Need new clients, ASAP?

So make the pitch, nab the opportunity, get the publicity, win the job

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I know you don’t want to be one of “those people” who come on too fast, too strong, all wrong. You want to sound natural and normal and talk to people who are your humans. Great! Me too.

‘Life’s a Pitch!’ leads you through:

  • Getting clear on WHAT you’re looking for
  • Figuring out WHO to pitch to and WHY
  • Knowing WHAT exactly to say (seriously, copy-paste and you’re doneskis)
  • Seeing HOW to introduce yourself to strangers so that you don’t sound like a douche and can build your network with fabulous collaborators and invaluable referral partners
  • Landing new clients QUICKLY, without complicated marketing or selling your soul
  • Pitch scripts for a variety of purposes, from publicity and collaborations, to work, testimonials, and other opportunities.
  • And, doing so in a way which feels natural and effortless – like talking to a friend.

Courage is contagious!

I know, I know. You’d rather pluck your armpit hairs, file old tax returns, poke your eyes out with a fork. Which is why this is a group challenge – because courage is contagious. Join us to create a great momentum of DOING as fearless business owners stop waiting to be noticed and start asking.


Hi! I’m Brook McCarthy

I’m a business coach and digital marketing trainer with more than 17 years’ experience, and 14 years as a business owner (making me happily unemployable). I equip and empower self-employed people who deliver professional services to earn (far) more, while doing their best work.

Branding is dandy, marketing is sparkling, but the quickest and easiest way to get clients and cash? Pitch.

One short, sharp pitch can change your business overnight. It all starts with the audacity of asking.

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"I cannot recommend highly enough Brook and her questioning mind, empathetic heart and contagious enthusiasm. Grab this woman's genius while you can!"

Di Challenor

Whistle Communications

"Brook has a phenomenal ability to take a vastly complex topic and distill it down to the most pertinent ‘action points’ so it no longer seems so intimidating."


Pete Greenaway

Australian Bureau of Statistics

"Brook not only deeply understands the complex aspects of digital marketing, but is able to communicate them lucidly and with great empathy for her audience."

Nick Jones

Academy Xi

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