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Live, online course: June 17 & 24

Words are expensive, are you using them effectively?

This is a sales page. Every page with a dollar symbol is a sales page. Every page which lists your services is a sales page. Every time you use writing to compel people to take action – to buy, register interest, book now, pay now – you’re relying on your sales copy to sell. And these words make all the difference between new clients … or crickets.

Your clients need to understand the value of what you sell

Far too many businesses assume far too much on behalf of their prospects. And these assumptions cost money.

We need to skilfully communicate the value of what we sell – it’s our responsibility to deeply understand exactly how our services translate into making our clients’ lives easier, more effective and efficient, more enjoyable.

But when we’re immersed in our business, it can be very hard to see the wood for the trees.

In fact, many talented and highly experienced professionals are terrible at communicating value – they know their subject so well that they’ve lost the ability to make it accessible to other people. But value can be communicated – first through understanding the building blocks, and then by artfully constructing them into magnetic, compelling, human language.

The value of your profession, industry, sector, or modality can be quantified and qualified. If you’re selling services, you’re selling promises. You need to dig into the building blocks of communicating value so that people understand. Regardless of how obscure what you do is, I guarantee you can quantify and qualify your value.

Weave your magic with magnetic language

Data doesn’t sell by itself – we are human and humans are emotional. Learn how to combine your building blocks of value with magnetic language, evocative imagery and compelling propositions.

Tapping into empathy and emotional intelligence, we use our wordsmithery powers for good, helping prospects to decide whether they’re in or out, without resorting to heavy-handed fear tactics and dishonesty. Integrity ensures we build trust and create sustainable businesses that are here for the long-term.

Your sales page is where all your marketing efforts fruit

Without sales pages on your site, you’re relying on word-of-mouth recommendations and random encounters, which is fickle and unscalable. Without sales pages, your sales process needs to be face-to-face, making it difficult to scale.

If you’re doing digital marketing, all roads lead to your sales pages – and these need to perform.

Let me show you how to take new people, who’ve never heard of you before, and convert them into new paying clients, without a face-to-face meeting or phone conversation.

Learning how to write effective, compelling sales pages enables you to reach into the minds and hearts of strangers and compel them to take action. This skill may be the most valuable one a business owner has you’re literally turning words into money.

“Brook has a phenomenal ability to take a vastly complex topic and distil it down to the most pertinent ‘action points’ so it no longer seems so intimidating.”

Pete Greenaway

Australian Bureau of Statistics

“I really appreciated Brook’s way of understanding my obstacles to being the best business person I can be, and giving me practical strategies to address those obstacles.”

Janet Lowndes

Psychologist, Mind Body Well

Together, we cover:

  • Essential ingredients of how to write a sales page. You need to gather your ingredients before you skillfully combine them, otherwise you’re a hot mess in the kitchen, burning the onions while you’re still chopping the capsicum. We ensure our ingredients are the finest quality, relevant points before we learn how to skillfully combine them into a rip-roaring recipe.
  • Qualifying and quantifying benefits. You know the benefits of what you’re selling, but do your clients? Together we’ll learn how to tease out the most relevant benefits, prioritise them, and qualify and quantify these benefits so that you can communicate the value of what you’re selling, in the words of your ideal clients, in all the ways that matter to them.
  • Writing FOR your ideal client. The better you know your ideal clients, the better your marketing and sales copy is going to work.
  • How to use testimonials in your sales copy and how to collect good ones, so that your clients do your selling for you.
  • Turbocharging your effectiveness with awesome editing skills – learn the million-dollar tips that take your sales pages from ‘meh’ to sold!
  • How to write quickly, so you’re not wasting days, weeks, (years?) trying to write about the ‘thing’ rather than doing the actual work you enjoy doing (and should be getting paid for!).
  • How to edit effectively to turn a turd into a sparkling diamond.

“I felt like I knew Brook before I walked in the door – that’s how effective her writing and marketing is.”

Caroline Giles

Experience Yoga

“Brook is direct, knowledgeable, passionate, enthusiastic and very generous.”

Bettina Pfannkuch

The Art of Balance

Bonus inclusions to help you sell online

  • Turn your sales page into a launch marketing campaign. This is about working smarter, taking short-cuts and recycling your sales copy writing (it’s not plagiarising if you wrote it!).
  • Million-dollar questions swipe file to survey people, get real responses, and invaluable testimonials and client case studies.
  • Launch plan template to get you from ‘some day’ and ‘gonna’ to SOLD and NEXT!
  • Recommended tech for online selling: from totally free and easy to high-end and sophisticated.

Who is this course for?

  • Copy writers and marketers
  • Business owners and self-employed folks
  • In-house marketing people

About the presenter, Brook McCarthy


Brook McCarthy blogging for businessHi! I’m Brook McCarthy. I’ve been in digital communications for 15 years, working closely with clients that range from large multi-nationals to one (wo)man bands. I’ve written countless sales pages, direct sales emails and marketing campaigns, sales proposals and marketing and sales email funnels than I can count.

Since 2012 I’ve run both face-to-face and online courses on digital marketing to equip and empower participants with the tools, knowledge and perspective to combine creativity with smart business strategy.

Learning how to write sales copy effectively will make your digital marketing far, far more effective, as you skillfully combine empathy, creativity, customer data and crafting trust into no-brainer offers.

I teach my small business clients how to start with a sales page, and use this to build out their marketing plan, copying and pasting with aplomb! (It’s not plagiarism if it’s your own words.)

“Throughout the day, Brook was put on the spot with questions specific to different people’s businesses and she’d quickly come up with a new approach to use for each scenario.”

Emily Becher

Emily Becher Jewellery

“Brook is direct, knowledgeable, passionate, enthusiastic and very generous.”

Bettina Pfannkuch

The Art of Balance

How it works

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You’ll get access to the first video training and corresponding workbook on compiling your sales page ingredients list. This may take some time to do properly, depending on how experienced you are and how much you’ve already prepared.


On Wednesday, June 17, at 7pm-8:30pm (Sydney/Melbourne time) we get together online for a 90-minute session.

This allows you to ask any questions you may have about our first pre-recorded sales page ingredients list training. Then, we go through the first live training, writing your sales copy.

You receive a recording of the live training, plus the next video training.

The next video training, and corresponding workbook, is how to edit your sales page.

Then the following Wednesday, June 24, at 7pm-8:30pm (Sydney/Melbourne time), we get together again to talk about launching!

Together, we look at how to use the sales copy we’ve written as the basis for emails, blog posts, social media updates and videos. I walk you through the launch template and look at how to expand or contract our launch, depending on our budget, skills, time and inclination – from bare minimum to highly-sophisticated. This live training on launching is valued at $800.

Please turn up with your preliminary exercise complete so that we can get the most out of our time together. If you turn up to our first live session and ask basic questions that indicate that you haven’t watched the first training video, you’ll be directed to do so.

Important! You don’t have to have your “thing” ready to sell!

In fact, writing your sales page first can give you focus and momentum to follow through and create the ‘thing’. Most businesses leave marketing until way too late. But, this is not a theoretical course. Turn up expecting to do the work, to write and edit sales copy to sell your thing!

Especially if you want to sell through your website, this course is for you. If you’re selling, or want to be selling, online courses or programs, books, or services through the internet, you’ll find this course invaluable.

(Please note, this course doesn’t include my editing your sales page. This can be arranged, depending on your budget and my availability.)

  • Cost to hire a copy writer to write your sales page: $2000.
  • Cost to hire a business coach to tease out all the details of your offer from your head onto paper: $1500.
  • Cost to hire an online business manager to plan your launch: $1000.

Instead, learn how to write your own sales pages, now, and forever after:

$297 (including gst).

Learn how to turn your words into money.

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