Get clear. Get growing.


Momentum is a structured accountability program that’s like having a personal trainer for your sales and marketing

I’m excited that you’re interested in our Momentum accountability program!

You must submit an application because it’s important that I’m the right person, and this is the right group, to move you forward in business, but also to ensure that the group of women in business complement each other, so that we can support and rise together.

Please fill out the below application so that we can assess whether or not the program makes sense for you and your business. After you submit the application, my team and I will be in touch within the next day or two.

Can’t wait to support you,


How long have you been in business for?

Are you clear on what you're offering clients?

Are you doing marketing activities regularly? (Once a day or at least once a week.)

How excited or motivated do you feel about your current work?

How organised would you say you?

7 + 10 =