Is your small business marketing not as powerful as it could be?


Need to increase the number of leads into your business?


Want to out-rank your competition on Google?


Ready to position yourself and your business as an
authority, leader and expert in your field?


Blogging + Social Media Marketing = Your online effect, magnified


Join us at Blogging for Business & Social Media Savvy courses in:

Melbourne (South Yarra): June 1 & 2
Perth (venue TBC): October 19 & 20
Brisbane (city): November 16 & 17
Sydney (Wynyard): November 22 & 23

Blogging for Business and Social Media Savvy are a dynamic duo of courses designed to pack a one-two punch. Especially crafted for small business owners who work in professional services.

With or without a big marketing budget for advertising and public relations, blogging and social media marketing as the best darn effective techniques for digital marketing today. And that’s especially so if you’re a small business owner or sole trader.

No more working weekends!

With Brook McCarthy,
digital marketing trainer
& business coach

People expect way more information from businesses than ever before. Blogging for business enables your business to be found by new people, and to educate your prospects on why they need what you’re selling, and what makes you different from your competitors.

Google’s most recent algorithm updates preferences fresh, new, relevant and quality content. Old SEO tricks just don’t work anymore – regular, strategic, focused business blogging is the best way to ensure your website ranks on Google. Google’s customers are people – who are right now searching for help with the very problem that your business solves.

So where does your website rank?

Blogging for Business course covers:

  • Determining the hot topics and burning questions that your prospects are searching for right now so that you can answer their questions and spark inquires.
  • How to ensure your website ranks for the most profitable key phrases that your prospects are using.
  • How to fuel your creativity to help make writing a joy, not a chore (a highly useful business and marketing skill!)
  • How to establish and grow your professional reputation using your business blog
  • Connecting the dots between where your prospective clients are in their customer journey, so that you can ask for the sale without coming across like a cabaret singer jumping out of a giant birthday cake (surprise!!!!).
  • The secret to creating anticipation, intrigue and desire, even when you’re feeling as inspired as cold toast.
  • Quick editing tips which anyone can use to turn ‘meh’ to ‘wow!’
  • Headlines and hooks that make clicking (or opening) inevitable.
  • An insider’s look at my actual writing process, step-by-step (feel free to steal!).
  • Building your email list through your business blogging.
  • How to expand your network and publicise your business, naturally and easily.

Social media Savvy course covers:

  • Instagram marketing
  • Facebook organic marketing
  • Paid Facebook advertising (beyond the boosted post)
  • Live video marketing
  • Basic graphic design for crafting social media updates
  • The hows, whys, whens and whats of social media – and especially, how much is enough
  • How to break through the clutter and stop the scroll, crafting posts and updates with impact
  • How to make your business point-of-difference and unique value clear, without getting all self-consciously stiff-under-the-collar.
  • The hallmarks of a shareable post
  • How to migrate social media followers into email subscribers
  • Storylines and ideas to use in your e-newsletters, websites, blogs, articles, and social media.
  • How to apply laser-like focus to your online time so you aren’t wasting hours (and avoiding photos of your ex-husband’s new wife’s daughter’s wedding)
  • Social media scheduling and other short-cuts to save time, so you can promote your business without getting sucked into the Facebook-time-space-vortex.

We’ll also explore:

  • How to build your professional profile, grow your brand and expand your reach and reputation.
  • How to find free, copyright-free photography to use in your website, blog and social media channels.
  • How to use social media to meet key people of influence and other stakeholders in your industry.
  • How to grow your email list, through blogging and social media marketing.
  • How often is effective and just enough, so you’re not bombarding people but using social media smartly and effectively.
  • How to enjoy all this (because life’s short).

These two courses can be done separately, or together. (And yes, there’s a discount for booking both!)

Highly-practical, no-fluff courses

Nobody’s got time for fluff. All information I share is completely up-to-date – every single time I’ve run these courses over the last six years, I’ve updated them – that’s how quickly things move in online marketing.

But I’m also not discussing hype-filled techniques that will be valid for two minutes. Every technique discussed has been personally road-tested, not only by myself in my business, but also by my clients in their businesses.

Caroline Giles“I felt like I knew Brook before I walked in the door – that’s how effective her writing and marketing is. This course gave me a head full of new and different ways to get my unique message out there. My first blog post after the course had my largest reach and response ever! I wish the day was longer.”

Caroline Giles, Experience Yoga

Jo Jarvis“Brook’s course gave me surprisingly more insight, confidence, tips, and ideas than I could’ve thought possible in one day, especially as this was a new world to me.
There was plenty discussed about business that went beyond blogging.
Anyone – new or experienced in small business – can learn this. Get in there!”

Johanna Jarvis, ABC Radio

Richard Woodward“Brook’s course on Blogging for Business was a really worthwhile investment of
time and money. The day was practical, fast paced and delivered lots of ideas
that I could apply immediately. I recommend it!”

Richard Woodward, Business Development That Works

These courses will be perfect for you if:

  • You need to increase the number of qualified leads into your business.
  • You’re keen to use creativity and boldness to help your business stand out from the crowd.
  • You’re sick of go-nowhere conversations with prospects who ask a million questions but don’t buy.
  • You want to build your professional reputation and increase the exposure of your business but don’t have a big marketing budget.
  • You’re not scared of sharing your opinions but want to make sure you’re being savvy and not unprofessional.
  • You don’t have time for fluff and want to learn from a seasoned professional, not a professional trainer with next-to-no real world experience.
  • You’re ready to grow your business.

These courses aren’t suitable for you if:

  • You’re scared of technology and a bit of a luddite.
  • You’re a social media skeptic.
  • You’re a complete beginner to business and digital marketing.
  • You want someone else to do the work (in which case, you want to hire a marketing consultant, copy writer or social media community manager. Contact me if that’s the case and I’ll give you a recommendation.)

Common questions


“Who comes to these courses?”

We typically see lots of people from the health and creative sectors, including yoga and Pilates teachers, psychologists and therapists, copy writers, photographers and graphic designers, trainers, speakers, coaches and consultants. We also get the occasional marketing professional who’s seeking a jolt of inspiration and no excuse to not dive in! Most course attendees are either sole traders or small business owners.

“I can’t write. Is there hope for me?”

Strike “I can’t write” from your brain. I’ll show you the quickest and most effective brainstorming and writing techniques known to humanity. And let’s remember, we’re blogging for business. We’re not writing The Catcher in the Rye. There’s a tried-and-tested formula, which can be taught. Your ideas are far more important than your technique.

“Will you show me how to set up a business blog?”

No, we’re assuming you already have a website and blog set up and running. However, we will be talking about the pros and cons of different blogging platforms, so if you don’t yet have a business blog, you’ll gain invaluable insights to get started the right way.

“Can’t I just skip blogging and focus on social media instead?”

Facebook and other social media sites have been called ‘micro blogging’ sites but, unlike social media channels, your business blog is entirely owned by you and within your control. Only doing social media marketing is highly risky. As Facebook shows, it’s easy to invest considerable time into a social media platform, only to have it change into a paying platform, effectively cutting off your access to your hard-won fans. Blogging for business will also help make your social media marketing far easier, more focused and strategic.

“Will this course improve my writing?”

Yes indeed. Everyone writes every day. As a business owner, you write emails, social media posts, instructions, mass emails for marketing, website copy, marketing copy and so much more. This course teaches the fundamentals of what makes writing interesting, provocative and compelling so that your ideal client is inspired to action.

“I don’t have a lot of time. Will you teach me how to write quickly?”

Yessir. In the last 12 years that I’ve been working in digital communications and the last nine years of self-employment, I’ve learnt plenty of short-cuts for how to brainstorm and write quickly.

Your business blog doesn’t take any more time than what you’re currently spending on social media or answering queries from potential clients and should significantly reduce your need to respond to customer service inquiries as well as prospect calls. All my clients are small business owners so I know you don’t have a lot of time, or a large team to delegate to.

“Will I be put on the spot, forced to share my writing at the front of the room?”

No way! This is not a real life nightmare hangover from school. Nobody will be reading from the front of the room except me. You will, however, have ample opportunity to get feedback on your writing and editing, but this isn’t mandatory.

“Will you teach me how to monetise my blog?”

No. This course assumes you already have a business, with services or goods for sale. I teach people how to use business blogging as a marketing technique, to build your authority, inspire trust, enhance credibility, improve your website ranking, increase your brand visibility and, ultimately, sell more effectively. There are plenty of courses that teach you how to monetise your blog but this is a different business model from what I teach.

“Will blogging help my search engine ranking?”

You better believe it. Strategic and smart blogging for business is a great method to increase your search engine ranking, and I’ll show you how. Not only will we explore how to find out what your prospects are already searching for, but I’ll show you how to enhance your ranking after your post is published by making it irresistible to others who want to link to it.

About the presenter, Brook McCarthy

Brook McCarthy blogging for businessI’m Brook McCarthy. I’ve been blogging for clients, from large multi-nationals to small businesses since 2005, and working for myself since 2008. My specialty is the health and creative sectors, but I’ve also enjoyed a stint as editor of the Australian Builders’ Association magazine, and know far more about whitegoods than I care to admit.

Since 2012, I’ve run face-to-face courses on digital marketing for business owners around Australia. Course participants come away feeling inspired and empowered with the knowledge, tools and attitude to combine creativity with smart business strategy. Digital marketing is particularly accessible for small businesses without large marketing budgets, to be creative, to define their difference in the market, and to reach far more people with low- or no-cost tech tools and tactics. See more about my writing here, or check out my business blogs here and here.

Upcoming courses

Melbourne (South Yarra)Blogging for Business: Thursday June 1.
Melbourne (South Yarra) Social Media Savvy: Friday June 2.

Perth (venue TBC) Blogging for Business: Thursday October 19.
Perth (venue TBC) Social Media Savvy: Friday October 20.

Brisbane (Queen Street, city) Blogging for Business: Thursday November 16.
Brisbane (Queen Street, city) Social Media Savvy: Friday November 17.

Sydney (Wynyard) Blogging for Business: Wednesday November 22.
Sydney (Wynyard) Social Media Savvy: Thursday November 23.

Time: 10am-5pm.

These courses are also sold separately. Click here to view and book just Blogging for Business. Click here to view and book just Social Media Savvy. To encourage you to come to both courses, there’s a discounted price.

Cost: Both courses (two days) $770. Or, book and pay at least one month before each course to claim the early bird price of $620.

Numbers are strictly limited to ensure that this course is personal, highly interactive, and as valuable as possible. All course materials included, homework preparatory task and follow-up, and all our courses are fully catered.

Emily Becher“I could read Brook’s personality in her writing and got the feeling that she would deliver the information in a way that I could enjoy, relate to and really benefit from.

The day was fantastic. Brook’s teaching pace was perfect, class participation was encouraged but I never felt like I was put on the spot so there was no anxiety. Brook’s knowledge on the topics covered was amazing and up-to-date with current trends.

Throughout the day, Brook was put on the spot with questions specific to different people’s businesses and she’d quickly come up with a new approach to use for each scenario.

I realised I do have interesting things to write about that will intrigue my audience. Blogging is essential for a small business like mine. I still have so much more to implement from the course but even after the first few blogs I’ve written since, I’ve had many people contact me personally and tell me they really enjoyed reading them. It’s reignited my writing passion.”

Emily Becher, Emily Becher Jewellery

Milly Dabrowski“Our business blog has been flailing for some time and no-one in the business was confident to do it. I had a friend who did Brook’s Blogging for Business course who spoke very highly of it. I could also see the changes my friend began implementing straight after.

I also liked the voice behind the business – Brook’s marketing feels real and approachable as well as knowledgeable and experienced. She was all of those things in reality, as well as a great teacher and entertaining too!

Since the course, I feel savvy – it’s suddenly become a whole lot easier. The course was inspiring, tightly presented and full of useful and unique insights and information I hadn’t previously come across. We came away feeling inspired and have reworked our business tasks across the management group to give the business blog a far higher priority. Now that we’ve got so many headlines and topic ideas to work with, writing feels far easier.”

Milly Dabrowski, Fertile Ground Health Group Co-Director

Kelli Howard“I got so much more than I expected from this course! Inspiration to write, to be daring, insight into exactly who I wanted to attract to my business, and contacts to help me beyond the course. This course blew my mind and has me excited about the future of my business.”

Kelli Howard Yoga & Massage

Shakti Burke“I just saved myself about five years of fluffing around on the web by attending Brook’s two-day intensive marketing & blogging workshop. Hallelujah!

Already I feel more confident online and am opening to possibilities I hadn’t imagined. Excited, a little overwhelmed, and will be taking it one day at a time.

Thanks Brook.”

Shakti Burke, Joyful Mind

John Wilson“What a great day! I gained a lot of knowledge and I now feel much more confident in marketing my business through social media. Thank you Brook for a very well-organised and professionally presented course. I highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in gaining market share through social media marketing.”

John Wilson, Peninsula Yoga Central Coast

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