We prioritise what we value

Our time and attention are the most precious thing on earth. We are given a finite quantity. How do you spend yours?

What you spend your time and attention on in business is what you value. When Monday rolls around, do you put your business front-and-centre, focusing on high-value activities such as pitching, promotions, sales and marketing? Do you also make time for yourself? Do you break for lunch every day? Do you plan – and honour – the fun stuff, whether that’s a good meal with great friends, handstands in the sun, a cup of tea on the stairs, an art class?

As business owners, sales are our lifeblood. If we don’t have sales, we don’t have a business. Part-and-parcel of sales is marketing and pitching. Marketing warms people up while building a community around your business, whereas pitching is direct. It invites people to take action. Pitching is selling and pitch and sell things all the time without calling it as such.

I pitch my kids to eat their brussel sprouts (“they’re actually tiny cabbages! You like cabbage. See how cute they are! ”).

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