation, then get in touch.

Training topics

Here are some of the training topics I cover:


Content marketing strategy

Brand communications strategy

Conversion optimisation


Blogging for business

Social media marketing


Writing for the web: digital communications essentials

Online community building through strategic content


Developing your densely branded language


Defining values and purpose

Brook McCarthy
Your Intrepid Guide, Business Coach & Digital Marketing Trainer

Hi! I’m Brook McCarthy.

I’m head trainer and business coach here at Hustle & Heart.

If you’re a small business owner or sole trader who’s keen to build your digital marketing and sales skills to grow your business, then welcome! I’m a digital marketing trainer, writer and business coach who’s been self-employed since early 2008. I’ve been working in online communications and Public Relations for more than 15 years and have always worked in small businesses.

These courses are the result of years spent in the trenches, helping small business owners across a diversity of industries, to create compelling marketing and widen their reach. No fluff. No hype. Just highly practical marketing and sales courses to help you magnify your impact online.

Organisations I’ve worked with

If you’re wondering whether this training will suit your specific needs, here are some examples of businesses I’ve worked with previously:

  • Public Relations consultants
  • Advertising agencies
  • Gym franchise owners
  • Australia’s peak body for yoga teachers
  • Australia’s peak body for Pilates teachers
  • Osteopaths and physiotherapists
  • Nation-wide youth leaders from a worldwide Christian denomination
  • Registered training organisations for social workers, aged care workers and childcare workers.

How it works

First, we arrange a time to talk, so that I can begin to understand your needs, the participants of the training, and the overall goals of your organisation.

Then I’ll send you a quote. When you’re happy, a 50 per cent deposit secures your booking time (the final 50 per cent is due seven days before our training session).

Once we’ve got all the paperwork squared away, I create a tailor-made workplace communications training program to help you achieve your objectives. And customise all training content to include relevant industry or sector examples.


If you’re ready to talk, fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch.

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