Social Media Marketing

Learn fast and effective social media to make a BIG impact

Regardless of whether or not your business has an official social media channel, people will talk about you, so it’s best to be in the centre of the conversation.

Social media marketing has exploded over the last 10 years and ushered in societal changes that go far beyond the particulars of specific social channels.

Social media has made it quicker, easier and cheaper than ever for small businesses and individuals to have a big impact. As customers are increasingly emboldened to share their opinion online, it has democratised the web with traditional organisations needing to be far more responsive, collaborative and adaptable.

In a few short years, people’s expectations have changed: we expect to find businesses and organisations on social media and use this to collect information, forming an opinion of a business before we considering frequenting it. Social media makes it quick and easy to leave feedback or post a negative review about a business, which has cultivated suspicion and reluctance among more conservative businesses that are cautious about getting involved with social media marketing.

Benefits of social media marketing

Social media marketing can be a highly effective conduit to your business. 
Benefits of social media marketing include:


Improving your website ranking

Distributing your content, particularly blog posts and email lead magnets

Brand awareness and reputation-building

Market education

Researching your target market

Testing and experimentation of your business ideas or offerings idea

Encouraging word-of-mouth referrals

Attracting media publicity

Business-to-business networking and collaborations


While most businesses are using social media marketing to raise brand awareness and improve their reach, there are many other benefits of social media for business that are little recognised.

Through training and coaching, we have worked closely with clients to help them use Facebook groups (for example) to do market research, cheaply and effectively talking intimately to their target market in a safe, confidential online space, at no cost to the client.

We have assisted client to meet journalists through Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, pitch story ideas and secure print publicity without the need to engage a Public Relations agency.

We have empowered clients to use social media for highly-targeted one-to-one networking, enabling joint promotions, profitable collaborations, speaking gigs and other opportunities.

Social media in Australia in numbers


of Australians are active social media users*

18 million

total active social media users in Australia.*

Most popular websites in the world:

  1. Google
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook

Most popular social media channels for businesses:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. YouTube
  4. Instagram
* Sources: Population: United Nations; US Census Bureau. Internet: Internet Worldstats; ITU; World Bank; CIA World Factbook; Eurostat; Local Government Bodies and Regulatory Authorities. (All latest available data in January 2019).

Our background in social media marketing

Hustle & Heart owner Brook McCarthy has ridden the wave of social media marketing as it exploded in Australia. In 2008, Brook started her digital marketing agency and the following year, was asked by a number of her clients for assistance with launching their social media channels. Brook started countless social channels on behalf of clients and managed their social media in this emerging marketing field.
In 2011, Brook wrote and executed the Twitter strategy for Australia’s first daily deals website (until they were sold for a reputed $40 million 14 months later).

In 2012, Brook started running social media marketing face-to-face courses for business owners across Australia, from Sydney to Perth, Brisbane to Melbourne, Byron Bay to Newcastle. She also began delivering bespoke, vocational training for new graduates on social media marketing at various private colleges.

All social media trainings that she delivers are regularly updated due to the ever-evolving nature of the field. And while this can be frustrating, it’s also a poignant reminder to keep a flexible attitude in business and not rest on your laurels but stay curious and open-minded to new things.

Our approach

There are countless cowboys teaching social media marketing, with advice that is fluffy and feel-good, or variously hype-filled and unworkable. Our social media marketing approach is ‘not too little, not too obsessive, but just right’.

Over-the-top social media marketing for sole traders and small business owners who are notoriously time-poor is unworkable. And ‘drive by social media’, as and when the mood strikes, is ineffectual.

As business owners, we know just how little time business owners have. So our approach is fast, effective social media marketing. Social media should be strategic as well as collaborative, brand-building as well as engaging, informative as well as light-hearted.

We can show you how to create your own social media strategy, lead you through exercises designed to inspire creative brainstorming, learn to use the technology in all its intricacies, and schedule your social media marketing (so you can get your life back).

Our course participants’ feedback

“Although I studied marketing and work in marketing, there’s a lot to know and things change rapidly. I came to Brook’s course because I liked her “no-fluff” approach which gave the impression that it would be practical and useful. It was indeed highly practical and useful information, advice and tips delivered in a way that was clear and straightforward. The information focused on objectives, results and assessing your actions, and it was great to have a presenter who doesn’t get distracted by the glossiness of marketing communication. My expectations were exceeded.”

Roslyn D'Emanuele, Eastern Pallative Care

“What a great day! I gained a lot of knowledge and I now feel much more confident in marketing my business through social media. Thank you Brook for a very well-organised and professionally presented course. I highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in gaining market share through social media marketing.”

John Wilson, Peninsula Yoga Central Coast

“Social Media Savvy is an excellent course. It was well-paced, with plenty of scope for us to ask questions, but still covered all the material without feeling rushed. Brook has a phenomenal ability to take a vastly complex topic and distil it down to the most pertinent ‘action points’ so it no longer seems so intimidating. My business partner and I plan to sign up for another one of Brook’s courses shortly!”

Pete Greenaway, Australian Bureau of Statistics

“I walked into Brook’s course not feeling very confident about promoting and marketing my new studio and really how to fully utilise social media. I walked out with the skills and knowledge and drive to improve my social media net working and improve my business on a whole new level. Brook is very understandable, funny and straight up authentic. It’s easy to digest and learn from her.”

Evangeline Yuen, House of Yoga

“I recommend the course because the information was useful and I liked the presenter, which I think makes a difference. There are so many options out there that it’s overwhelming, so I needed someone with expertise to talk to. I came away with even more options, but I think the big thing is discipline, learning when to stop, and planning your time wisely so you don’t get frustrated.
Brook was easy to talk to and the vibe in the room was humble and generous.”

Jacqui Stockdale, Art Class Co.

“I highly recommend the Social Media Savvy course with Brook. I have gained a sense of direction within the maze of social media. I also feel empowered with practical tools to express the unique qualities of my business.

Brook is a wonderful presenter, clear and engaging and she artfully squeezes a lot into just one day. And surprisingly, the experimenting on my own after workshop has been a lot of fun – social media is suddenly a lot more responsive, engaging and interesting!”

Anahata Giri, One Heart Yoga and Meditation

“I would recommend this social media course for anyone looking for practical tools, insider tips and clear direction about using social media to develop and promote their business. Brook is a very experienced, engaging and passionate presenter, with an eye for detail. The beautiful setting and delicious catering were a lovely addition to a great day.”

Emily May, Fostering Hope Psychology