Hustle & Heart teaches digital marketing and sales skills alongside emotional intelligence and resilience

This is not another online program with tomes of information that you buy, promptly ignore, and feel bad about.

It is a group business coaching program that prompts self-insight into the nuances of your own particular psychology, so you’re better equipped to navigate the wild seas of self-employment and understand how to more effectively motivate yourself so you can
grow your business, your way.

Hustle & Heart group coaching program will teach you:

How to change your attitude to money, so that you can make far more

How to crush competitors with kindness and class so that you’re no longer wasting time and energy worrying about them

How to keep all your business balls in the air without losing sleep or sanity (and without working weekends)

How to stop procrastinating, self-doubt and indecision so that you get way more done in far less time

How to better identify and target your ideal clients – to amp up the volume of word-of-mouth referrals and make your marketing far more targeted and effective (and way more fun)

How to do get your hustle on, through simple sales techniques, low- or no-cost public relations tools, strategic networking, pitching, and finding and seizing opportunities

How to build your professional reputation to attract far more opportunities so that you can start having a bigger impact with your work

The Hustle & Heart program runs three times a year. The next program starts in March 2018

Registration will be open for just 10 days and, as this is a real coaching program which includes one-to-one coaching with Brook McCarthy and feedback on assignments, spots are strictly limited. So if you’re keen, register your details below:

Module 1: A new money model

Learn a new, radically reasonable model for money and take charge of earning the money you want to earn

Module 2: Values-based business

Infuse your values into your branding, messaging, operations and customer service to stand out from the rest.

Module 3: You and me

Get inside the heads of your ideal client so that your story and their stories interweave.

Module 4: Building your reputation

Learn a new, radically reasonable model for money and take charge of earning the money you want to earn

Module 5: Simple sales

Learn to pitch, communicate value, deal with objections and upsell.

Module 6: Building community

Being seen and heard, through email marketing, blogging and social media.

Week off: A break or a catch up

This week enables you to catch up on any lessons, test, experiment, refine and iterate. Or take a rest.

Module 7: Banking confidence

Build momentum, create robust plans, and deal with oscillating self-confidence, change and uncertainty.

Module 8: Thriving in business

Explore how to best handle your own ambition, expectations, competitiveness and productivity.