Digital Marketing & Sales skills

There are two main skills that all business owners need to master: marketing and sales.

Regardless of your business model or industry, marketing and sales are the backbones to building a sustainable business. Hustle & Heart teaches service-based business owners marketing and sales skills, so they can grow sustainable, profitable businesses designed around their unique strengths, values and lifestyle goals.

Whether through short, face-to-face courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and beyond, or online, through our free trainings, short courses and our flagship program, Hustle & Heart, we love to equip and empower people to build their expertise, make smart business decisions and forge their own future. After many years in the trenches, doing small business marketing, we evolved into a training college because, ultimately, marketing and sales training empowers business owners to be sustainable.

Understand what you outsource.

We appreciate that you may employ marketing staff or otherwise outsource your marketing, but we believe you need a foundational understanding of these skills before you outsource them, so you can guide their efforts and measure the success of your marketing.

We teach these main subject areas:

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Values-Based Business

Sales Copy Writing