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At Hustle & Heart, we deliver highly practical, non-boring training steeped in real world experience.

Fluff-free online business trainings

We equip and empower you to say something worth listening to (and do something worth talking about).

Our on-demand trainings, longer programs and masterminds, and live, small group courses are based on real-life, real-world experience. All digital related trainings are kept up-to-date as things evolve, and every training is highly practical and action-based, combining techniques and tactics with strategy and insights.

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I’m Brook McCarthy.

I’m head trainer and business coach here at Hustle & Heart.

I’m a business coach, trainer and facilitator for values-based business owners and I’ve been self-employed for 16 years now, which makes me happily unemployable (hopefully for the rest of my life).

I’m a self-employment geek and truly believe that entrepreneurship can save the world, if we can channel our passions and create sustainable business (not burn ourselves out). Entrepreneurship can be a sizeable impact in so many of our issues, including the gender pay gap, poverty, suicide, lack of wealth and access in regional and remote communities … the list goes on.

With a background in Public Relations, I equip and empower values-based business owners to say something worth listening to, and do something worth talking about. I believe that the future of business is for profit and purpose, for love and money, with hustle and heart.

These courses, classes and trainings are the result of 16+ years spent in the trenches, working alongside small business owners, leaders, experts and entrepreneurs, first as a digital marketing agency, and then as a trainer facilitator and coach.

If you’re keen on radically practical, highly actionable training delivered in plain English, then welcome!

There’s no fluff. No hype. No jargon. Just awesome. Let’s go.

Our flagship Hustle & Heart program

Want to earn consistent $10K+ months, while magnifying your impact?

Our flagship Hustle & Heart program is for values-based business owners who are tired of being the town’s best-kept secret. Combining training and coaching on sales, marketing, profit planning and pricing, branding and influence, our program delivers the best and most comprehensive training+coaching around to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.


We open twice a year for a short time only

And, we’re open now! Check out the program and act quickly if you’re keen. This is the last time the program will open in 2024.



I used to cringe at the idea of marketing which I believed compromised my integrity.

I felt that integrity and marketing were mutually exclusive.

This program changed my whole outlook and gave me the tools to get in the game.

Brook’s enthusiasm creates a wonderful buzz and an energy of doing!

Do yourself a favour and get on it!


Our on-demand trainings

Declaration of You ($111)

This training covers the art of the humble brag, how to answer the dreaded ‘so what do you do?’ question, and how to uncover and share your key stories to pull your ideal clients into your business. View the training.

The Genius of Your Ideal Client ($121)

Specific is genius! Our aim is to know our ideal clients better than they know themselves. The more specific and deep our understanding of our ideal clients are, the more magnetic our marketing is. View the training.

Your Offerings Ecosystem ($212)

Develop your ecosystem of offerings to keep your clients buying. This training covers introductory offers, your flagship offering, pricing and packaging your services. View the training.

Leading With Your Social Mission (free)

Learn why leading with your social mission helps you attracts your ideal clients, two crucial skills of magnetic marketing, my four-step process to ensure that marketing and reputation-building efforts all reinforce each other, purpose partnerships, building your influence and professional reputation. View the training.

Guest Speaking Masterclass ($147)

Hone your expertise, generate leads, and find new paying clients – by borrowing other people’s audience to grow your own. Get paid to be a guest speaker, trainer or presenter. View the training.

Online Course Plan: done-in-a-day ($97)

Get your online course, masterclass, program or membership plan done – WITHOUT overthinking it, or writing a massive course with no structure that bamboozles your students. View the training.

Raise Your Rates, In Just Five Days ($49)

Raise your rates – with kindness and class – with these essentials scripts. PLUS, quick-and-easy ways to increase value, calculating the risk and reward of price increases, four essential things when announcing your price increase, and how to handle the dreaded “I can’t afford it” objection, with confidence and grace. View the training.

Profit Planning & Confident Pricing ($197)

Great profit doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design. Map your current revenue and profits and learn how to price with confidence to increase your profits. View the training.

Your Blueprint to Consistent $10K+ Months (free)

Download your PDF Blueprint, then access six short video trainings that follow to learn the six key levers that you can pull to earn consistent $10K+ months. We also cover the five biggest myths about growth, and our unique approach that combines technical skills with psychology. View the training.

How to Have Sales Conversations ($97)

Learn consent-led, natural sales conversations. The art of talking with prospective clients about buying, creating rapport, and leading the conversation. View the training.

Our live, online, small group courses

Digital Marketing Essentials course

Reach through screens to pluck the heartstrings of strangers

Learn the art of brand storytelling using an omni-channel approach. We cover different tactics, techniques and online channels, to grow your reach and visibility and sell online.

Blogging for Business course

Position your expertise

You are a media company. If you want to be known as the ‘go to’ expert, you need a body of work online, for people to go to. Blogging for business covers strategic messaging, search engine optimisation, writing, editing, publishing and promoting your business blog.

Writing sales (that sells!) course

Turn your words into money

Your sales pages and email funnel is where all your marketing efforts fruit. Every time you use writing to compel people to take action – to buy, register interest, book now, pay now – you’re relying on your sales copy to sell. And these words make all the difference between new clients … or crickets.




Brook smiling on stage

You know exactly how powerful you are and how excellent your work is, and you’re done with hiding or minimising this, or reducing your ambitions because it makes others feel uncomfortable. Dial up your strategic, energetics, health and creative practises, to make your big goals reality.

Audacious Mastermind is a money-positive space for driven, ambitious owners who are building a life, not just a business.

This is a 6-month commitment.



Brook and friend laughing with a computer

Leverage your expertise and impact, with a sold-out premium group program. If you’ve maxed out your time, or you’re keen to impact more people by leveraging your time and expertise, the Leverage Mastermind is perfect for you.

Combining coaching, training, one-to-one feedback and done-for-you services, we lead you through the six crucial stages to creating, selling and delivering a premium group program.

This is a 9-month commitment.

One-to-One Business Coaching

One-to-One Coaching

Success, redefined

If you’ve done the hard yards of establishing your business, and you’re ready to scale and grow, but on your terms, then you’re going to find so much value in business coaching.

One-to-one business coaching enables you to amplify your leadership, while deepening your joy. You’ll deepen your self-trust while minimising self-sabotage.

Business coaching with Brook is NOT a set program but a choose-your-own-adventure, defined by each client’s unique goals and needs.

This is a 6-month commitment.

VIP Strategy Session

Ready to take a giant leap forward – in just two days?

For bold business owners who are ready to make decisions, and know the value of having a strategic thought partner who can hold your big vision and see the potential beyond what you can see.

For business owners who are ready to sharpen their leadership, reimagine, reposition and redesign their life and business.

For renegades who want their communications to act as a rallying cry to call in premium, next-level clients and stakeholders, while rendering competitors irrelevant.

Looking for custom training or workplace training?

We’re proud to have developed numerous custom business and marketing training for multiple organisations, as well as on behalf of large and small training institutions, in Australia and beyond.

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