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Business Re-Set

Live, online business immersion, November 29

:: Reset your attitude :: Reboot your mood :: Redesign your growth ::

>>  Need to better understand the key levers for growth in your business, including your leading metrics and lagging metrics?

>> Ready to reprioritise your growth strategies to work to your strengths?

>> Want to lead your business development, rather than react to emergencies?

>> Need to reset, reboot and rejuvenate?

Join us live, online Wednesday, November 29, to reflect and review on the year that was, before creating meaningful, actionable, aligned goals for growth, without burnout.


First, we redesign our thinking


Your technical expertise in business (as a coach/copywriter/teacher/allied health professional/{insert your title here}) is only half the game.

Many business owners think and act like employees. Waiting to be chosen. Waiting to be promoted. Waiting to be noticed.

Learning how to think like an entrepreneur means developing skills in creativity, empathy, exquisite communication, resourcefulness, resilience, adaptability, confidence, and deep self-trust. These essential soft enable you to weather whatever comes your way.

Let me show you how to better manage yourself, including working with self-doubt, worry, procrastination (including procrast-planning and procrasti-research), interruptions, significant time restraints, and the myriad other challenges we face as soloists and small business owners.

Together, we’ll examine the building blocks of confidence, and how to apply these to making faster, smarter decisions which, in turn effects everything elseIf you feel stuck – like you know what you need to do but you’re not doing it – you’ll get so much value out of this.

Second, we review and reflect on our last year

In smaller break out rooms, we review and reflect on our last financial year, uncover our key levers for growth, and discover the simplest and easiest systems for growth, and how to make them work for our unique skills, strengths, preferences, and capacity.

We look at trends in lead generation and digital marketing, and how to choose our unique blend of sales and marketing strategies that enable us to work smarter, not harder.

By identifying our key levers for growth, we can use this information to inform our business planning, for growth without burnout. Together, we’re going to do less, and do it better.

Third, we set aligned goals


yToo often, we create random goals that aren’t aligned to our values or our deeper vision or mission. Or, we have a vexed relationship with goal-setting after too many years of high expectations and dashed hopes. We figure, if we don’t set goals, we won’t be disappointed, right?

There’s often a chasm between setting goals and enacting these: and this is our focus for the third part of our immersion. Because, over the last 15 years that I’ve worked closely with countless business owners, nobody I’ve met has a perfect set of circumstances within which to grow their business. 

We have new ways of creating, marketing, selling and delivering services online, every single day. Together, we’re going to set aligned, defined, actionable goals that make sense for our next evolution, while pushing us to see what we’re capable of. You’ll leave with a bespoke Action Plan that plays to our strengths, preferences, and growth edge.

Let me show you how to more deeply understand yourself, use constraints as creative opportunity, and lovingly manipulate yourself to get the outcomes you want.

“I really appreciated Brook’s way of understanding my obstacles to being the best business person I can be, and giving me practical strategies to address those obstacles.”

Janet Lowndes

Psychologist, Mind Body Well

Who is this immersion for?

• Freelancers and side-gig folks

 • Small business owners

• Coaches and consultants

… Who are ready to move beyond charging by the hour and start getting paid for their unique perspective, approach and ideas. Who know that the old ways of doing things are no longer serving them and are ready to take big, bold moves towards redesigning their ideal business, from the inside, out. 

Together, we cover:


Write your own success plan

To actually experience success, we need to first define what success means – not with fluffy or vague ideas, but with concrete things that mean we will know once we’ve achieved it. But perhaps most importantly, we’ll actually feel satisfied and fabulous once we’ve achieve this, because we’re not using other people’s ideas of what success is, but using our own values to create goals that are aligned.


Understand your key levers for growth

Regardless of your industry or type of business, understand what influences your earnings, what an online business looks like, so you can better decide what to prioritise now, next month, and in the next six months.


Learn ninja time-management skills

Time management skills are self-management skills. Use our cheat-sheet to figure out what to do in slivers of time, how to maximise your days, and what decisions you can make fast and which you need to take your time with.


Become your biggest fan

The starting point for putting out powerfully effective marketing AND growing your business is that you need to believe yourself. If you don’t love your own marketing, why should anyone else? If you don’t believe that the goals you set for yourself are actually possible – and will happen – then how can they? We examine the biggest saboteurs, myths and misconceptions about marketing and business growth so that we can stop sabotaging our best efforts and start *actually* enjoying your business, and loving what we’re putting out.


Learn how to think like an entrepreneur

If you’re ready to go from a “gun for hire” to a business owner, it’s time to think like an entrepreneur. Moving away from hourly, towards assets to leverage, working to your strengths, hiring for your weaknesses, and spotting opportunities at every turn. An entrepreneurial mindset is creative, adaptable, resilient, resourceful, and future-focused.

“I felt like I knew Brook before I walked in the door – that’s how effective her writing and marketing is.”

Caroline Giles

Experience Yoga

Bonus swipe files, cheat-sheets & templates

Pricing for value cheat-sheet

Never low-ball yourself again. Use our easy-as cheat-sheet to ensure that you’ve got all the essential elements to present your price, to get a hell yes!

Your Action Plan

This Action Plan template, which we’ll be using throughout the day, is oh-so-simple and easy to use, which means your goals are that much more likely to get DONE.

Design your dream week

How can you front-load your week, build in rest and buffer, and work with the natural ebbs and flows of your energy, to get the most from each and every week?

Email swipe file

Get your time back with this copy-and-paste file of invaluable email scripts to help you regain your focus and stay in control and on top of things.

About me, Brook McCarthy

Business Coach Brook McCarthy

Hi! I’m Brook McCarthy. I’m a business coach and digital marketing trainer with 18 years’ experience in digital communications and a background in Public Relations.

Over the last 11 years that I’ve been coaching and training owners, freelancers, coaches and consultants across a broad range of industries (all professional services), I’ve noticed certain recurring patterns of self-sabotage, and an expensive lag between knowing and doing. This is the bridge that I seek to build.

I specialise in values-based businesses and work closely with owners who feel self-conscious marketing themselves online, and would far rather just do the work than talk about it.

In this one-day business immersion, I’ve distilled the best of what I know about raising visibility and reach and working with ourselves, in our complicated glory, in order to create magnetic marketing and highly profitable businesses.

“Brook is direct, knowledgeable, passionate, enthusiastic and very generous.”

Bettina Pfannkuch

The Art of Balance

How it works

After purchase, you'll access our key metrics document and short video training on how to prepare for reviewing your past year, as best you can

If you’ve been using Xero, Rounded, etc, and have been keeping these up-to-date, you’re halfway there. If you’ve never measured anything in your business, this will be revolutionary.


Nov 29: Our first session is 9:30-11am

Welcome! Together and alone, we review our 2023, looking at what worked, what didn’t, what we want more of, and what we want less of. 

Then, we set aligned goals for the next 90 days in business. Coaching is woven throughout, to gently shift a freelancer mindset to an owner mindset, utilise self-leadership, and name our desires without censor or judgement.

Nov 29: Our second session is 11:30-1pm

We’re focusing on big picture planning for 2024 through the lens of promotions and/or launches for consistent cashflow throughout the year. 

Nov 29: Our third session is 1:30-3pm

We break down our aligned goals, project goals and process goals into a detailed 90-day action plan, and define our ideal, personal conditions for success, so that we can prioritise ourselves and our future, every single week.


Early bird price open now: $450 AUD (includes GST).

Got questions?

What kinds of business owners is this for?

We specialise in values-based service businesses. Our clients are consultants, coaches, teachers, health professionals, therapists, creatives. 

Most are online business owners, though some have staff and bricks-and-mortar businesses. All are keen on no-fluff, no-hype, highly practical and actionable education that doesn’t treat you like a fool.

Should I already be tracking things in my business?

Ideally, yes. If you’ve not done so, great! This immersion will give you an awesome foundation (and resources) to start doing so. There are 7,923 things you could track in your business. Most of them aren’t necessary. Together, we’ll identify the most important metrics for your particular business and goals.

I'm not much of a planner. Is this still for me?

Welcome! You’ll fit right in. Having created The Non-Planner’s Business Plan™, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. I know you’re busy. I know you’re more keen to do than to plan. But you know planning is important, right? It’s not just smart, it’s also a form of self-care.

I'm not sure. Can I ask further questions?

Absolutely. Just send us an email at 

What level of knowledge or experience is this for?

This is an intermediate to advanced level experience. Which means that you’ll be challenged in your thinking, beliefs, opinions and approach. This is not “follow the leader and colour between the lines”. Rather, you are treated as an independent, savvy and intelligent individual who takes responsibility for their actions and results. Bring your curly conundrums and next-level questions. 

Will the sessions be recorded and can I get a copy of the recording?

Yes, absolutely. While it’s best if you can attend all three sessions on June 20 live, we understand that sometimes your back-up plans fall through, so if you need to join late or leave early, you’ll have a copy of all session recordings, plus additional resources, accessed through our membership portal. Easy.