Wondering if or why you need to blog for business? In this shamelessly promotional post (because sometimes you’ve got to lay it all out), I share how my business blogging course works to market your business.

Business blogging sells for you

People magically finding your business online or in real life and buying from you immediately is a fantasy. Especially if your offering is premium or your field is competitive, your prospects won’t be purchasing straight away.

Most people research – they look for personal recommendations, their do Google searches, they compare and contrast.

Here’s another reason why people don’t buy straight away: we’ve been told our whole lives to never purchase immediately, to always do due diligence, and to mistrust a salesperson.

Your business blog posts are like a series of conversations with your prospects. They are designed to sell but rarely do so in such a direct way as this post. Instead, they educate and correct misperceptions and misunderstandings. They address barriers to purchase (which include misperceptions and misunderstandings, but also any worries or concern that the prospect may have).

Blogs illustrate your experience and expertise; good blogs build trust and credibility while also sharing personality and your unique take on things.

Finally, your blogs make it easy for others to refer business to you – through your social media share buttons, through the ability of friends, family and clients to quickly and easily share a link to your post rather than attempt to eloquently explain why you’re great.

Banish the blank page

If there’s one superpower I have, it’s empathy combined with creativity – a very useful skill for banishing the dreaded blank page. Your business blog needs be empathetic to the needs, fears, wants, desires and concerns of your ideal clients. You’re not writing for you – you’re writing for a very specific audience.

Being able to tap into that audience and anticipate what they need and want to know is key to a successful business blog.

The beginning of our Blogging for Business course day is all about creativity – you’ll leave with a bucket-load of ideas, plus the ways and means to summon more in the future, so that you’re never again scratching your head thinking, “what on earth do I write about?”

Killer blogging headlines

Your headline is the single most important line you’ll write. And a summary of your article just won’t cut it – not if you want that copy you carefully crafted to actually be read.

I’ll share my fail-safe techniques and tricks for nailing the killer headline every time.

Crafting clever copy

Think you can’t write? Think again. There is a formula to effective copy writing and it can most definitely be taught. Learn how to craft clever copy that enhances your credibility and builds trust in the reader.

The magic of editing

Editing is often the difference between an amateur writer with an average blog and a professional with a polished business blog that converts readers into buyers. Editing is when the magic happens.

I love helping people to understand how it works, why it works, and how to turn a turd into a diamond.

Share your business blog quickly

You’re busy – I get it. So you’ve hit publish and now you need to get that puppy out there as quickly as possible. The last part of the course involves essential SEO for blogs and social media automation – so you can get off and get on with the rest of your day.

I’ll share all my tips, tricks and techniques for sharing your blog into the interwebs quickly and easily.

Feedback and community

Time and again, people around Australia comment on how valuable it is to have others’ eyeballs on their ideas, writing, and business. Many a business collaboration have formed out of my courses and many a guest blog post swap have been swapped!

Get feedback and ideas from me and other small business owners facing similar challenges as you. And get out from behind your desk and into the support of your fellow freelancers, sole traders and small business owners. You might work alone but that doesn’t mean you have to.

Time you started business blogging, to attract new people and better convert them into paying clients? Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane courses are coming up very soon! Book into Blogging for Business now.