Your payment has been received – thank you!

Please note these dates and times in your diary now:

May 6: 12-1:30pm AEST.
May 10: 12-1:30pm AEST.
May 20: 12-1:30pm AEST.
May 27: 12-1:30pm AEST.

I’ll be in touch closer to the course, with the Zoom link to join us. If you’ve purchased the ‘Online Course Plan done-in-a-day’, I’ll be touch about that, too!

Jump in and get started on your preparatory homework – below – and bring it along to our first live session together.

Your preparatory homework

Surveying your paying clients and prospective clients is invaluable. We all make assumptions on behalf of others and, if we’re wrong, these can be costly! 

Click here to access ‘Uncovering your prospects’ needs and wants’ survey.

Click here to access ‘Survey for your clients – measuring your progress’.

Please feel free to edit and make these your own!


Review what clients have already told you

You can also go back and review what you’ve already got.

Look at emails or text messages from clients, reread testimonials. Line up a face-to-face interview. The better you know your ideal clients, the better you can craft an awesome sales page that speaks just to them.