For Courage & Confidence

Go further with the support of like-minded supporters /
cheerleaders / colleagues and friends with you.

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You have to do the work, but you don’t have to do it alone. This is a safe place to move through all the junk that comes up as we are outside our comfort zone,taking risks, trying new things, and doing the work you’ve always wanted to do, and been procrastinating on.
Get a new perspective on yourself, your opportunities and potential, and the fuel to become ten times more productive – without burning out.

Essential info


  • A kick-off three hour group strategy session on Zoom.
  • A follow up one-to-one coaching call with me to shift through any issues, curly questions, and confirm your commitment to your goals.
  • Select group of business owners, minimum 6, maximum 12 (and Brook).
  • Fortnightly group calls, including the opportunity to be in the ‘hot seat’ for you to get undivided attention on your business conundrums.
  • As-and-when learning materials created (technical instruction demonstrated via Loom).
  • Dedicated Slack channel for conversation, information, further resources.
  • A weekend retreat in Byron or Gold Coast hinterland region (TBC) – October or November (includes all catering, accommodation and workshops; doesn’t include travel and transfers).
  • 20 weeks total (5 months)


  • $395 per fortnight, deducted via credit card automatically.

Applications close Friday, June 15

I’m looking forward to reading your application and (hopefully) getting started! I’ll be in touch after applications close June 15.