Turn ‘to do’ to done.

You know that thing you really want to launch?
It’s time.

Ready to launch an online course?

Want to create a new program, or package your services into a leveraged product?

When people come to me, they’re usually struggling to find a way to get their great work out of their heads and into the world. They’re busy, and when it comes to creating and launching a new offering, it’s all too easy to let it slide.

Launching your new offering seems too big, too hard, too confusing. With so many things to think about, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and get stuck there.

From idea to launch

Since starting my business is 2008, I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners and heard so many people tell me “I’m overwhelmed. I don’t know where to start.”

So I’ve created Roadmap to Launch, to get you from ‘to do’ to done.

Because I know exactly how frustrating it feels to desperately want to get something out into the world and have it squatting in your brain, sapping your energy and preoccupying you with what you should be doing.

Through my business coaching, training and mentoring, I’ve equipped and empowered hundreds of business owners over the last 11 years, to launch their new offering into the world.

I’ve mentored, trained and assisted countless business owners to write and execute their marketing plan, set up their social media promotions, create sales pages and send sales emails, and weave magnetic stories that work to attract perfect-fit prospects into becoming new paying clients.

Your marketing roadmap

Direction & Clarity

Roadmap to Launch is your marketing roadmap to give you the direction, clarity and simplicity to untangle the web, turn up the volume on your message, and launch your marketing campaign to take your new offering into the world.


I want you to feel confident with a clear direction to turn dreams into your new reality, so I’ve created Roadmap to Launch to get your new offering into the hands of the right people who will grow your bank account and build your reputation, not just today, but into the future.


Roadmap to Launch is a complete and systematic way to market your new offering while building your business brand at the same time.

Perhaps even more important than a brand marketing plan, Roadmap to Launch enables you to launch your marketing campaign roadmap to enable you to sell – with clarity, conviction and confidence.

Fast track your dreams

Roadmap to Launch will take that dream that you’ve sat on (for weeks? Months? Years?) and turn it into reality.

It will support you to turn up the volume on your marketing, so that it reaches the right, perfect-fit people who most need it.

Your marketing roadmap,
from overwhelm to clear
… and launched

Who am I?

I’m Brook McCarthy.

I’m a digital marketing trainer and business coach with 15 years’ experience in online communications. I’ve been self-employed for 11 years now, working with self-employed people just like yourself, to define their point of difference and market their business. I’ve run digital marketing courses across Australia, from Perth to Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne, Byron and beyond, training hundreds of small business owners in digital marketing, Public Relations and values-based business.

I’ve been a trainer on behalf of the National Association for Visual Arts (NAVA), Australia Post, Creative Plus Business and Sydney Community College, and taught countless soon-to-be-self-employed people at vocational training colleges around Australia.

‘Roadmap to Launch’ covers:

What are you offering – and where does it end?

It’s easy to let your new ‘thing’ balloon into something unwieldy and unmanageable. We look at the parametres of what you’re doing: who it’s for exactly, what specific problems it seeks to solve, what’s included (and what’s not), and how to calculate its value, to make pricing easy.

Price it in 20 minutes (or less)

Pricing can be paralysing, and may keep you procrastinating forever. So let’s make it easy. You’ll be amazed at how quick and painless pricing can be with this invaluable exercise.

Naming with impact

What’s in a name? Everything! Let me show you how to pick a name that has stamina and acts like a magnet to draw those perfect-fit clients to you.

Defining and finding your Ideal Client

Knowing exactly who your Ideal Client is really is genius. Let me show you how to identify them and know them better than your own mother (sorry Mum) – because demographics simply aren’t enough. Knowing your Ideal Client makes your marketing so much more powerful and far easier to create.

Writing your sales page

I’ve taught hundreds of people how to write sales pages that convert with this straightforward process, applying the work you’ve already done, to combine credibility with confidence that goes cha-ching!

Storytelling to sell

This invaluable exercise shows you how to quickly and easily create content to connect with the hearts and minds of your prospects. Stories that sell create rapport with strangers and reach through screens to pluck the heartstrings of people. Use this exercise to build your professional reputation, establish or grow your business blog, and get found on Google.

Launch timing and marketing schedule

What do you do, when, and why? Let’s get dates in the diary, so you’ve got a clear marketing schedule to keep you on track, focused and fired up for your soon-to-be successful launch. Let’s go!

What’s in ‘Roadmap to Launch’, exactly? 

9 exercises

1) Foundations
2) What’s in a name?
3) Price it in 20 minutes (or less)
4) Defining your ideal client
5) Where to go to find out more about your ideal client
6) Writing your sales page
7) Storytelling to sell
8) Launch timing
9) Launch marketing schedule



Developing trust and rapport with regular marketing
8 videos

1) What are you selling?

2) Knowing your Ideal Client is genius

3) Writing your sales page

4) Why it’s important to start with a preliminary sales page

5) Collaborating with your community

6) Launch timing

7) How to promote your work

8) Developing rapport and trust

Act now

Isn’t it time you turned that dream about your new offering into reality? Let me show you how to launch your great work into the world, quickly and powerfully. Set yourself a deadline and make your money back on this course, 10 times over.

Price: $97 AUD

Access: All info immediately.