Business coaching for small business owners

Brook McCarthyHi! I’m Brook. I’m a business coach and digital marketing trainer with 15 years’ experience in digital communications, who works closely with sole traders, the self-employed, and small business owners.

I help you to better define their difference and grow your professional reputation, so you can attract (far) more ideal clients.

Is this you?

You've been self-employed for at least 18 months in a services business (you don't sell goods)

You get word-of-mouth referrals, but business is neither steady nor predictable

You have plenty of ideas but have trouble discerning the great ones from the rest

You’ve been told your business is different but you struggle to explain this, simply and compellingly

You're already marketing regularly, but know you could get better

You value an expert opinion to move your business forward from someone who has extensive, real-world experience and isn't a career coach

You want someone unafraid of difficult conversation, who honestly wants to move your business forward, not just tell you that everything is wonderful

It’s time.

You’re fiercely independent and derive great satisfaction from crafting your own living, on your own terms, using your own smarts.

Self-employment ain’t easy. I salute you. As a business owner for eleven years now, believe me when I say I know how you feel.

I’ve met countless extremely talented people who are truly gifted at what they do, with clients who adore them, but still, they struggle to earn good money and feel tired, worn down and perhaps a little over it. They often believe that they need to figure everything out by themselves.

That is simply not true.

Business coaches are only good for two things

There are just two things that business coaches are good for – blind spots and short-cuts.

Our blind spots can cost us a lot of money. And the worst part? We’re oblivious. You don’t know what you don’t know. And your assumptions, beliefs and socialisation can oftentimes end up costing you a lot of money, not to mention peace-of-mind. A new approach, attitude, self-belief or perspective can sometimes inspire a massive leap forward.

Short-cuts save you time, money and heartache. You can waste a lot of time and money pursuing the wrong tactic or strategy.

Now I’m playing the long game in business and I suspect you are too. I’d far rather treat people well and trust that it’s coming back to me, than make a fast buck. But that doesn’t mean we’ll refuse a smart short-cut, right?

I decided to engage Brook as my business coach because I’d worked with her before and I knew she knew her stuff and I wanted someone ‘in the know’ to support me during my first online course launch. Brook helped me in those pivotal days to focus on the key tasks that were essential, not only to the smooth running of the course, but reaching the people who would be most likely to benefit and would purchase. She was, variously, my teacher, trainer, cheer-squad, confidant, accountability coach, and business manager and it made the whole experience that much more easy. Brook is a great combination of supportive, plain speaking, encouraging, and firm when required. Lauren Tober

Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Teacher

I needed help to restart my business marketing because I didn’t have enough clients. I find Brook’s clarity really helpful. She challenges a lot of my assumptions and gets me out of my comfort zone.
The process of working together is excellent. I’ve had a huge amount of practical advice on everything from putting together proposals to writing for my audience. Since coaching, I’ve made changes to my website, started blogging, changed where and how I work, and been far more productive. Brook’s advice on improving SEO led to a new client finding me only through my website for the first time ever! Brook cheered me on as I prepared my proposal and I landed a big new contract. I feel far more confident in my business and where I’m headed since coaching. Catherine O’Dwyer

Laboratory Accreditation Expert

I decided to engage Brook as my business coach because I needed an objective, credible second opinion to verify my business decisions and Brook has the holy grail combo of no-nonsense business first, with a marketing lens. The process of one-to-one coaching with Brook was fabulous. Her tough questions that were all relevant and useful and she was accommodating when life and business got in the way.

Since working with Brook, I’ve taken big action in two key target areas that I identified when we started working together. I took a big step to invest financially in the business, in both systems and people. Our entire marketing is set up and automated now, so I’m less reliant on personal strengths and time constraints. We have a brand new beautiful website, thanks to Brook and her team. And I’ve engaged a social media person too, to generate credibility-boosting numbers and activity in social media.

Coaching with Brook has renewed my faith in my own decision making compass. The launch of three unique product lines has been far more scalable and less reliant on my personal contacts and my personal hours. Our second corporate event made a profit and received incredible feedback. And our brand is positioned to best capture the audience we want to sell to.

I’d happily recommend Brook’s business coaching. Cath Nolan

Managing Director, Gender Gap Gone

I’ve been told that I’m not a typical business coach

I’ve been working in small businesses my entire career. The steepest learning curve of my life was working in south-east Asia for two years as a small group tour leader. In this crazy busy job, I honed my interpersonal skills, quickly gaining people’s trust, bonding a group of diverse, intercultural individuals in a variety of unpredictable and sometimes stressful situations, and learnt to make quick, and sometimes difficult, decisions without missing a beat.

Prior to starting my business in 2008, I worked in Public Relations, which is where I first started in online communications. When managing the website of a large multinational corporation, we consistently blew our best-ever month-on-month results so much so that the Head of Communications in Sweden flew me over to find out exactly what I was doing. It was easily explained – I was simply writing more interesting, newsworthy articles in a respectful, intelligent tone-of-voice that people actually wanted to read.

In 2008, I struck out on my own and, within three months of commencing, had six retainer clients and was earning the same as in my former PR agency role. Since then, I’ve work with hundreds of sole traders, business owners and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, on how to sharpen their strategy, tighten their focus, magnify their reach and grow their business.

I’ve been told I’m not a typical business coach. I’ve been told I’m more like a marketing consultant, business advisor, or reputation strategist, than a “normal” business coach.

I’m highly practical, with real-world, up-to-date digital marketing experience. I’m also opinionated. That means you won’t get the same-old out-of-the-box solutions that every book/blog/webinar regurgitates and I won’t waste your time with broad recommendations that you’d find in any business book.

I want to help you build something that will endure – which means sustainable marketing and a solid business model that works to your strengths.

I don’t know whether to love or hate you. You keep inspiring me to do more and more. Your ideas and insights have been invaluable and, thanks to our collaboration, my business has taken on a exciting new direction. Even though you are keeping me very busy, I wouldn’t change a thing! Thank you Brook! Andi

Yoga Studio Owner

So often as yoga teachers, our hearts and heads are full of yoga. We fall into running our own businesses but there are so many crucial skills we need that we just don’t know about.

After seven years of relying on word-of-mouth to keep my yoga business ticking along, I’m now seeing obvious positive changes having worked with Brook.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her public courses and coaching. Mitch Gibson

Yoga Studio Owner

Together, we can cover:

Business by design

Businesses often grows organically in a direction that doesn’t really work for the business owner. We’ll dig into your strengths, challenges, lifestyle and bigger vision, to help craft a perfect-for-you business by design.

Uncover your ideal client

Knowing exactly who is perfect for your business makes it all so much easier! Your ideal client is ready for what you offer, gains the most out of it, and is the most enthusiastic, making them a joy to work with.

Know your strengths

We’ll dive deep into your particular stories, talents, experiences and expertise in order to play to your strengths, better define your point of difference and know how to work in a way which works with your innate strengths, not against them.

Define your difference

Crafting your business story not only helps differentiate you from your competitors, it will attract your ideal client, and it’s FUN!

Profits and pricing

Clarity around profit means you make empowered decisions and can price your offerings accordingly.

Designing and refining your seductive offerings

Transform your offerings so they speak directly to the wants and desires of your ideal clients while serving their specific needs.

Compelling communications

Writing is one of the essential skills of any business owner. We’ll carefully comb through every word on your website and key communications to ensure that they connect with your people in an authentic and effective manner.

Authentic marketing

Effective marketing communications and strategy that resonates with you and your business, not copies what everyone else is doing.

List growth

Most everybody wants to know how to build their list! Regardless of where your list is at, we’ll work through effective strategies to build your list and keep them engaged and enthused about your offerings so that marketing becomes so much easier.

Devilish digital details

Together, we’ll go through your digital footprint, from your website, to your email onboarding process, social media channels, e-commerce flow, advertising and internal communications, to ensure that every little detail reflects your business value while cultivating relationships and converting strangers into clients.
I engaged Brook because I wanted to build the foundation for my future and make a full-time living out of yoga. I’d met Brook in person and resonated with her sense of humour. I also loved reading her blog. Working with Brook has been fast-moving, yet I’ve felt safe and motivated the entire time. She picked up on my situations very quickly and gave me the necessary mindset and encouragement to not doubt myself so much.
Since working with Brook, I wrote The Clean Yogi book and invited international yogis like Amy Ippoliti, Tiffany Cruickshank and others to contribute. I’ve taught at various festivals around Australia, including Evolve and Wanderlust. I spent almost three months in Fiji offering retreats and teaching yoga in 2014, and I stayed grounded and focused – most of the time – even being involved in so many massive things.
Brook taught me how to be more bold and direct in my communications with my clients and collaborators and to see the things as they are, without feeling so personally affected. It felt safe to express my fears, struggles and to be honest, because you created the space for it and you were too. The sessions were intense, focused and always left me with a juicy heap of inspiration and motivation. I felt strong and totally on the right path. Alexa Nehter

Yoga Teacher

Essential information & investment

  • I only take on clients for this one-to-one coaching package who have been in business for at least 18 months, in a professional services business. This is not meant to be discriminatory but simply because there are more suitable options for you if you aren’t yet in this position! My Hustle & Heart group program includes one-to-one coaching and is suitable for all types of business owners, from not-yet-launched to old-hands who are keen to earn more while working less. If you’re new to business, I recommend you sign up for my free Non-Planner’s Business Plan.
  • One-to-one coaching is a minimum commitment of 10 sessions with the option to continue month-to-month beyond that. These can be taken on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
  • Sessions are conducted online; should you live in Sydney, you may choose to have our first session together face-to-face at a mutually-agreeable location.
  • Our first session together is 90-120 minutes as we attempt to empty your head into mine. We review where you’re at and where you want to be, and nail key goals you have for your business coaching.
  • The following nine sessions are 60 minutes each.
  • You’ll receive recordings of all our sessions together with 24 hours of our call.
  • Together, we develop your Action Plan. This is a collaborative, online document that ensures you’ll always know what you’re doing, what to prioritise, and (most importantly) what you don’t have to worry about.
  • Email me in between our sessions for those freak-outs/epiphanies, clarifying questions or “help please” requests for further information.
  • My little black book of trusted industry experts (invaluable!). Need a copywriter, website designer, SEO nerd, photographer, videographer, PR person or extraordinary organising-type person? I know just the guy (and no, I didn’t find them on Fiverr or through a quick Google search, and I don’t recommend you do this either!).
  • Supporting information, templates and exercises that I’ve developed, which have been tried and tested in large and small training groups and with my clients.
  • A 10% discount to my flagship group coaching program, Hustle & Heart, to be used within two years of commencing coaching with me.

$3980 upfront, or five monthly payments of $850 via your credit card.

This could be perfect for you if:

  • You’ve been busy with work and new clients, possibly even a little frantic.
  • You want to whip things into streamlined, super-organised, optimised-and-radicalised shape.
  • You’re not afraid of hard work but you want to see results, dammit!
  • You want your brand to be a far more accurate and powerful reflection of your business.
  • You appreciate that the most effective businesses are always experimenting, testing and refining and the most successful business owners aren’t afraid of taking chances.

This isn’t for you if:

  • You’re looking to for a secret formula to grow your business quickly, without any additional effort on your part.
  • You’re looking to give away responsibility for your business failures and successes.
  • You just want more leads; you’re not interested in building your professional reputation and enhancing your credibility through sharing your expertise and point-of-view.
  • You already have a plan and know what you need to do, but need help to motivate yourself.
  • You aren’t willing or able to dedicate at least two extra hours a week, on top of your normal work, to put plans into action outside of our sessions.

Ready to talk?

If you’re read this page, know what’s involved and are keen to do business coaching with me, then schedule yourself in for a 15 minute chat so we can see if we’re suited to each other.
After you pick your time, you’ll be directed to fill out a form so that I can learn a little more about you and your business.

Have a question not answered here? Send me an email.