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Psssst – do you deliver services online?

Say ‘no more!’ to snore-inducing Zooms

We’re Zoomed out.

Which is not much fun when you’re a professional coach, trainer or consultant.

Talking to a black screen of people who are (eating? sleeping? on the loo?) not engaged can suck your life force. If you – as the presenter or teacher – are Zoomed out, can you imagine how your participants feel?

I should know. I’ve been presenting online for years, including two straight days of 9-5 training with international students, from the comfort of my home office. Teaching or facilitating face-to-face is far easier to develop rapport and be engaging. But online? Kill me now.

Introducing …

Engaging People Online (Non-Boring) Training

The quick and easy lowdown on how to engage participants – and yourself! – when you’re presenting online.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to choose a winning topic for your online event or training
  • How to quickly and easily test your topic ideas
  • What’s in a name? How to double your chances of success with a fabulous name
  • Designing your online event to make it easy for participants to get great value
  • How to break the ice with strangers as well as clients, without weird (and gross!) forced intimacy
  • What to do and what NOT to do
  • How to create a psychologically safe environment to encourage participation and a memorable online event
  • Earning people’s attention and engagement
  • Cultivating, influencing and shifting the energy of the group
  • Managing your own mood
  • The art of the humble brag – how to talk yourself up without sounding like a boring braggart.

Just $29, on this page only.

Your ability to earn people’s attention and engage them in what you’re teaching or facilitating is the difference between something completely forgettable, and your next raving client and booking.

“Brook is a knowledge powerhouse. She conducted a highly informative and engaging masterclass that left everyone who attended inspired and with practical steps to take in their business. Thank you Brook and I cannot recommend you highly enough!”

Frances Goh

Community Manager, OneRoof

Brook is my favourite digital marketing presenter to put in front of early stage entrepreneurs. She is great at balancing the strategic and the tactical. She’s also great fun.”

Tom Dawkins

Co-founder/CEO of StartSomeGood

“Brook is a stand out facilitator! Our students (and staff!) were impressed with Brook’s enthusiasm, confidence and extensive knowledge. She was able to make the webinars engaging, relatable and achievable – so important for our students.”

Philippa Southee

Student Engagement Coordinator, William Angliss Institute