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Consistent $10K+ months is happening live, online, via Zoom, on Friday June 28 at 12pm

Brook McCarthy

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“I decided to engage Brook as my business coach because I wanted someone ‘in the know’ to support me during my first online course launch. Brook was, variously, my teacher, trainer, cheer squad, confidant, accountability coach, and business manager and it made the whole experience that much easier. Brook is a great combination of supportive, plain speaking, encouraging, and firm when required.”

Lauren Tober

Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Teacher

“Since working with Brook, I’ve increased my revenue and profits while reducing my hours, and am on track to hit my financial goals this year. I loved Brook’s view that we dictate how we run our business, we set our days to suit us, and we don’t have to follow anyone else’s agenda – that is priceless. Thanks again so much, Brook. You’ve changed my life. I’m mega grateful.”

Holly Shoebridge

Owner, Oceans Accounting & Advisory

“Coaching with Brook has helped me notice and seize opportunities, focus on only the most important things, anticipate problems before they occur, and prioritise my wellbeing. She gives me invaluable feedback on changes I’m considering, and her different perspective enables me to see blind spots that could otherwise become a problem.”

Josh Fritz

Patch Agency

Earnings disclaimer

Please note that by attending this on-demand video training doesn’t give ANY guarantee that you will earn $10K-$20K per month, consistently. In fact, most people won’t on their first try … some maybe never.


The reasons? Many things. It could be a combination of the inability to execute, a lack of planning or refusal to stay focused on the path, an unwillingness to spend enough time and money finessing what they’ve built, bad offers that they’re unwilling to let go of.


Results are not typical. There’s a reason that a small percentage of people own successful businesses and hit amazing revenue goals – because it takes time, work, some money, focus, persistence, open-mindedness, and emotional resilience.


This free training is not a shiny object, a magic bullet, a secret sauce, an infallible formula, or anything that remotely resembles magic or getting rich quick. I’m sharing what I know to work – what I’ve tested with many other business owners – but it’s 100% up to you to do the work, and 100% up to the market to decide.