Lead with your social mission

Training highlights

14.36: An easy trick for introverts who feel incredibly self-conscious about marketing (and for use at parties!)
16.24: Becoming a mutual admiration society with your clients
18.50: Fresh ideas for finding and understanding your ideal clients
25.15: Why what your parents taught you about talking to strangers was dead wrong
25.54: Attitude reboot
26.54: Two crucial skills in marketing
27.19: How to say something worth listening to
27.48: What is powerful marketing?
29.22: My system to uncover your content strategy
33.48: The four-step process that I lead clients through to ensure that marketing and reputation-building efforts all reinforce each other
35.56: The more of an expert or geek you are, the worse your marketing will likely be
38.50: Why leading with your social mission attracts your ideal clients
40.25: How to declare your social mission
40.37: Why believing that your cause should be self-evident is a massive hindrance for your cause
44.36: Why parties are relevant to digital marketing
45.20: Digital marketing is not face-to-face marketing: the key differences that make or break your digital marketing efforts
46.00: How to build your influence and professional reputation
50.00 Committing to your Minimum Viable Marketing Plan™
53.06: Creating purposeful partnerships, which includes borrowing someone else’s audience to grow your own.

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Nina Simone.


Leonard Cohen.

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Brook McCarthy business coach

About Brook McCarthy

Hi! I’m Brook. I’m a business coach and trainer with 16 years’ experience, with a background in Public Relations. I specialise in helping values-based service professionals who feel self-conscious about marketing and would far rather just do the work than talk about it.

I help people to lead with their values to grow their professional reputation so they can attract far more perfect-fit people and the best opportunities. Leading with your values, purpose and social mission makes sense, for a multitude of reasons, not least of which is that the planet is dying and it needs your help! (Yes, I’m an unashamed bleeding heart.)

When I worked as a tour leader in Cambodia, 2002-2004, I heard about social enterprises. I used to take my passengers to social enterprises including a bakery, a restaurant and various retail shops. My first client when I started my business in 2008 was the Centre for Social Impact. Over the last 14 years, I’ve worked with a number of for-purpose organisations, social enterprises and not-for-profits, and am a trainer on StartSomeGood’s Good Hustle program on social enterprise design.

Values-based business, for-purpose organisations, ESG, and social enterprises are here to stay. 

Use your values to drive yourself, your business and your marketing

“Brook is my favorite digital marketing presenter to put in front of early-stage entrepreneurs. She is great at balancing the strategic and the tactical and the necessary and the aspirational, helping founders figure out where they can have the greatest impact with their efforts. She’s also great fun.”

Tom Dawkins


“Brook’s session was so engaging and inspiring. Whilst I’ve attended different business courses in the past, hearing the way Brook presented these important messages really clicked with me. I’ve already recommended Brook to several people.”

Sarah Rhodes

Better Business Partnerships

“Brook has a phenomenal ability to take a vastly complex topic and distil it down to the most pertinent ‘action points’ so it no longer seems so intimidating.”

Pete Greenaway

Australian Bureau of Statistics