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Feeling like it’s a YES? Here’s your next step

“Brook is a truly honest, informed and inspiring coach.

Brook McCarthy is a delight. Sharp, funny, engaging and always getting at the root of what is important. I have called her ‘my mentor’ for several years now, and she just keeps getting better!”

Sonia van de Haar, Lymesmith

“If you are ready to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend Brook.”

Karen Hollenbach, Think Bespoke

“Brook is a no-nonsense, very practical, effective coach.

She set me up with systems for managing outreach, helped refine my pitches, got me moving on various marketing projects. Her style is straightforward and honest, and she really knows her stuff. I definitely recommend Brook for small business coaching!”

Samantha Sutherland, Facilitator, Coach, D&I expert