How does your business survive these extraordinary times?

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What we’ll cover:

  • What to say to keep your existing clients when they’re panicking
  • How to adjust your marketing communications so you’re not insensitive, while instead being a beacon of hope 
  • The precise wording that makes all the difference to your clients and prospects to help them better understand the value of your offerings
  • How to make offers that are useful, relevant and valuable during this extraordinary time
  • How to put a no-brainer offer together that inspires an inevitable ‘yes!’
  • The low-cost and no-cost tech tools you’ll need to get this happening immediately.

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About Brook McCarthy

Brook McCarthy is a digital marketing trainer and business coach and owner of Hustle & Heart. With 15 years’ experience in online communications and a background in Public Relations, Brook teaches small business owners how to use compelling communication, values-based marketing and cutting-edge digital strategy, to grow their businesses.

She has trained, coached and consulted to hundreds of business owners over the last 12 years, to help them better define their difference and grow their professional reputation so that they can attract (far) more ideal clients.

Outside of business, Brook loves reading, baking, yoga, and considers getting the dance floor started as an act of community service.

About Belinda Weaver


Belinda Weaver of Copywrite Matters helps people write copy that makes them money. Whether it’s teaching copywriters how to run successful businesses or business owners how to write more effective copy Belinda has courses, coaching and mentoring that builds skills and confidence.

She cohosts the popular copywriting podcast, Hot Copy and is regularly featured in the media such as CopybloggerBusiness InsiderAmy Porterfield and The Copywriter Club.

Belinda currently lives in California with her pug, two daughters and husband (listed in order of neediness).

About Ellissa Jayne


Ellissa Jayne is chief creative and owner at Flourish Online, which specialises in branding for women in the online space. Ellissa’s unique skillset of design, tech and marketing makes her a Very In Demand Person.

With big-name clients including Denise Duffield-Thomas, Dr Kristy Goodwin, Lisa Corduff, Rebecca Tracey and Rebecca Sparrow, Ellissa is adept at growing online brands and building reputations.

As a kid, Ellissa’s creative energy was channeled into some rather extreme scrapbooking and stamp collecting behaviours. And in her teens? She went through a phase where I liked to wrap things in plastic and mould them into cocoons.