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Need to learn how to use your words to compel people to take action?

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Sydney course: March 25, 2020.

Melbourne: November 25, 2020.

 Words are expensive

This is a sales page. Every page with a dollar symbol is a sales page. Every page which lists your services is a sales page. Every time you use writing to compel people to take action – to buy, register interest, book now, pay now – is sales copy. And these words are expensive.

Are you using them effectively?

We need to communicate value

Far too many businesses assume far too much on behalf of their prospects. We need to communicate the value of what we sell, quickly and easily. It’s our responsibility to deeply understand exactly how our services translate into making our clients’ lives easier, more effective and efficient, more enjoyable. But when we’re immersed in our business, it can be very hard to see the wood for the trees.

In fact, many talented and highly experienced professionals are terrible at communicating value – they know their subject so well that they’ve lost the ability to make it accessible to other people. But value can be communicated – first through understanding the building blocks, and then by artfully constructing them into magnetic, compelling, human language.

Quantifying and qualifying value

The value of your profession, industry, sector, modality or art can be quantified and qualified. We start by gathering hard data and other evidence of the value your business provides.

Weaving magic with magnetic language

Data doesn’t sell by itself – we are humans and humans are emotional. Learn how to combine your building blocks of value with magnetic language, evocative imagery and compelling propositions. Tapping into deep empathy and emotional intelligence, we use our wordsmithery powers for good, helping prospects to decide whether they’re in or out without resorting to heavy-handed fear tactics and dishonesty. Integrity ensures we build trust and create sustainable businesses, here for the long-term.

Are you really marketing?

If growth is slow and you’re struggling to scale, then consider whether are you actually marketing? Are you reaching new people, who’ve never heard of you before, and converting them into new paying clients, without a face-to-face meeting or phone conversation? But just through the power of your digital marketing? Or is your business relying heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations and passerbys? 

Learning how to write effective, compelling sales page enables you to reach into the minds and hearts of strangers and compel them to take action. This skill may be the most valuable thing you do as a business owner.

This sales copy writing course covers:

  • Identifying your ideal client. Knowing your ideal client, for any particular service or product, really is genius. Learn how to survey and test your market and how to deepen your empathy so that your marketing and sales really hit the mark. 
  • Qualifying and quantifying benefits. You know the benefits of what you’re selling, but do your clients? Together we’ll learn how to tease out the most relevant benefits, prioritise them, and qualify and quantify these benefits so that you can communicate the value of what you’re selling, in the words of your ideal clients, in all the ways that matter to them.
  • Essential ingredients of how to write a sales page. You need to gather your ingredients before you skillfully combine them, otherwise you’re a hot mess in the kitchen, burning the onions while you’re still chopping the capsicum. We ensure our ingredients are the finest quality, relevant points before we learn how to skillfully combine them into a rip-roaring recipe.
  • Sales letters versus sales pages. Once we’ve written our sales page, we look at how we can use this for other marketing, including sales emails, sales funnels, social media marketing, and social ads.
  • Cold, warm & hot audiences. What’s the difference and how do you tweak your message for people who love and adore you, those who are flirting, and those who don’t know you from a bar of soap.
  • Turbocharging your effectiveness. Learn the million-dollar tips that take your sales pages from ‘meh’ to sold.

About the presenter, Brook McCarthy

Brook McCarthy blogging for businessHi! I’m Brook McCarthy. I’ve been in digital communications for 15 years, working closely with clients that range from large multi-nationals to one (wo)man bands. I’ve written countless sales pages, sales decks, proposals, direct sales emails and sales funnels than I can count.

Since 2012, I’ve run face-to-face courses on digital marketing for business owners across Australia. I equip and empower participants with the tools, knowledge and perspective to combine creativity with smart business strategy.

Learning how to write sales copy effectively will make your digital marketing far, far more effective, as you skillfully combine empathy, creativity, customer data and crafting trust into no-brainer offers. I teach my small business clients how to start with a sales page, and use this to build out their marketing plan, copying and pasting with aplomb! (It’s not plaguarism if it’s your own words.)

Essential course info

Cost: $597 (including gst).

Please turn up with your preliminary exercises complete so that we can get the most out of our time together. Expect to be selling something! If you aren’t ready to sell something, you can pick a hypothetical course, service or product to focus on. If you’re already selling something, expect to make your money back on this course several times over! (Though, of course, no guarantees.)

The course is fully catered, includes preparatory exercises, hand-outs, and follow-up resources. Course numbers are limited to ensure plenty of one-to-one attention, so don’t wait to book if you’re keen to join us.

Especially if you want to sell through your website, this course is for you! If you’re selling, or want to be selling, online courses or programs, books, or services through the internet, this is for you. 


March 25,
Sydney CBD
$597 (incl gst)


November 25,
Melbourne CBD
$597 (incl gst)