Brook McCarthyI’m so pleased that you’re interested in my Hustle & Heart program!

I created this program because I wanted to bridge the gap between enterprise and social good. Oftentimes, the people who are doing really useful, vital and socially conscious work are the ones most prone to burn out: perhaps because they’re highly sensitive, or because they struggle to leave work at work, or maybe they have mixed emotions regarding money, ambition and competition.

I want to change that. I want to help support you to do your best work – not by dropping your ideals and compromising your integrity, but through learning how to use these as guiding principles in decision making.

Our next program starts September 18, 2017 and this time, there’s just 10 days immediately preceding that, when you’re able to register to join us (this makes my life so much easier). SO. Please put September 8 in your diary now, as this is the opening day for registrations. And there’s early registration bonuses, for people that act quickly. Because those people need rewarding, yes?

I’ve got a gift for you

As a thank you for your interest, I’d love to give you a gift.