Forget fear, isolation, and fudging your way through business …

Gain Confidence, Clarity, & Direction
To Build Your Business, Your Way


It’s possible to earn more while working less hours


It’s (very) possible to have a greater impact with your work while working with (far) more perfect-fit people.

It’s possible to create more time, freedom and opportunity in your business model, so you’re leveraging yourself and delivering it differently.

It can be simple to do (much better) marketing and sell (far) more. But simple doesn’t mean easy, or everyone would be doing it.


But if your marketing and sales skills are lacking, it doesn’t matter how fabulous your work is

Fear of talking money, sporadic, confused, same-same marketing and lack of consistent community-building can cost your business big time – not just profits, but by eroding your enjoyment for what you do.

Hi! I’m Brook McCarthy.

I’m the creator of the Hustle & Heart program.

I’m a digital marketing trainer and business coach with 15 years’ experience in online communications. I help self-employed creatives – just like yourself – define their difference and market their business without losing their integrity (or their sanity).

After working closely with hundreds of small business owners, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that the integrity you have, the deeper your expertise and the more creative you are, the harder it is for you to market yourself and your business.

Three draining drawbacks of working for yourself

1. Isolation

Being self-employed often means spending a lot of time on your own. This kind of isolation can make conquering your obstacles that much more difficult, and makes it harder for you to grow and develop your business the way you want to.

2. Procrastination

For most self-employed creatives sales and marketing are the biggest cringe-worthy activities that provoke the most procrastination. And unfortunately, being your own boss means you have no-one to push you out of your comfort zone and make you do what you should be doing.

3. Unclear direction

As a solo business owner, you have to make all the decisions. And the fear of making the wrong move or prioritising the wrong thing can be paralysing. A lack of direction leads to bad decision-making, which means you end up wasting your time, energy and attention on things that don’t matter.

So how do we combat and conquer these surprisingly common symptoms of self-employment?

Learn digital marketing and how to sell online

I spent my first few years in business learning and growing rapidly. I was reacting and responding, running from one client emergency to the next. I had no real systems or process and I knew that I wasn’t working as smartly as I should. But when I looked for ways to improve, I struggled to find information and support that was relevant to my situation.

Normal business seminars and courses were so focused on maximising profits above all else that they left me feeling cold. There was little talk about the daily realities of running a small business and next-to-no mention of the challenges – including stress and burn-out, self-doubt and uncertainty.

I needed to find my own way through business development – where I could harness my values and broader purpose to grow my business my way, while doing my best work. Which is why I created the Hustle and Heart program.

Hustle and Heart is a collaborative group coaching program which provides direction, support, skill building and accountability for business owners who want to get over their self-consciousness and start marketing their business like a boss.

Module 1: A new money model

Learn a new, radically reasonable model for money and take charge of earning the money you want to earn.

Module 2: Values-based business

Infuse your values into your branding, messaging, operations and customer service to stand out from the rest.

Module 3: You and me

Get inside the heads of your ideal client so that your story and their stories interweave.

Module 4: Building your reputation

Position yourself as a leader in your field to attract opportunities and future-proof your business.

Module 5: Simple sales

Communicate value, overcome objections and grow to enjoy the process of selling.

Module 6: Building community

Turn up the volume of your marketing, with email, blogging and social media.

Module 7: Banking confidence

Build momentum, create robust plans, and deal with oscillating self-confidence, change and uncertainty.

Module 8: Thriving in business

Explore how to best handle your own particular expectations, competitiveness and productivity.

Build your business
Your way

What program participants say:

The Hustle & Heart course exceeded any expectations! I used to cringe at the idea of marketing which I believed compromised my integrity. I felt that integrity and marketing were mutually exclusive. But the reality is that I needed to get my business out there and I needed help from someone who understood my market and my mindset. This program changed my whole outlook and gave me the tools to get in the game. Through doing the program, I was able to realise that I could indeed keep my integrity and do some serious hustling. Hustle & Heart took me to some unexpected places within myself and I was able to clear out some useless junk that was holding me back from my business potential. Brook’s enthusiasm creates a wonderful buzz and an energy of doing! She’s supportive, generous and keeps it real. It was great to be able to connect with Brook and the other ‘Hustlers’ online and to be able to share how we were going on our marketing journeys. Brook’s personal, real-life examples of methods in action inspired me to get over my fears and take action on things I’d been putting off. Do yourself a favour and get on it! Natalie Windsor


Brook is completely committed to her students. Her approach is genuine and always straight to the point, enabling me to find solutions that are simple and systematic. The wealth of information Brook shared is humungous and relevant to today’s values-based business approach. The content shared during the program will keep me learning and applying throughout the next year. Thank you! Donna Zaffino

The Roofless Shala

Hustle and Heart is a ‘real’ coaching program with plenty of community support. I’ve been in other coaching-type groups when there has been virtually no interaction with the facilitator or other members. I loved the interaction with Brook. She is excellent at touching base each day and keeping the group on-track and motivated!

Since the program, I have more clarity for my clients in setting expectations for doing business with me, new ideas, inspiration and motivation, and a far greater understanding of marketing/communications and how to build my professional reputation. In fact, I’m in the process of rebranding, renaming and repositioning my business to work better and attract the perfect clients who are made for me. Gina George

Kindred Spirit Collective

Brook, once again you’ve opened up the process of reflection and direction setting for me. I have some great resources to refer to and definitely feel that I have a clearer direction on where to take my business over the coming years so that I offer products which are of real value to people.

I have a plan and goals I’m excited by and far more clarity in what I’m doing. Having an online community of support is really useful and I look forward to spending more time here in the years to come. Leonie Lockwood

Leonie Lockwood Yoga

This course is for you if you’re serious about growing your business and moving into doing your best work. Brook is direct, knowledgeable, passionate, enthusiastic and very generous. The course content is brilliant, delivered in very user-friendly formats. Brook, I cannot thank you enough for this course. Best online course I’ve ever done. And the learning and implementing has only just begun. I highly recommend Hustle & Heart! Bettina Pfannkuch

The Art of Balance

This program reminded me that all the tools and opportunities are here within me as well as ‘out there’, to kick ass at growing my business filled with passion and serious hustle. You don’t have to trade one for the other like we are constantly told! I feel excited and positive about my business now. When sharing and hearing others’ stories and facing my fears head-on, I’ve made a plan of how to work through them and they’ve lost their power (thank god!).

A couple of months later, I put my prices up, which everyone embraced. I sold out my new course that I charged at premium and and have attracted pretty much all new people beyond my small community. I’ve made more profit from changes made that were inspired by the program. I feel fabulous about it all. Your work has enabled me to move forward with clarity and confidence. Thanks so much for putting this out into the world! Helen Wilkes

Ready to talk?

This is a small group, intimate program which includes one-to-one time and feedback from me, Brook McCarthy, the program creator. If you’re interested to learn more about what’s included and involved, register your details below and you’ll be redirected to book a call to talk with me. Then we can talk about your aims and see whether or not the program is right for you.