Brand yourself

Create a Personal, Powerful Brand

Is it possible to use aspiration as a marketing tool, without being dishonest or unethical?
Is it possible to reach and engage with many people online, without exposing your vulnerabilities and relentlessly selling your feelings?
Is it possible to authentically represent yourself so that people don’t just notice you, they feel like they know you and are drawn to you?

Learn how to create a magnetic personal brand

Are you stuck, trying to figure out what makes you, you? And, why should people care?

Does marketing yourself make you feel extremely self-conscious, somewhat idiotic, and worryingly insecure?

Wondering which bits are relevant to your bio, and which aren’t? Wondering how on earth to start building a reputation for yourself, as a consultant, teacher, coach, or author?

There’s plenty of things you could do to get started. And many of them likely work.
But either you’re already running around, trying like mad to do #allthethings, and nothing much is resulting. Or, you’re stuck in tortured introversion, trying to understand how you might find that special spark that’s going to differentiate you from all your competition.

You’re researching like a mofo, but not actually creating much.

I made this especially for you, to figure out brand you

For the last 10 years, I’ve been working almost exclusively with sole traders – people working mainly in the health sector who are carving out businesses that play to their strengths, suit their lifestyles, and enable them to create a legacy, not just a life.

I’ve worked at the coalface, interviewing, writing and publishing bios, organising photo shoots, launching new websites, social media channels and businesses. After several years at the coalface, I shifted towards teaching and training and now spend my days running public courses around Australia, coaching one-to-one with clients, and running online group coaching and masterminds (or mafiaminds, as I like to call them).

I’ve seen where people commonly trip up or get stuck as they work to establish their personal brands, grow their professional brands and enhance their credibility. It’s not easy being solo. But that doesn’t mean you need to go it alone.

Brand You will help guide you through exactly what you need to do – and how – to brand yourself as a professional in business.

Go from self-conscious to confident and excited by your own marketing


Package and communicate your uniquesness

Express your strengths in a way which benefits you and your business.

Ekevate your brand impact and reach while at the same time, feeling more self-expressed and energised.


After just three hours I came away clear on my goals for the year ahead – and not only just goals but also achievable strategies for how to meet them. Thanks Brook, I feel energised and strategised!

Janet Lowndes

Psychologist, Mind Body Well

What we cover:


How to choose a business name

Break through indecision and get started with a memorable business name that will serve you well for years to come.

How to register your business name and domain

Secure your business name and website domain name, so you’ve protected your fledgling brand.

Write your About page

Learn how to quickly and easily whip together a compelling About page that speaks to your ideal client and compels them to make contact.

Write your LinkedIn summary

Use the power of LinkedIn to position yourself as a go-to expert and specialist in your field.

Define your difference to render your competitors irrelevant

Learn how to stand out, by highlighting your strengths, quirks and experience, to make your brand intriguing and memorable.

How to give a rousing introduction when meeting people

Don’t fear the dreaded question, “what do you do”? Nail your first impression, naturally and easily.

Starting your community

Establish your online and offline community so that you’re stronger together, boosting referrals and making sales far smoother.

Bare minimum marketing

Just because something works, that doesn’t mean you’re obliged to do it. There’s so much you could do. So let’s start with the bare minimum.

Momentum is invaluble

It’s easy to get stuck when you’re trying to figure it all out by yourself (well, you and Google). Starting your own gig is hard. You’ve got a to-do list the length of your arm. Let Brand You help you prioritise your time, actions and budget, craft a congruent, compelling brand, and gain the clarity and self-confidence to get yourself out there.


Business name, done.
Domain and business name, registered.
Awesome About page? Of course.
Legendary LinkedIn? Sorted.
A rousing introduction? Why yes.
A fledgling community, started.
Bare minimum marketing plan, now and foreverafter.

Let’s do this.

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