Guest Speaking

Grow your expertise, leads & clients




Is this you?

You want to scale

You’re a coach, consultant, speaker or trainer who’s keen to scale your business, with qualified leads and new clients through your door.

You know the value of borrowing other people's audiences to grow your own

You may already have been a speaker, coach or presenter to other people’s audiences, and seen how this translates into new paying clients, qualified leads, email subscribers and social media followers.

You're fed up creating your own webinars/courses/events for a tiny audience

Maybe you’ve put a lot of time, effort and money into running your own events – for a lacklustre response. You know there’s an easier way to build your expertise, hone your skills, and grow your audience, while doing what you love – speaking, teaching, and inspiring others.

There’s an easier way to grow

12 years ago, I started training and coaching other people’s groups, with an invitation

I was asked to train a group of people in someone else’s course. This meant I could show up, share about digital marketing and starting your own business, and get paid.

I didn’t have to do the legwork of gathering an audience, marketing an event, and taking the risk. Someone else hosted me. I just showed up.

Since that auspicious start, I’ve been a guest speaker, trainer, facilitator and presenter on behalf of innumerable businesses, both large and small.

I’ve presented on Zoom to 200 people. I’ve spoken face-to-face to groups ranging from eight people to 100. In the process, my jokes have gotten funnier, my stories are slicker, and I’ve honed my expertise in front of paying clients.

But best of all? I’ve converted other people’s audiences into paying clients, email subscribers, and further opportunities. I want to share everything I know so that you can make the most out of opportunities, whether paid or unpaid, without putting people off, and being invited back, again and again.

Other people’s attention is the most valuable thing we have.

Understand where your ideal clients are and how to get in front of them

No more endless unpaid ‘opportunities’ that don’t translate into tangible benefits for your business. Learn how to think strategically and creatively, and tap into groups of people who fit the bill of your ideal clients.

Be a sought-after expert

Being classy is essential if you’re going to translate other people’s audiences into becoming your new paying clients AND be invited back. To do this well, we need to strike a balance between being respectful and trustworthy, and letting people know what the next step is, to work together.

Maximise your opportunities

Learn how to make the most out of your opportunities, reuse, reduce, and recycle your efforts, and ensure that they’re not a flash in the pan, but another brick in the wall towards building your professional reputation.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Looking at the lifecycle of your ideal client group and pinpointing opportunities to meet your ideal clients, at three different parts of the customer journey.
  • The art of the humble brag – how to share that you’re shit hot, without sounding like a dull braggard.
  • Weaving in stories, style, humour and quirk, to ensure that you’re memorable.
  • Essential etiquette to being a good guest, so you’re not ruining your reputation, but instead you’re invited back (for years and years).
  • How to maximise unpaid guest speaking opportunities so they translate into email subscribers, social media followers, new paying clients, and more.
  • How to make the most out of all opportunities, so they translate into tangible benefits for your business and professional reputation.
  • How to pitch organisations for paid guest speaking, training, coaching and facilitation.

Imagine getting paid to grow your audience and generate qualified leads?

I cannot recommend Brook and her questioning mind, empathetic heart and contagious enthusiasm highly enough.

Di Challenor – Whistle Communications

Brook is refreshingly direct, approachable and totally the real deal.

Janie Rose – Petal & Rose

Brook is inspiring, a great source of expertise and encouraging – she makes the hard stuff seem more tangible and achievable.

 Loane Avenell

Brook is a very experienced, engaging and passionate presenter, with an eye for detail.

Emily May

Brook McCarthy
Your Intrepid Guide, Business Coach & Digital Marketing Trainer

Hi! I’m Brook McCarthy.

I’m head trainer and business coach here at Hustle & Heart.

I started my business in 2008, as a digital marketing agency. In 2011, I started teaching and training. I ran courses around Australia for years, and launched my first online course (on email marketing) in 2012.

Since then, I’ve launched dozens of courses (live and on-demand), group programs, and memberships. I’ve sold low-ticket, mid-range, high-ticket and even pay-what-you-like!

I’ve also developed and delivered online courses and trainings on behalf of institutes such as Academy XI, Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, Australian Catholic University, General Assembly, Swinburne University, Mindzallera (Malaysia) and the National Association for the Visual Arts.

I’m going to lead you through the exact methods and techniques that I’ve used myself, as well as supporting hundreds of business owners, with their own online courses, programs and memberships. My approach is lean, agile, and client-centred.

Which means NO PhDs on the topic, NO spending a small fortune on ads and high-tech funnels, and NO overthinking it. (Perfectionism is not something to humble-brag about.)

Who is this for?

We specialise in values-based service businesses. Our clients tend to be consultants, coaches, teachers, health professionals, therapists, creatives.

Most of our clients are online business owners, though some have staff and bricks-and-mortar businesses. All are keen on no-fluff, no-hype, highly practical and actionable education that doesn’t treat you like a fool.

Why are you the right person to help me?

I’ve been self employed since 2008 and have 12+ years experience in training and coaching. I launched my first online course in 2012, and have since launched and sold all kinds of different online courses, paid live trainings, premium programs, masterminds, launch ‘n learns, for audiences large and small. I’ve also worked as a professional trainer, developing training courses on behalf of institutions such as General Assembly, Academy XI, Swinburne University, and ACU, among others.

Finally, I’ve worked hand-in-glove with countless small business owners, helping them get their own online courses, programs and memberships off the ground.

In other words, I’ve walked the path before you and been in the trenches with innumerable owners just like you.

Are these paid guest speaking gigs or unpaid "opportunities"?

This masterclass covers both paid and unpaid opportunities, including how to ask and negotiate for payment, and your own personal decision making matrix for accepting or declining unpaid opportunities.

Whether unpaid or paid, we look at how to make the most out of your opportunities.


What do I get exactly?

A highly valuable, hugely practical training and discussion on how to use guest speaking, training and presenting to build your reputation, grow your expertise, generate qualified leads, and gain new paying clients. What is not to love?

You’ll also get resources and recordings, to keep for as long as this course exists.


Where is this course?

This is a online training masterclass. The recordings and other assets will be stored in our online course portal, which you’ll be given access to afterwards