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Online Launches




Real life, real world, up-to-the-minute insights into *actual* launches (my launches)

If you’re selling online courses, paid live trainings, masterclasses, programs or memberships already – or you want to be – and you’re looking for real, honest, transparent information on online launching in 2023, then you’re going to get so much value out of this!

I’m lifting the lid on my most recent launches, including my flagship program, Hustle & Heart, so you can stop trying to reverse engineer what I do, and just gain real insights and information on what’s working – and what’s not.

There are many online business owners teaching launching, but the techniques they’re teaching are often irrelevant and out of reach for the average soloist or small business owner.

If you have a big team, a big chunk of cash for ads, and some whiz-bang technology, then these launches can be hugely profitable (and can still totally flop). 

But if you’re a one woman show, come learn the essential things to do to launch profitably and easily (and stop researching the 782 things you don’t need to worry about).

See inside my launches – the good, the bad, and the ugly

This will be especially valuable if you:

You're sick of unprofitable launching

You’ve launched online courses, programs, masterminds or memberships that have been unprofitable, tiring and frustrating, and you know there has to be a better way

You want real numbers

Your don’t just want to hear internet personalities braying about their massive revenue. You want to talk about profit – the amount you get to take home from your launches. You want specific details. You want to talk real numbers.

You don't want to spend a lot of money on ads

Maybe you’ve spent a lot of money on ads (or software, or digital marketing consultants), and haven’t seen much (any?) return. Maybe you find ads too complicated, or maybe you hate Zuckerberg. Whatever it is, you can absolutely sell without ads.

You're a non-planner type

You’re done with same-old boring stories you’ve been telling yourself about why you’re not ready to launch. You’re done with procrasti-planning, procrasti-research, and procrasti-talking and you’re ready to get paid. Like, now.

Principle 1: You (yes, you) can make a lot of money in a short space of time

Launches enable you to potential earn a lot of money in a short amount of time. But there are other, less talked about advantages to launching, including growing your community, honing your marketing, messaging and sales skills, and selling more of your other services (that aren’t part of your launch)..

Principle 2: You can do highly profitable minimum viable launching

I have done a far more lazy launches than I have done “proper” launches. You don’t have to do live webinars, social media ads, joint ventures, email funnels, national tours, or any other launch events. I’ve run many minimum viable launches that haven’t included any of this.

Principle 3: The best launches are co-created with your audience

A key principle of Hustle & Heart is our client-centic approach, which mean co-creating your launch with your audience, being more open and authentic in your marketing (without oversharing or waffling on), and not leaving marketing to the last minute (when people can smell the desperation on you).

Let’s uncomplicate launching

When things are too complicated, we don’t do it. When things are too difficult, we don’t do it. When we don’t launch the “thing”, then your clients don’t benefit, the value of your work isn’t realised, and you carry on, frustrated.

Sharing specific numbers and details is really useful to gain real insight into how this applies to you and your business. There’s nothing I’m holding back – using my own business as a case study to share all the ins and outs of running successful launches.

I’ll share my ‘reuse, reduce, recycle’ approach to launch marketing, how to focus on the low-cost or no-cost techniques that make a big impact, working to your strengths and preferences, and the most important elements to focus on, and what you can forget about.

I started running face-to-face courses around Australia in 2012. In 2013, I created and launched my first on-demand training. Since then, I’ve done dozens of my own launches for online premium group programs, memberships, online courses, online classes, and online business retreats. There’s no launch activity that I haven’t tried. Some have worked spectacularly. Some have totally flopped. 

I’ve also supported hundreds of small business owners to launch their online courses, programs and memberships quickly, cheaply, effectively and profitably.

Real data and no-BS insights & info

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The actual numbers behind my last few launches (including making $30,000 in one week, while on holidays celebrating my sister’s 40th).
  • Three different case studies on launch approaches that I use for selling different things (priced between $97 and $4500)
  • One of the easiest ways to sell your online courses, programs or masterminds, that not nearly enough people actually do.
  • My ‘reuse, reduce, recycle’ approach to launch marketing.
  • Watch me develop the marketing materials (copy and design) for this class)
  • Email details – email subject lines, open rates, CTR rates
    How to get paid while testing and validating your idea, so you know that it’s what your people want (and will pay for).
  • The essential elements of minimum viable launching: the least you need to do to successfully launch and sell your thing.
  • Real talk (and numbers) on launch expenses (from a lean perspective), revenue and – most importantly – profit.
  • What trends I’m noticing that are impacting launching (no more reverse bell curve; instead we have exponential curves).
  • …And answers to all the impertinent questions.

I cannot recommend Brook and her questioning mind, empathetic heart and contagious enthusiasm highly enough.

Di Challenor – Whistle Communications

Brook is refreshingly direct, approachable and totally the real deal.

Janie Rose – Petal & Rose

Brook is inspiring, a great source of expertise and encouraging – she makes the hard stuff seem more tangible and achievable.

 Loane Avenell

Brook is a very experienced, engaging and passionate presenter, with an eye for detail.

Emily May

Brook McCarthy
Your Intrepid Guide, Business Coach & Digital Marketing Trainer

Hi! I’m Brook McCarthy.

I’m head trainer and business coach here at Hustle & Heart.

If you’re a small business owner or sole trader who’s keen to build your digital marketing and sales skills to grow your business, then welcome! I’m a business coach and communications trainer who’s been self-employed since early 2008.

I’ve been working in online communications and Public Relations for more than 18 years and have always worked in small businesses.

Our courses, courses and programs are the result of years spent in the trenches, helping small business owners across all sectors and industries, to create compelling marketing and widen their reach.

Our training course promise? No fluff. No hype. Just highly practical, actionable, up-to-the-minute marketing and sales courses to help you magnify your impact.