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Regardless of what you do, your marketing and sales skills are central to your business’s profitability, impact and influence. 

At Hustle & Heart, our non-boring, fluff-free training is delivered in plain English to equip and empower you to communicate powerfully and effectively. More importantly, we help you enjoy marketing and sales. Because when you enjoy doing something, you’re way more likely to actually do it (and reap the rewards).

Business skills taught online,

at your convenience

Online business training is perfect for you if:

You want to learn the most effective, up-to-date digital marketing techniques to increase leads and inquiries into your business

You want to understand how all the moving pieces of digital and traditional marketing, publicity, PR and communications work together, to create influence

You want to improve your sales conversion rate, whether using digital methods or one-to-one sales

You’re keen to develop your marketing plan and strategy to grow your business, render your competitors irrelevant, and magnetise your perfect-fit people to you

You want to train your staff, suppliers or network, in the best and most effective digital marketing techniques and strategies

Free training

Find your unique marketing style & message

If marketing makes you feel self-conscious, if you’ve been copying others’ marketing, if you know your marketing is too general, too bland, too similar to everyone else’s, this free training is for you. Let me walk you through how to stand out by defining your magnetic message, and creating compelling marketing that attracts your ideal clients to you.

Online Marketing & Sales Training Courses

Invest in your future with our short training courses, flagship program and business coaching

Your Premium Offering

On-demand, immediate access online course

Take your clients deeper. This online course will lead you through the process of brainstorming, creating and launching your new premium-priced offering. Learn how to centre your client, creating the best possible experience for your clients.


Raise your Prices

On-demand, immediate access mini-course

Every business needs to raise their prices regulary. So how do you do it without losing your best clients? How do you do it so that you actually better-fit clients? And make an influx of quick cash, to boot? In this on-demand training, I share exactly how to use this practise to redefine what you’re doing, for who, and why.


Profit Planning & Confident Pricing

Live online class: February 21

Learn how to plan for profit, communicate value, and price with confidence to make you an unstoppable force of awesomeness. Together, we’re going to uncover the stories you tell yourself – and try on new beliefs, attitudes and thinking that makes your own head your ally in business, not your saboteur. So you can stop low-balling yourself, engaging in endless negotiations to bargain you down and erode your self-confidence.


Digital Marketing Essentials

Live, online course: starts February 23

There’s not one killer marketing tactic, above all others. Effective digital marketing is a combination of different tactics and techniques across a number of different channels. Join me in learning the key digital marketing skills and tactics to grow your business in 2021. We’ll be learning alongside doing – writing our 2022 marketing plan as we go. Together, we’ll untangle the web and learn the most effective techniques around.


The Hustle & Heart flagship program

Lifetime access

Hustle & Heart is our flagship coaching+training program teaching marketing and sales for values-based business owners. We cover profitability, pricing and sales, digital marketing and social media marketing, pitching and publicity, productivity, stress-management and self-care.

If you’re serious about creating a profitable, sustainable, values-based business that makes a BIG impact, then this program is a must. It includes lifetime access, monthly group calls, and has no expiry on inclusions. Book yourself a call to find out more.

Writing Sales Pages (that sell!)

Live, online course

Your sales page is where all your marketing efforts fruit. Every time you use writing to compel people to take action – to buy, register interest, book now, pay now – you’re relying on your sales copy to sell. And these words make all the difference between new clients … or crickets. If you’re selling services, you’re selling promises. Learn how to skillfully communicate the value of what you sell and weave magic with words.


Social Media Savvy

Live, online course

Need more leads into your business?
Need to get quicker and more effective at social media marketing, while finding new paying clients?
Without a big budget for advertising and Public Relations, social media marketing can be the fastest, cheapest and most effective marketing method today.

If you’re spending hours carefully crafting on-brand content that gets little-to-no engagement, or you’re doing ‘drive by social media’, as and when the mood strikes, with little-to-no results, I can help.

Blogging for Business

Live, online course

You are a media company. Blogging for business is, hands down, the easiest way to grow your professional reputation and profile. From brainstorming to search engine research, writing, editing, publishing and promoting your blog, learn how to write useful, valuable, relevant blogs that are designed to magnetise your ideal clients to you.


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How online training and learning works

Our online training utilises action-based learning:

first we learn, then we do.

People sometimes believe that online learning is inferior to face-to-face learning. But a student can be engaged or disengaged whether learning face-to-face or online.

The benefits of online learning include reach, repetition (through having the materials on hand to review multiple times), and easy reference.

We utilize all the opportunities the internet offers us, including video format, audio format, written format, visual models and graphics, online forums and groups.

Depending on which program you participate in, students are paired into accountability partners and the latest research into learning efficacy is drawn upon to motivate and inspire students to participate.

Brook McCarthy
Your Intrepid Guide, Business Coach & Digital Marketing Trainer

Hi! I’m Brook McCarthy.

I’m head trainer and business coach here at Hustle & Heart.

If you’re a small business owner or sole trader who’s keen to build your digital marketing and sales skills to grow your business, then welcome!

I’m a digital marketing trainer, writer and business coach who’s been self-employed since early 2008. I’ve been working in online communications and Public Relations for more than 16 years and have always worked in small businesses.

These courses are the result of years spent in the trenches, helping small business owners across a diversity of industries, to create compelling marketing and widen their reach.

No fluff. No hype. Just highly practical marketing and sales courses to help you magnify your impact online.

Business and marketing training across Australia, and beyond

All our online training classes, courses and programs has been tried-and-tested in large and small learning groups, as well as one-to-one, over the last 13 years. As well as running our own regular online courses and programs, we are proud to have developed online business and marketing training for numerous organisations, including Swinburne University, Australian Catholic University, General Assembly, the National Association for the Visual Arts, Yoga AustraliaSydney Community College, Academy Xi, Melbourne Polytechnic, William Angliss Institute, and Mindzallera in Malaysia.

In addition, we’ve developed and run small business training on digital marketing for organisations including Australia Post, Daikin Air Conditioning,Start Some Good, and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

To talk about how I can help your organisation with training, check out our workplace training.