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 At-your-convenience coaching + community + support

To get clear, focused and organised during crazy times

In this pandemic, it’s no longer ‘business as usual’. For sole traders and small business owners, we’ve got (even more) daily challenges as we deal with the economic fallout of Covid-19.

Yes business is tricky, but you know what else? A huge shift is occurring which represents a massive opportunity for those who are ready.

Right now, the world has pressed ‘pause’. People are letting a scarcity mentality overtake them. But business is still needed! We need copy writers for crisis communications, we need organisers and managers, to help make sense of massive changes and remote teams, we need teachers and trainers for home schooling, for a new working-from-home workforce, for helping people to adapt. We need helpers, healers and health practitioners to deal with elevated levels of stress, grief, anxiety and other conditions as the world reacts to these major changes.

As business owners, it’s hard enough to shift gears from reacting+responding to planning+directing but right now? We must. We are being called to sink or swim. Which one are you going to do?

Moving from stress & overwhelm
to organised, on top of things, and directing traffic

Planning is a luxury and indulgence when you’re neck-deep in ‘to dos’. And focus can be next-to-impossible when you’re stressed and overwhelmed.

Even if you can set goals? That’s the easy part. Don’t the work to put these goals and plans into action is the hard part.

So here’s what we believe:

1. Business owners need way more support.

2. We know what we need to do, but we need to support, focus and help to get it done.

3. We need practical support, not theory.

All of us need accountability to stay committed to the path, especially in these difficult times.

Momentum monthly membership
is your remote team of awesome-type folk-in-business

Momentum membership is your safe, supportive, rabble-rousing space to move through all the junk that comes up as we work outside our comfort zones, take risks, try new things, and do the work you’ve always wanted to do, and been procrastinating on (sometimes, for years).

Together, we get focused, organised and clear on what our top priorities are, with a backdrop of cheerleading and radical support.

This monthly membership has been specifically designed to be accessible, affordable, and achievable.

  • YOU are in the driver’s seat of setting your own agenda, plan and tasks (with support, accountability and cheering from us!).
  • There is no homework.
  • No busy work.
  • No more items to add to the endless ‘to do’ list.
  • Your support ecosystem helps you do and be the best possible you you can be.

Get a new perspective on yourself, your opportunities and potential, plus the fuel to become ten times more productive – without burning out.

This is for savvy sorts, who are ready to work smarter, not harder, by taking back control of their time, setting up their systems, and leaning on our ecosystem of encouragement.

How it works


  • You receive an action-based, short-and-sharp email prompt every Monday morning that prompts practical action, in line with our monthly themes, and seeks nothing less than to overhaul your self-beliefs, bias, thinking, habits, processes, routines and self-talk from unhelpful to resourceful, creative and invaluable.
  • Every Monday morning, we share and declare our our goals through our dedicated Slack channel. You set your own priority tasks and we support you and hold you accountable. (If you can’t make Mondays, you can always pick another time.)
  • On-the-spot support in our Slack channel, for any questions, concerns or dilemmas you’re grappling with.
  • Monthly measurements: you choose what to measure, using our frameworks, and update these at the interval that works best for you (either weekly, fortnightly or monthly). You’re held you accountable for whatever check-in you’ve decided for yourself.
  • Shamelessly upbeat and relentlessly encouraging messages, via text or email, when you need them most.
  • Reframe your thinking, reboot your attitude, gain revolutionary new perspectives on old problems, and enjoy your progress and process as you work to a clear plan.
  • Choose what level of coaching support you need (see pricing, below).

Our monthly themes

January: joy and desires. We’re not robot, we’re people and joy powers us. Learn how to recognise everyday joy and squeeze the juice out of every joy-filled moment, no drugs required.

May: creativity. We are all creative. We can all cultivate our creativity to be more creative. And creativity brings energy. Together, we focus on tapping into our creativity to better solve problems, enable us to do more with less, and cultivate joy and satisfaction every day.

September: spring cleaning. Time to Marie Kondo our business: reorganising our tech, rejuvenating our branding and marketing, revisiting our pricing, overhauling our office, and cleaning up our processes and procedures. If it doesn’t spark joy, it’s out! (Well, kinda.)

February: sales. Sales is social. Sales is generous. Reframe your attitude to selling and you’ll earn far, far more, while having way more fun in the process. Sales and fun? Yes, that’s the idea.

June: courage. Creativity and courage go hand-in-hand. Courage is an inside job, which means we all need more support to be courageous. We look at our comfort zones, and how to make these even more comfortable, so that we can retreat back to them regularly as we do more and more outrageously courageous things.

October: habits and routines. We look at all the little behaviours through the lens of ‘Is this useful? What purpose does this serve?’ Habits and routines are the linchpin of us taking big, bold moves in business and life.

March: your offerings. What your business sells is an ecosystem: they should feed into one another and be mutually sustaining. Let’s prune out the deadwood, ensure your offerings are aligned with your long-term vision, and make your business a thriving ecosystem.

July: big picture thinking. Oftentimes, the support of other people is necessary to help switch on our big picture thinking. What’s your vision for yourself and your business? What would you like to be known for? What’s your legacy going to be?

November: profit planning. Together, we do financial projections, analyse our profit and loss, and become more financially literate as we better understand cash flow and profits. This is crucial if you want to make your profits more predictable and even.

April: packaging and positioning. Packaging and positioning is the perception that your business offerings have to the outside world. It’s the communication and demonstration of value to your people, so that they get it, like it, and buy it.

August: making abstract concrete. So your vision, mission and BHAG is great, but what next? We need to make the abstract concrete and practical: with small, achievable tasks and ‘questions to be answered’. Let’s do this!

December: celebration. What do you celebrate? When do you celebrate? How do you celebrate? If you want to upgrade your business, you must upgrade your celebrations. We ensure that joy, support and milestones are baked in, so that we can future-proof our business while having far more fun in the process.

Business development sessions every quarter

For our Accelerated and Premium packages (see below), we meet up for quarterly business development sessions online (and in Sydney and Melbourne when normal life resumes!)

We review what’s working and what’s not, review and revise our goals, plan our next quarter in business, and celebrate and commiserate together. Led discussions focus on creative marketing, brainstorming, marketing strategic and time management tools and techniques.

May 20: 2-5pm.
May 27: 9am-12pm.
August 21: 9am-12pm.
August 28: 2-5pm.
November 20: 9am-12pm.
November 26: 2-5pm.

Momentum membership is specifically for you if:

  • You find it hard to focus.
  • You’re not great at planning.
  • You’re frequently overwhelmed with things to do and feel frustrated that you can’t give enough time to your good ideas.
  • You think you should be making more money for the amount of time and effort you’re putting in and don’t (really) know why.
  • You know the value of a strong network and you’re keen for a cheer squad of like-minded business owners for radical encouragement.
  • You’re independently-minded and resourceful. 

Momentum membership is NOT for you if:

  • You’re easily triggered by other’s success and regularly feel jealous of other business owners.
  • You don’t think data is important to your business.
  • You have your own accountability system to seek accountability for your goals.
  • You hate setting money goals and find this highly triggering.
  • You’re pretty happy and satisfied with the way your business is headed and don’t want more than what you’ve currently got. (Good on you.)

Terms and conditions

  1. Pocket coach (the cheapest option) has a 6-month minimum commitment; Accelerated and Premium options are month-to-month (no commitment).
  2. Monday morning prompts are opt-in: you may decide NOT to receive these prompts via email if you wish.
  3. Wildly, unapologetically encouraging cheers and lifts, delivered via email OR text message are opt-in: you may decide NOT to receive these if you wish.
  4. You will be followed up with and held accountable if you don’t do the Monday morning check-ins.
  5. You choose the frequency of measurement check-ins and you choose what you’re measuring. Templates and guidelines are given. You will be followed up with and held accountable if you don’t do these.
  6. Monthly one-to-one coaching can be taken at your convenience, scheduled via Acuity, but must be taken within the calendar month; there are no sessions carried over or kept in credit.
  7. Our quarterly sessions cannot be carried over to the next quarter or kept in credit. You can attend morning and/or afternoon sessions. These are held online (and in Sydney and Melbourne when normal life resumes!). 
  8. Please don’t suffer in silence! If you have a question, conundrum, dilemma, regarding your membership and payments, contact and we will work it out together.