How to write sales copy that converts (to cash!)

Your words are expensive

Learn to write successful web copy, sales emails and sales letters in Sydney.

When using the power of your words to speak with prospects about what you’re selling, your writing is expensive. It can successfully convert customers or fail to impress, costing you money wasted on advertising and marketing.

Whether or not you consider yourself a good writer, the truth is that everyone can learn to write better copy. With sales copy writing, there are tried-and-tested formulas that work. All you need to learn to do is gather your specific ingredients, bring your business’s own unique flavour, and combine these into a delightful recipe to inspire readers and provoke them to action.

Utilise psychology, persuasion, influence, market data and emotion, to write copy that converts into sales.

With Brook McCarthy, digital marketing trainer & business coach

Brook McCarthy

Ideal for:

  • Business owners who want to improve their sales copy writing
  • Marketing professionals who need to improve their conversion rates
  • Anyone who is charged with sales or marketing, and needs to hone their sales copy writing skills in order to sell more

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • understand how to qualify and quantify the benefits of what you’re selling so that you can compellingly communicate the value of what you’re selling;
  • understand the essential elements and best order of information on a sales page for it to be effective;
  • understand the difference between a sales letter and a sales page;
  • know how to approach a cold, warm and hot audience differently so that they buy;
  • finish an outline of your sales page, ready for you to colour in the finer details;
  • finish writing a sales letter, ready to send to your prospects and clients.

This course is taught through Sydney Community College