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Need more leads into your business?

Want to increase your brand visibility and reach more people?

Need to get quicker and more effective at social media marketing, while finding new paying clients?

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Social Media Marketing course: in the olden days, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide.
Now online!

Without a big budget for advertising and Public Relations, social media marketing can be the fastest, cheapest and most effective marketing method today. And, it can be hugely time-consuming and a bit of a guessing game.

If you’re spending hours carefully crafting on-brand content that gets little-to-no engagement, or you’re doing ‘drive by social media’, as and when the mood strikes, with little-to-no results, I can help.

Fast & effective social media marketing

I get it. Over the last thirteen years that I’ve been in business, I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners to help them create social media content that’s both effective and fast. 

In this social media marketing course, I’ll share the system I’ve developed that enables you to curate, create and schedule one month’s worth of social media content in just one hour.

I know you don’t want to be on Facebook all day long. Let me show you how to reduce your angst and effort, while ensuring your social media marketing is creative, effective and fun.

This Social Media Savvy course covers:


Instagram organic marketing

How to stop the scroll by creating and curating consistently good images designed to tell a story.

Facebook organic marketing

How to increase engagement and visibility while increasing your leads.

LinkedIn organic marketing

How to use LinkedIn to position yourself to other businesses for possible collaborations and join ventures.


Facebook & Instagram advertising

The hallmarks of effective social media advertising and strategies to increase reach and inquiries and make sales (we’re not talking about boosted posts here!).


Social video marketing

Why social video and live social video offers the biggest opportunity for small businesses, and how to do it well without self-doubt and overthinking.


Social media scheduling

Get your life back! Systems, tools and short-cuts to promote your business without getting sucked into the Facebook-time-space-vortex.

Quick and easy image sourcing

The best places to find beautiful, effective, legal, free or cheap images to use for social media marketing, which images work, and how to do this quickly.

Storylines and ideas

We brainstorm strategic brand storylines and savvy themes and topics to keep your social media marketing aligned with your brand marketing.

The hows, whys, whens and whats of social media

And especially, how much is enough to be effective, while still having a life away from the screen.

Growing your email list through social media

Learn how to migrate social media followers into your email list.

Laser-like focus

Avoid wasting hours looking at photos of your neighbour’s ex-husband’s new wife’s daughter’s wedding.

I felt like I knew Brook before I walked in the door – that’s how effective her writing and marketing is. This course gave me a head full of new and different ways to get my unique message out there. My first blog post after the course had my largest reach and response ever! I wish the day was longer.

Caroline Giles, Experience Yoga

Brook’s course gave me surprisingly more insight, confidence, tips, and ideas than I could’ve thought possible in one day, especially as this was a new world to me.

There was plenty discussed about business that went beyond blogging.
Anyone – new or experienced in small business – can learn this. Get in there!”

– Johanna Jarvis, ABC Radio

Highly-practical, no-fluff courses

I know you’re busy. I’m not going to waste your time ‘teaching’ you fluff. Ain’t nobody’s got time for that. I’ve been teaching public courses on social media marketing for business for seven years now and every time I do so, I update the course materials – that’s how quickly things change.

All information I share is completely up-to-date and free of hype.

There are countless people teaching hype techniques which are completely unworkable and irrelevant for busy business people. Every technique discussed has been personally road-tested, not only by myself in my business, but also by my clients in their businesses. And, I’m sharing techniques which save you time, not make you want to pull your hair out (if only you could free your fingers from scrolling….).

Let me help you make sense of social media marketing, quickly and easily.

About the presenter, Brook McCarthy

Hi! I’m Brook McCarthy. I’ve been in digital communications for 15 years, working closely with clients that range from large multi-nationals to one (wo)man bands, specialising is the health and creative sectors (though I was also editor of the Australian Builders’ Association magazine for a period, and know far more about whitegoods than I care to admit). I’ve started more Facebook pages and groups for business owners than I can recall and wrote and executed the Twitter strategy for Australia’s first daily deals website (until they were sold for a reputed $40 million 14 months later).

Since 2012, I’ve run face-to-face courses on digital marketing for business owners across Australia. I equip and empower participants with the tools, knowledge and perspective to combine creativity with smart business strategy. Digital marketing is particularly accessible for small businesses without large marketing budgets, to define their difference, stand out, and to reach far more people with low- or no-cost tech tools and tactics. See more about my writing here, or check out my business blogs here and here.

As a veterinary specialist surgeon and business owner in Melbourne, I’ve been active on YouTube, filming live surgeries to share with other vets, but hadn’t otherwise explored social media. I came to Brook’s social media course because we’re trying to increase our market share and customer awareness of veterinary specialist services, and had been doing smatterings of social media posts but nothing regular.  Since attending the course, I have started a closed Facebook group which, within a month or two, already has 650 members. We are getting a lot more engagement and have people contacting us for advice from all over the world, which we were not getting prior to the course. We also just feel more organised, are in the process of getting a schedule going, and know what’s needed to have a consistent social media presence. This is a great course! Very accessible, even for someone who was not very social media savvy like me.

Charles Kuntz, South Paws Veterinary Hospital

Although I studied marketing and work in marketing, there’s a lot to know and things change rapidly. I came to Brook’s course because I liked her “no-fluff” approach which gave the impression that it would be practical and useful. It was indeed highly practical and useful information, advice and tips delivered in a way that was clear and straightforward. The information focused on objectives, results and assessing your actions, and it was great to have a presenter who doesn’t get distracted by the glossiness of marketing communication. My expectations were exceeded.

Roslyn D’Emanuele, Eastern Pallative Care

Social Media Savvy is an excellent course. It was well-paced, with plenty of scope for us to ask questions, but still covered all the material without feeling rushed. Brook has a phenomenal ability to take a vastly complex topic and distil it down to the most pertinent ‘action points’ so it no longer seems so intimidating. My business partner and I plan to sign up for another one of Brook’s courses shortly!

Pete Greenaway, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Common questions

Who comes to these courses?

Small business owners and sole traders, professional marketers and those who are tasked with doing social media marketing for a business. Past participants hale from industries far and wide and include construction, stilt walks and hula hoop dancers, musicians, law, professional marketers, yoga and Pilates teachers, personal trainers, furniture makers, psychologists and therapists, copy writers, photographers and graphic designers, trainers, speakers, authors, coaches and consultants. 

I don’t have a lot of time. Will you teach me short-cuts?

Yessir. There are plenty of social media trainers teaching hype-filled, time-consuming and completely unworkable techniques. In the last 15 years that I’ve been working in digital communications and the last eleven years of self-employment, I’ve learnt plenty of short-cuts for creative brainstorming and quick content creation. I’m going to share my system to make your social media marketing efforts quick and painless. Yes, social media marketing takes time to do well, but likely far less time than you’re already committing to it.

What social media platforms will you cover?

This social media marketing course focuses on Facebook and Instagram as these are the two most common and effective platforms for 90% of businesses. We also cover LinkedIn, how it’s different, and how to use it for building business-to-business relationships.
If you’re keen to learn about other social media platforms, get in touch about custom training.

How much time will this course spend covering social media advertising?

We will spend approximately 90 minutes talking about Facebook and Instagram advertising, possibly more depending on who’s in a particular class. I’ll show you how to use organic social marketing to increase the likelihood of success in your social media ad spend. Plus, we’ll look at industry benchmarks and how to measure what you’re doing so you know what’s working, what’s not, and what exactly needs fixing.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for the course, to get the most out of it?

I like you already! Once you register and pay for your spot, you’ll get immediate access to the homework preparation exercise to ensure that you’re best placed to get the most out of the course.

What level does this course cater to?

This is a general- or intermediate-level course. I’m assuming you’re familiar with Facebook and Instagram and in a (somewhat regular) habit of updating these regularly. Regardless of your level of competence, I’m sure I can share with you new insights and ideas, new techniques and new systems of doing things more quickly and easily.

I got so much more than I expected from this course! Inspiration to write, to be daring, insight into exactly who I wanted to attract to my business, and contacts to help me beyond the course. This course blew my mind and has me excited about the future of my business.

Kelli Howard, Yoga & Massage

I just saved myself about five years of fluffing around on the web by attending Brook’s two-day intensive marketing & blogging workshop. Hallelujah! Already I feel more confident online and am opening to possibilities I hadn’t imagined. Excited, a little overwhelmed, and will be taking it one day at a time.

Shakti Burke, Joyful Mind

Course outcomes:

Optimised Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn channels for business.

A new system of storing ideas and information for scheduling.

Your social scheduling set up.

Your social media marketing plan – sorted.

Your social media policy – done.

Your social media marketing schedule for you to use for weeks, months and years to come.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You need to increase the number of leads and inquiries into your business.
  • You’re spending far too much time and energy on social media, for far too little result.
  • You want to develop your creativity and empathy to make your social media marketing far more effective.
  • You want to cut through the digital clutter with social updates that are personally relevant, compelling, and eloquent.
  • You don’t have time for hype and fluff and want to learn from a seasoned professional.

This is not the course for you if:

  • You want to learn social media for personal reasons only.
  • You’re a bit of a luddite – your internet connection is dial-up, you haven’t heard of WordPress, and you only just registered on Facebook.
  • You’re looking for a secret formula to grow your business quickly, without any additional effort.
  • You’re looking to give away responsibility for your business failures and successes.

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Where is this course?

This is a live online training course. 

What kinds of business owners is this for?

We specialise in values-based service businesses. Our clients are consultants, coaches, teachers, health professionals, therapists, creatives.

Most are online business owners, though some have staff and bricks-and-mortar businesses. All are keen on no-fluff, no-hype, highly practical and actionable education that doesn’t treat you like a fool.

Is there anything I should do before the course?

I like you already! Once you register and pay for your spot, you’ll get immediate access to the homework preparation exercise to ensure that you’re best placed to get the most out of the course.

How do I sign up?

I run my courses on the basis of each course interest list, so the best way to ensure that the course will run soon is to register your interest in the form on this page.

Who is this for?

This course is general to intermediate. I assume you’re familiar with Facebook and Instagram and in a (somewhat regular) habit of updating these regularly. Regardless of your level of competence, I’m sure I can share with you new insights and ideas, new techniques and new systems of doing things more quickly and easily.

How long will I have access to this course

You’ll have lifetime acces to the live recordings

What platforms will you be focusing on?

We’ll be focusing on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll also cover LinkedIn.

Why are you the right person to help me?

I’ve been self employed since 2008 and i’ve been working in Public relations for more than 16 years and always worked with small businesses. My courses are a result of years spent in the trenches, helping small business owners across all sectors and industries, to create compelling marketing and widen their reach.

What if I miss a session?

Don’t worry, I’ll upload the live session recording within 24 hours that you can keep forever. It is best to try and attend the live class if you can so that you get on-the-spot feedback from me.