Hustle & Heart is a training college, community, and movement of like-minded, awesome-type folk who want more from their businesses.

We are yoga teachers, copy writers, graphic designers, communications professionals, consultants, coaches, artists, psychologists and authors.

We are united by our desire to do our best work without compromising values or integrity over profit. We want to work for love and money and don’t believe these things are mutually exclusive. 

Hustle & Heart is about humanising business and marketing, tapping into empathy and creativity to make marketing more useful, relevant, valuable and compelling.


Our flagship Hustle & Heart program

teaches marketing and sales skills for service professionals.

Combining up-to-the-minute technical training with self-insight, this unique approach enables participants to quickly implement their learning for maximum effect.

Business education must be practical, which is why the Hustle & Heart program combines both hard and soft skills, such as self-confidence and emotional resilience, ensuring participants apply what they learn.

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Brook McCarthy business coach
About Hustle & Heart founder, Brook McCarthy

Hello! I’m Brook McCarthy.

I’m a business coach, digital marketing trainer, and the founder of Hustle & Heart.

I created the Hustle & Heart program because I was tired of seeing overly-confident people with few or no qualifications, and little experience, succeed in business. Meanwhile, others with more experience, integrity, and intelligence, failed through self-doubt or lack of business prowess.

I’ve been working in small business my entire life, firstly for my father who ran his own PR consultancy.

For two years, I was a tour leader in south-east Asia, where I learnt how to bond a group of diverse, cross-cultural individuals, all while crossing borders, dealing with stressed, jet-lagged, over-wrought tourists in culture shock, and far too many washed-away roads, bridges and emergencies to count.

It was a crash course in interpersonal skills and crisis management – skills that have been invaluable in business.

Before starting my digital marketing consultancy in early 2008, I worked in Public Relations, where I was a webmaster for an international corporation, charged with content strategy and implementation. I have 15 years’ experience in digital communications, which is the olden days as far as the internet is concerned!

Through digital marketing consulting, in-house training at vocational training institutions such as Sydney Community College, running multiple face-to-face courses nationally, and one-to-one business coaching, I well understand the challenges that small business owners face, juggling multiple roles with splintered attention, feeling overstretched and sometimes, overwhelmed.

Many of us fall into self-employment because we love what we do and are seeking freedom and flexibility.

Yet we don’t necessarily enjoy the process of sales and marketing.

Entrepreneurial propaganda is far removed from reality – the poolside piña coladas may never eventuate and the elusive ‘passive income dream’ is just that – a dream – unless you know how to make it work.

But there is a better way – where we can enjoy what we do while making decent money and experience the elusive work/life balance we’ve been promised.

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Hustle & Heart offers courses, training & coaching in digital marketing.

Our flagship program, Hustle & Heart, is the most comprehensive training+coaching that we offer. It covers marketing, sales and reputation-building skills for business owners, from not-yet-launched to 20-year veterans.

If you need to build your professional reputation and increase profits through values-based, sustainable and satisfying business, then check it out now.

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Every leader, teacher or expert has their own approach

This is ours

There’s no such thing as an unbiased, totally objective and apolitical approach.

Here’s our Hustle & Heart approach – expressed best through our manifesto.

Hustle and heart (you need both).

Hustle without heart is the mindless pursuit of profit above all else. Heart without hustle quickly burns itself out or doesn’t have to cash needed to make a big impact. To ensure your good work ripples far beyond you, you need both hustle and heart.  

Working for yourself is a privilege.

Having the freedom to choose how you earn money and spend your time is a privilege (and yes, it’s also hard work!). Remember this when the chips are down.  

Make boldness your business strategy.

Fitting in wins you no favours in business. You need to be bold – your particular version of bold – if you’re to take big leaps that grow your business. 

Curiosity and experimentation are essential.

Follow your curiosity to feed creative innovation. Curiosity and experimentation bring improvement.

Protect your enthusiasm. 

Enthusiasm is an essential attribute and a major asset in business. Countless people will try to dampen yours – resist.  

Passion, well-channelled, can save the world.

Passion, like enthusiasm, is precious. It can move mountains.

Fall down, get up, keep going. 

Resilience is essential. You are stronger than you are likely to appreciate. In business, you need to be your own cheerleader.

Beware of group think. 

Go against the herd if you want to create real change, be memorable and start a revolution.  

Joy powers people powers business.

People aren’t robots. We need to find joy in business – though not all parts and not all the time. We need joy to keep ourselves motivated and at the top of our game.


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