Get clear. Get growing.


Momentum is a structured accountability program that helps consultants & freelancers do marketing and business prospecting effectively, consistently, and joyfully.

Momentum accountability program helps you make time for the most important thing in your business – your future

I know, I know. You’re busy.

Your clients have deadlines. Your staff or contractors need your attention. You know that you *should* be making time to work on your business. To do (far) more important things – like pitching for dream clients, collaborations, pursuing visibility and publicity, marketing and sales.

But how? When you’re running to catch up, always feeling behind, always racing towards a client deadline.

You’re not getting the return that you feel like you should, for the amount of time and effort you’re putting in. In fact, your relationship with your business is starting to feels dysfunctional, with you giving-giving-giving, and for what?

It’s hard to shift gears from reacting+responding to planning+leading. 

But if your business is ever going to grow? 
You must.

So you can not only take home $10-$20K per month consistently, but stop stressing, worrying and overworking and start enjoying your life away from your business.

Work on your business’s future

It’s an embarrassing secret that a lot of self-employed folks prioritise their clients over their business’s future which, over time, becomes their family’s future.

To move from being an order-taker to behaving like the boss that you are takes guts. Commitment. Determination. A new identity.

It means breaking bad habits, revising how you work, and what you prioritise.

You can take the reins of your future and create assets to leverage, but it takes clarity, strength, and (plenty of) support. That’s where we come in.

Make time for more important things

No-one’s going to tap you on the shoulder and give you the time to develop your business – YOU have to make the time, not find the time.

Learning how to discern what’s urgent, important, and what’s able to be dropped or delegated, takes practise, experience and support. 

When you don’t have adequate systems and processes and you’re not getting adequate rest and recuperation, stress builds. Stress becomes a vicious cycle that’s increasingly difficult to break free of – wearing down your discernment and leading to bad choices and further chaos.

Get clarity on your direction

It’s common that consultants, freelancers and small businesses have no business or marketing plan. And when you’re flying blind without a plan, it’s hard to know what direction you’re heading. 

You might set goals, but if you don’t have a roadmap to take you there, then you’re putting in a lot of effort for little return, working too many hours for too little profit.

Without a clear plan, it’s easy to be swayed by strong personalities and pretty opportunities that further distract you, tying up your time and attention.

Challenge your thinking

The longer you’re in business, the more influential your bias, socialisation, self-beliefs and attitudes become. These are either assets or liabilities in your business’s growth, and the worst part? Because your psychology is inherent, it’s really hard to spot where it’s hindering you.

Your blindspots keep you playing small – charging too little, allowing scope creep to erode profits, not seizing opportunities and avoiding activities that will actively grow your business.

While self-doubt is normal, far too many business owners let self-doubt become self-sabotage.

Introducing Momentum. For savvy sorts who are ready to work smarter, not harder.

Imagine if …

You had a detailed action plan

Imagine you have a detailed action plan so that every week, you know exactly what your key tasks are that are going to take you closer towards your big goals. When someone asks you “Busy?” you can answer, “Not busy, productive” and enjoy the wide-eyed look you’ll get. Imagine knowing exactly what to ignore, delegate or outsource, and how to do so. Imagine swapping stressed out Friday afternoon sprints towards a bucket of alcohol, for a leisurely Friday afternoon off.

You had a new identity

Imagine having a new identity as an in-control CEO (not chief everything officer) who makes smart decisions and doesn’t get mired in self-doubt and indecision. “Fix your mindset” doesn’t go far enough. Imagine turning down the volume on unhelpful thinking, self-sabotaging beliefs and the lost productivity that these bring, and knowing exactly what you can do to lift your mood, hone your discernment, and make bigger, bolder, braver decisions.

You were focused on the front-end of your business

Rather than getting mired in the nitty-gritty details, imagine stepping into your role as Business Development Director, where you’re prioritising pitching, collaborations, promotions and sales. Imagine how this increased focus on sales and marketing will reap results, with new sales, greater profits, wider reach and better opportunities that come to you.

You had clarity and purpose

Rather than putting one foot in front of the other, imagine the power that comes from having clarity and purpose in your work. Imagine knowing exactly what you’re working towards and how to get there. When you’re clear on where you’re going, your efforts become turbocharged, as you see and seize opportunities, recognise collaborators and supporters, and build your brand with clarity and purpose.

Your Momentum captain, Brook McCarthy

I’m Brook McCarthy, a business coach and digital marketing trainer with 16 years’ experience. Moving from being freelancer to acting like a boss was a process. I didn’t start my business thinking strategically. I’m not a natural planner.

But after some years of lurching from one mini-emergency to the next, I was sick of it. I knew it was neither smart nor sustainable to be flying by the seat of my pants all the time. So I set out to become better at planning, to hold regular reviews of my progress, and to make regular business development activities, such as collaborations, promotions, rebranding, and pitching my top priority=ies.

Since 2008, I’ve been running my own business, and training and coaching other business owners since 2011, training and facilitating groups around Australia.

Your business network, your business friends and your regular routine of pitching, promotions, marketing, collaborations and partnerships, is essential to your business’s future. The actions you take today bear the fruit in months (and years to come). I’m here to support you and show you how.

I joined Momentum because I needed someone with far more marketing and business experience than I have to help me see what I need to be focused upon. I felt confident Brook had the expertise and similar background experience to what I’m doing, plus I liked her attitude because I hate boring.
Momentum has been really helpful in giving me the strategies to put my business development priorities first and helping me see where I’m overdelivering and overextending myself with my social media services. Brook’s hard-hitting advice and the camaraderie and insights from our groups in the quarterly implementation session have been invaluable. Since joining Momentum I have far more confidence to make my own rules and do my own thing in business.
Christine Rice, Social Media Manager

Momentum is like an anchor to get through week after week in the life of a solo-trader. The Momentum email on Mondays jump-starts my engine to get me going for the week. 
Constant improvement, communication and pitching are starting to become a normal part of my daily life now. I appreciate now that it’s okay to constantly tweak something that doesn’t work. Don’t ponder over it, change it. And if still doesn’t work, change it again.
I’ve also become more forgiving to myself, remembering that I’ve only very recently started flying solo. This learning curve is necessary.
Momentum gives me moral support and cheerleading as well as practical advice and great feedback.
Intan Ridwan

Every month, we have a particular focus

January: joy and desires

We’re people, not robots, and we’re powered by joy. We’re going to recognise and squeeze the everyday joy (no drugs required).

February: sales

Sales is social. Reframe your attitude to selling and you’ll earn far, far more, while having way more fun in the process.

March: your offerings

Your business is an ecosystem. Together we’ll prune out the deadwood and redefine what you’re selling.

April: packaging and positioning

Communicate and demonstrate value through packaging and positioning, so that your people get it, like it, and buy it.

May: creativity

Creativity is directly related to entrepreneurship, problem-solving, resourcefulness, and fuelling your mojo.

June: courage

Courage is an inside job. Learn how to do more outrageously courageous things, more often.

July: big picture thinking

What’s your vision for yourself and your business? What do you want to be known for? What legacy will you leave?

August: raising your visibility

Uncover your magnetic marketing message that attracts your right people – while working to your communication strengths.

September: spring cleaning

Reorganise your systems, processes and procedures, sort your tech, and refresh your marketing. Kick start your energy.

October: habits and routines

Your habits and routines are the linchpin of us taking big, bold moves in business and life.

November: profit planning

Your profile plan is the basis to a robust business. Become more financially literate and stop hiding from the numbers.

December: celebration

Ensure that unashamed cheerleading and support and celebrating milestones are part-and-parcel of business.

“Wow, 16 days ago I got some Momentum by joining Momentum, and what a lot I have achieved since then! I’ve completed my website refresh for online bookings, making it easier for my clients to simply book in for classes they want to attend. And I am starting a new online Yoga Sutras Study group! I am now looking forward to a successful (and slightly less intense) month ahead!”
Mischa Telford, Earth Sky Yoga Vaucluse

I came to the Sydney implementation session because, despite having a broad range of skills and experience, I was doing the same kind of projects and didn’t know how to attract a different type of work. I knew Brook would listen carefully while treating me as an individual, rather than deliver a boring one-size-fits-all approach.
Since the session, I know exactly what I need to do to attract the kind of clients I want to work with, starting with a new job title and a change to the way I talk to clients about my skill set. I’ve since landed two big government contracts which were the exact match for the new direction we’d discussed. I’m sure it’s because I was clear about my role and what I could offer.
Sarah Morton

I joined Momentum because I know Brook is an experienced business coach and marketer with a realistic, grounded approach and this was a great opportunity to learn from her.
I already have several ‘accountability buddies’ in my business so I didn’t think I needed more accountability! But Momentum helped me reframe my focus on the things that mattered to keep my business strong and sustainable – like marketing, sales and internal processes – not the client deadlines I would usually set as goals.
Momentum has changed my perspective towards putting myself, and my business, first. I’m less reactive and more deliberate about setting business development goals and making time each week to chip away at the things that will make my business more of what I want it to be.
I’ve made some great connections with the other group members through the monthly calls and quarterly sessions and it’s wonderful to share ideas – and struggles – with people in similar industries. There’s plenty of advice, help and encouragement to leap some of these gaps and show you how to get where we want to be.
Rachel Beaney, Social Media Strategist

How it works & what’s included


  • Kick-start your week with a jolt of inspiration and encouragement, plus practical actions to take to grow your business.
  • These Monday morning missives seek nothing less than to challenge your thinking, overhauling your self-beliefs, bias, thinking, habits, routines and self-talk from unhelpful to resourceful, creative and bankable. 
  • Each week, you work your plan, sharing and declaring your priority tasks through our Slack channel to be accountable. (Do it Monday, or Tuesday, or Thursday, so long as you do it!).
  • Monthly calls, for more in-depth practical support and insights into how to grow, refine, plan, collaborate, focus and thrive in business.
  • Regular online co-working sessions, to create momentum together. This is your time to get fired up, focused and productive, together.
  • Quick and easy resources to help you pitch, partner up, hustle, quote, collaborate and organise.
  • Get as-you-need-it help in our Slack channel – for any decisions or dilemmas that you’re grappling with.
  • Track your progress with our monthly business metrics: our framework focuses on the metrics that matter, and ignore the rest. You choose how often you update these (either weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and are held accountable for whatever check-in you’ve decided on.

But that’s not all – we meet every quarter

We get together for a half-day session on goal setting and reviewing our progress, forward planning & brainstorming

In addition to our weekly check-ins and monthly calls, we get together for quarterly business development sessions online (and in Sydney and Melbourne when normal life resumes!). This involves reviewing, reflection, refocusing and recommitting to, or rewriting, our plans. Plus, each session has a particular focus where we get stuck into how to implement a growth strategy in our business.

Momentum isn’t for everyone.

Momentum is FOR you if:

  • You’re committed to earning $10K-$20K per month, every month.
  • You know what you need to do, but you’re not doing it (and know you should be).
  • You’re often overwhelmed with juggling client work.
  • You know you’re overthinking and self-sabotaging your progress.
  • You’re ready to ‘level up’ both personally and professionally.

Momentum is NOT for you if:

  • You’re brand spanking new to business (welcome! You have a lot to do. Start here.)
  • You don’t want to earn more money or have some major money hangups (we address this head-first in my Hustle & Heart program).
  • You aren’t coachable and don’t like being held accountable.
  • You’re satisfied with the way your business is headed and just looking to network with other business owners.

Momentum is currently closed to new members.