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Learn to leverage your expertise, create your expert methodology, and get paid for your ideas, rather than your output.

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How to create a group program that people *actually* want (and how to know this!)

Why it’s common for your first launch to soar, your second launch to be lacklustre, and your third launch to flop – and what to do about it

Why premium group programs are easier to sell than lower-priced courses – and are good for you and good for your participants (win/win) – and yes, you can elevate and repurpose your course into a premium group program

Four key ways that you can get paid to build your audience, raise your visibility and grow your email list while validating your program idea at the same time

How to create a platinum-strong launch mindset! Why crappy thinking can be your biggest enemy and what to do about it

Our recommended, low-cost tech, tools, apps and systems, to make your program profitable (more expensive is not necessarily better).

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Introducing your Leverage mentors, Brook McCarthy & Simon Kelly

About Brook McCarthy

I’m Brook McCarthy. I’m a business coach and trainer with 18 years in digital communications, who’s supported hundreds of business owners over the last 15 years, to design, develop, market, and sell out their premium group programs.
I’ve been running premium (online) group programs for eight years, and have developed and run online and face-to-face training courses on behalf of national and international training organisations, as well as being a guest expert on other people’s group programs.
Simon Kelly

About Simon Kelly

Hi, I’m Simon Kelly, a launch strategist and digital marketing consultant. Over the last 15 years that I’ve been working closely with online business owners, supporting them to scale, launch, and sell-out their group programs, I’ve been lucky enough to have worked closely with some of Australia’s smartest companies, entrepreneurs, and coachesAs well as being “on the (digital) tools”, I’ve also been an expert mastermind coach in other people’s programs, coaching owners to stay calm, confident and in control while rapidly growing their businesses.

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Register your interest in Leverage Mastermind now – and get immediate access your six mini-trainings

“Brook McCarthy is a delight. Sharp, funny, engaging and always getting at the root of what’s important.”

Sonia van de Haar


“You are a great coach and really stand out from the others. You have great knowledge and understanding of marketing for small businesses like mine.”

Mieke Krijgsman

Smart Styling

Brook is a very experienced, engaging and passionate presenter, with an eye for detail.

Emily May

Fostering Hope Psychology

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