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Is this you?

You're sick of overthinking your online course ideas

Perhaps you’ve already started – and it’s ballooned into a PhD on the topic. Or maybe you’re stuck in the procrasti-thinking or procrasti-research stage.

You're fed up with your own procrastination

You’re done with same-old boring stories you’ve been telling yourself about why you’re not ready to launch. You’re ready to get this show on the road. Like, now.

You want to scale

Online courses, programs or memberships enable you to more easily scale, see far more clients, and have a greater impact.

Good ideas are worthless. 

Your online course needs to LAUNCH

The best way to start creating your online course, program or membership is with a simple curriculum plan. 

Your clients and potential clients are waiting for you to make your services more accessible online. They want more of you – more of what you’re awesome at, and more transformation at their fingertips (or in their ears).

Online courses, program or memberships are a fantastic way to leverage your expertise, boost your reach and visibility, and create new income streams. 

So how do you get your course, program or membership up and out there into the world?
Without overthinking it?
Without getting lost for months, stuck in the details?
Without spending upwards of $10,000 on something that hasn’t yet seen the light of day (true story)?

And, how do you present your expertise in an online format that doesn’t bamboozle and overwhelm your students?

Enter: this online course showing you exactly how to plan your online course, program or membership plan – in just one day.

And the best part? How to reduce your risk and lower your cost while exponentially increasing your likelihood of success by creating something that people actually want to buy.

Don’t confuse knowing with actually doing.

Fallacy 1: You’ve missed the boat with online learning

The global market for E-Learning is estimated at US$250.8 billion in the year 2020; projected to reach US$457.8 billion by 2026, according to GlobeNewswire. You haven’t missed the boat, not by a long shot. The internet isn’t going away and tech continues to improve, making online learning more engaging, accessible and better than ever.

Fallacy 2: You don’t know enough

If you find yourself repeatedly saying the same things one-to-one to people, if people seek you out for your expertise, if you get repeat clients (who tell their friends about you!), then you know enough. It’s time to systematise your knowledge and reach more people, more easily.

Fallacy 3: Creating online courses, programs or memberships is expensive and complicated

This is why I created this online class: because I’m sick of seeing people waste money, time and energy overdoing it with far too much thinking, researching and planning.  My approach to curriculum design ensures that you’re lowering your risk and heightening your chances of success creating this specifically for your ideal client group. My lean launch method shows you how to quickly and cheaply launch and profit from your course, and then to edit, iterate and improve it. This is not risky, nor unprofessional. It is the opposite.

Enough procrasti-research.

Let’s get you launched.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Painless planning (in just one day) which means far less time, effort, money and angst, while greatly increasing your chances that your ideal client group is lining up to buy.
  • Testing and validating your idea before you start so you know that it’s what your people want.
  • Practical online learning trends that are here to stay (and why your students will love them) so that you can make your teachings as engaging as possible – so your participants can reap the rewards.
  • The invaluable art of naming: to make meaning in people’s minds, and encourage people to share on your behalf.
  • Creating your program, course or membership materials quickly, easily and painlessly. 
  • The lean launch method to minimise your spend and maximise your reach and sales.
  • Reusing, reducing and recycling your marketing, for easy promotions.
  • How to work with your own mind to reduce the likelihood of self-sabotage, improve your productivity and actually enjoy the process of getting your course, program or membership out of your head – and into the world.

Imagine magnifying your impact to work with clients all over the world?


I cannot recommend Brook and her questioning mind, empathetic heart and contagious enthusiasm highly enough.

Di Challenor – Whistle Communications

Brook is refreshingly direct, approachable and totally the real deal.

Janie Rose – Petal & Rose

Brook is inspiring, a great source of expertise and encouraging – she makes the hard stuff seem more tangible and achievable.

 Loane Avenell

Brook is a very experienced, engaging and passionate presenter, with an eye for detail.

Emily May

Brook McCarthy
Your Intrepid Guide, Business Coach & Digital Marketing Trainer

Hi! I’m Brook McCarthy.

I’m head trainer and business coach here at Hustle & Heart.

I started my business in 2008, as a digital marketing agency. In 2011, I started teaching and training. I ran courses around Australia for years, and launched my first online course (on email marketing) in 2012.

Since then, I’ve launched dozens of courses (live and on-demand), group programs, and memberships. I’ve sold low-ticket, mid-range, high-ticket and even pay-what-you-like!

I’ve also developed and delivered online courses and trainings on behalf of institutes such as Academy XI, Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, Australian Catholic University, General Assembly, Swinburne University, Mindzallera (Malaysia) and the National Association for the Visual Arts.

I’m going to lead you through the exact methods and techniques that I’ve used myself, as well as supporting hundreds of business owners, with their own online courses, programs and memberships. My approach is lean, agile, and client-centred.

Which means NO PhDs on the topic, NO spending a small fortune on ads and high-tech funnels, and NO overthinking it. (Perfectionism is not something to humble-brag about.)

Who is this for?

We specialise in values-based service businesses. Our clients are consultants, coaches, teachers, health professionals, therapists, creatives.

Most are online business owners, though some have staff and bricks-and-mortar businesses. All are keen on no-fluff, no-hype, highly practical and actionable education that doesn’t treat you like a fool.

Why are you the right person to help me?

I’ve been self employed since 2008 and have 11+ years experience in training and coaching. I launched my first online course in 2012, and have since launched and sold all kinds of different online courses, paid live trainings, premium programs, masterminds, launch ‘n learns, for audiences large and small. I’ve also worked as a professional trainer, developing training courses on behalf of institutions such as General Assembly, Academy XI, Swinburne University, and ACU, among others.

Finally, I’ve worked hand-in-glove with countless small business owners, helping them get their own online courses, programs and memberships off the ground.

In other words, I’ve walked the path before you and been in the trenches with innumerable owners just like you.

How do I sign up?

This is an instant access course so just click here and you’ll get instant access to the course.

Where is this course?

This is a online training course. You can take as long as you need to work through it. 

What do I get exactly?

There are 13 video trainings, ranging from 2 minutes to 33 minutes, to make these easy for you to digest. Our private podcast of the training materials makes it even easier to learn while on the go, at your convenience.

We also have 12 videos of FAQs, ranging from 3 minutes to 9 minutes long. 


Do you cover launching?

Yes, we also cover lean launching, launch marketing, the art of naming, pricing, preliminary sales pages, and working with your own psychology when launching.


How long will I have access to this course?

You’ll have lifetime access to the course materials.

Will this really only take me one day?

Yes, using my methods and techniques you can map out the entirety of your offer as well as your launch plan in just one day. (Of course you can take longer if you need, since you’ve got lifetime access to the course materials),