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Yoga Teacher interview: new teacher Kate Alexandra

New yoga teacher Kate Alexandra talks smart tactics for getting started with her first class, which was booked out, with a wait-list.

Yoga Teacher interview: Sarah de Graaff on anxiety, depression & emotional wellbeing

Yoga Teacher Sarah de Graaff talks to Brook McCarthy about her work specialising in yoga for sufferers of depression, anxiety and emotional wellbeing, as well as carers.

Yoga Teacher interview: international teacher Tara Judelle on becoming professional

Tara Judelle talks to Brook McCarthy about starting out as a yoga teacher in LA, her self-imposed four-year internship, living and teaching in Bali, and becoming a global yogi with no fixed abode. Tara talks about workshop profit split, the realities of studio profits, social media and the rise of the rockstar yogi, and her hopes and dreams for the future.

Yoga Teacher interview: Mitch Gibson on corporate yoga

Brook McCarthy interviews Mitch Gibson of Yogabowl on buying her yoga business and rebranding. Mitch talks about what she looks for when hiring other yoga teachers, often without meeting them first, and the realities of running a local and corporate yoga business.

Yoga Teacher interview: Kate Kendall of Flow Athletic, part 1

Brook McCarthy interviews Kate Kendall of Flow Athletic about opening a yoga studio in Sydney.

Yoga Teacher interview: Kate Kendall of Flow Athletic, part 2.

Brook McCarthy interviews Kate Kendall of Flow Athletic about opening a yoga studio in Sydney. How has she gone about it, when are you ready to open a studio, and what will the latest and greatest exercise techniques involve?

Yoga Teacher interview: Rachel Zinman on becoming a yoga teacher, part 1.

Rachel Zinman talks about how she became a yoga teacher and teacher trainer at Alan Finger’s ISHTA Yoga Centre in New York, coming to Australia, and the early days of yoga in Byron Bay, Australia.

Yoga Teacher interview: Rachel Zinman, part 2.