Are you ready to amp up your courage and create your own opportunities – without waiting?

Brook McCarthy business coach
Brook McCarthy presents:
Life's a Pitch!

Let’s be honest:
the person who succeeds in business isn’t necessarily the best, the most qualified, or the most experienced.

It’s the person who gets over themself and ASKS for what they want.

The Life’s a Pitch challenge leads you to:

    • Get clear on WHAT you’re looking for
    • Figure out WHO to pitch to and WHY
    • Know exactly WHAT to say (seriously, copy-paste and you’re doneskis)
    • Understand HOW to introduce yourself to strangers so that you don’t sound like a sweaty doofus and can build your network with fabulous collaborators, new business buddies, and worth-their-weight-in-gold referral partners
    • Land dream clients QUICKLY, without complicated marketing
    • Pitch scripts for a variety of purposes, from publicity and collaborations, to work, testimonials, and other opportunities.
    • AND, know how to do this in a way which feels natural and effortless.

    This is especially for you if:

    • You’re done with waiting 
    • Done with putting out endless marketing that doesn’t bring consistent (enough) leads and sales
    • Done with waiting to be recognised as the expert that you are
    • Done with waiting for the media to find you
    • Done with waiting to be chosen
    • And you’re ready to amp up your courage – and create your own opportunities. Like, now.

    Courage is contagious


    This is a group challenge because courageous is contagious.  I know you don’t want to be one of “those people” who come on too fast, too strong, all wrong. You want to sound natural and normal and talk to people who are your people. Great! Me too.

    There is a way to sound like a normal (read: awesome) individual, and not a graspy weirdo spamming the DMs all day long.


    Brook McCarthy business coach

    G’day, I’m Brook McCarthy

    I’m a business coach and digital marketing trainer with more than 18 years’ experience in professional communications, 10+ years business coaching, and 15+ years as a business owner.

    I work with values-based business owners to equip them to earn (far) more, by building their professional reputation, leveraging their ideas, and magnifying their impact.

    As a marketing trainer, I know the value of marketing and branding.

    Branding is dandy, marketing is sparkling, but the quickest and easiest way to smash your goals? Pitch.

    One short, sharp pitch can change your business overnight.


    It all starts with the audacity of asking.

    This free challenge includes:

    • Five emails over five days, with your downloadable pitch scripts to keep and use, foreverafter, to net you publicity, work, favours, and all the good things in life that you dare to ask for.
    • A private podcast to challenge your thinking, and talk you through all the psychological hurdles (read: weird conditioning crap that isn’t helpful nor constructive) to actually hit ‘send’.
    • A private Facebook community group – should you wish – to amp up the courage contagion.
    • All my coaching tools and tricks to get you to change your attitude to being clear, direct, memorable, and just ASK.

    Leave your details below to be the first to know when the challenge opens!

    "I cannot recommend highly enough Brook and her questioning mind, empathetic heart and contagious enthusiasm. Grab this woman's genius while you can!"

    Di Challenor

    Whistle Communications

    "Brook is great at balancing the strategic and the tactical and the necessary and the aspirational, helping founders figure out where they can have the greatest impact with their efforts."

    Tom Dawkins


    "Brook is direct, knowledgeable, passionate, enthusiastic and very generous."

    Bettina Pfannkuch

    The Art of Balance

    What kinds of business owners is this Free Challenge for?

    We specialise in values-based service businesses. Our clients are organisational consultants, coaches, teachers, health professionals, therapists, creatives.

    Most are online business owners, though some have staff and bricks-and-mortar businesses. All are keen on no-fluff, no-hype, highly practical and actionable education that doesn’t treat you like a fool.

    Where is this happening?

    This is a free online group challenge. The challenge takes place over 5 days and during it i’ll walk you through every step of how to have a successful pitch. Plus, I’ll empower you to follow through and hit ‘send’!

    What if I can't keep up?

    Don’t worry, all the resources will still be available for you online so you can go ahead and complete it anytime. But, it’s great to complete it with a group since courage is contagious! 

    How long will I have access to the materials?

    You’ll have access to the pitch scripts and supporting materials foreverafter. You can use these scripts to nab opportunities for many more years to come.

    Is this free?

    Yes! This is a 100% free challenge. But, if you’d like additional support and mentoring, you can purchase this for a small fee, from the next page, after signing up.

    Why are you the right person to help me?

    It breaks my heart to see values-based business owners holding themselves back because they’re plagued with self-doubt, overthinking, and self-consciousness.

    I’m here to change the trajectory of values-based business, from ‘in service’ to ‘watch me change the world’. I know the power of pitching because I’ve been doing it since I realised, in my 20s, that life was far more fun when I was clear, direct, and asked for what I wanted. Plus, pitching instigates greater courage, confidence, and endless opportunities. Let’s pitch.