Your words are expensive

Learn how to write effective, natural sales copy that reaches through screens to pluck the heartstrings of people.

Whether you’re writing a sales page, a sales brochure, a direct sales email, or pitching yourself via LinkedIn or email to somebody new, your words need to work.

We all sell – whether convincing our partner of our next holiday destination, or arguing at work for a new approach to an old problem. Much of this needs to be done on paper. Even when you believe you’ve got all stakeholders on your side, typically the next step requires your ideas be written down.

Videos, graphics and images are important, but copy is essential – to go into the nitty-gritty, to give search engine benefits (thereby helping you be found), and to compel action from readers.


Learning how to write better sales copy will have a demonstrable effect on your profitability.

What is Sales Copy?

Sales copy is text that persuades people to purchase from a business. Sales copy can be long or short, in bulleted lists, augmented with images and videos, and include relevant data and research, client testimonials and guarantees.
The best sales copy keeps the reader at the centre – focusing on the particular problems, issues, worries, pains or inconveniences that the product or services seeks to solve, and the benefits or outcomes of purchasing – and using the words and phrases that the reader uses.

Most sales copy focuses far too much on the features and essential information of what’s for sale while neglecting to detail the problems and the benefits. Effective sales copy should use storytelling to paint pictures in people’s minds, communicating on an emotional and visceral level. Effective sales copy shouldn’t only address pain points and benefits, but also overcome misconceptions and preconceptions and address objections.


Effective sales copy writing utilizes market research, psychology, persuasion, influence, market data and emotion, to write copy that converts into sales.

Learn sales copy writing with Hustle & Heart

Sales copywriting is taught as part of our flagship program, Hustle & Heart.

We also run custom inhouse training courses and facilitate roundtable discussion workshops, to work through email sales funnels and sales pages.

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