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Business Coach Brook McCarthy

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I’m glad to hear that you’re over entrepreneurial money and ready to make (considerably) more! It’s oh so satisfying making a living from your own sweat and smarts AND I believe we should be paid MORE, not less, for this.

After all, it’s not without it’s challenges, right?

What’s in the blueprint

In this FREE instant-access download, you’ll hear:

  • The six key elements to earning consistent $10K+ months
  • The five biggest myths about growth that are keeping you stuck and frustrated (including exactly why you will work fewer hours when you earn more)
  • Our unique approach that combines technical skills with psychology, so you can be your biggest support and cheerleader.

"I cannot recommend highly enough Brook and her questioning mind, empathetic heart and contagious enthusiasm. Grab this woman's genius while you can!"

Di Challenor

Whistle Communications

"Brook is great at balancing the strategic and the tactical and the necessary and the aspirational, helping founders figure out where they can have the greatest impact with their efforts."

Tom Dawkins


"Brook is direct, knowledgeable, passionate, enthusiastic and very generous."

Bettina Pfannkuch

The Art of Balance

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