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Make a powerful impact online with video

Video marketing course, Sydney.
Thursday, April 11 (10am-6pm).

Video is THE most effective marketing technique right now

Digital video can be up to 600% more effective as a marketing tool than print and direct mail combined (Diode Digital).

And, including video on your landing page can increase conversion rate by 80% (Eyeview).

Imagine what that might do to your profits?

You know video works. You know video accelerates the ‘know, like and trust’ factor that’s essential in marketing. You know that video is – hands down – the most effective way to quickly and easily develop rapport and build trust with strangers through screens.

So why aren’t you using it?

Video can be expensive, time-consuming to produce, and difficult to do well. You don’t know what to say. You don’t know how to say it in a way which connects with the right people. You worry you might not be photogenic enough.

It’s true that there’s a lot to think about. Perhaps you don’t have the skills nor equipment to create a professional-looking video. Maybe you’ve heard getting a professional video created is expensive. Where would you start?

You already have an over-full plate. It’s likely that you’d rather write your own eulogy than appear in video. You’re not alone! But you know it’s a good idea. You intend to do video marketing.

So let’s help you take video marketing from a ‘great idea but way too hard’ to ‘done! And ‘loving it!’

Our Powerful Video Marketing immersion course takes you from video virgin to video pro in just one day. PLUS you’ll take home your very own personalised video to  promote your business.

This unique course is a fabulous combination of done-for-you video, in our professional video studio on Sydney’s northern beaches, with hands-on learning, strategic brainstorming and invaluable tips and tricks for you to create your own videos.

This Video Marketing course covers:

  • How to be magnetic by having a powerful message to promote your business.
  • How to compel your audience to not just stare and scroll, but take the definite action that you want them to take.
  • Different types of videos and which are appropriate for which purpose.
  • Essential elements to effective video marketing.
  • How to never run out of content ideas so you’ll always have some useful and valuable to say that your audience actually cares about.
  • How to create drama and keep people watching beyond the crucial 10 second mark.
  • How to know the different metrics and industry benchmarks so you can know whether or not your videos are working.
  • How to communicate your message in a way which is powerful, but feels natural and authentic to you.
  • How to use your smartphone to create professional-looking business videos.
  • What video video accessories to invest in that don’t break the bank, including must-haves, nice-to-haves and don’t-even-worry-about-its.
  • Where to publish your video so it connects with the right people while widening your audience and growing your brand.
  • How to use video to reduce go-nowhere conversations with prospects, reduce client misunderstandings and friction, and increase reach and engagement with your marketing.
  • How to bring video into your marketing plan in a way which is seamless and oh-so-powerful.

… Plus, you’ll leave the day with your very own professional video done and done, ready for you to upload to the internet and get it out there!

Powerful video marketing has two presenters:

Brook McCarthy and Amy Bingham, supported by the Itchy Feet Digital agency professional video team.

Brook McCarthy blogging for businessAbout Brook McCarthy

Brook McCarthy is a digital marketing trainer and business coach with 15 years’ experience in online communications and a background in Public Relations. Brook has helped hundreds of small business owners to establish themselves online and magnify their impact, through her public courses and online training and coaching. She teaches social media marketing, blogging, copywriting, sales and conversion optimisation so that business people can grow their professional reputation, differentiate their businesses and ensure their message connects. Brook loves to equip and empower people with the practical tools, knowledge and attitude to combine creativity with savvy strategy.

Amy BinghamAbout Amy Bingham

Amy is a video maker and principal of Itchy Feet Digital, an agency specialising in video creation and digital smarts. She’s worked with a range of clients from big brand names to small startups you’ve not (yet) heard of, to create successful video strategies and campaigns to achieve their business goals. Amy’s extensive background in television and video means she not only brings a wealth of experience in storytelling and publishing, but practical and technical skills and insights into video making. In 2018, she expanded into digital video training, empowering small businesses with the skills to create their own video content.

How the day will run

This course starts well before we meet together.

After registering, participants fill out a questionnaire that guides them through the process of choosing a welcome video, sales or product video, or tips video for your session with a professional videographer from the Itchy Feet Digital team. Participants have ample opportunity on the day to create all three types and try several different styles, formats and messages.

Before we meet, you’ll be guided through a process of scripting and preparing yourself to get the most out of the day, including what to wear, and how to quell your nerves (we all get nervous. Yes, even the professionals!)

Before we meet, you’ll also have an opportunity to get feedback on your script from Brook McCarthy or Amy Bingham, during a one-to-one conversation. Brook can help you structure what you say, choose the best phrasing and even work on getting some densely branded language into your video, so that clients immediately recognise you, and refer others to your videos.

The day begins at 10am for our morning session in the studio. You’ll be guided by video pro extraordinaire (and former television news presenter) Amy Bingham through the essentials of effective, powerful video marketing.

We’ll share scripting secrets and practical confidence techniques to help you look and feel your best.

We’ll then have a practical session to put what we’ve learnt to good use, filming ourselves and each other on our smartphones, including working with lighting, tripods, sound, scripting, confidence, and getting over our nerves.

The course is fully catered at a nearby restaurant, a short skip from our studio, so you don’t need to worry about anything other than looking, feeling and sounding your best.

From 1pm, it’s go-time! Each participant has approximately 30 minutes in the studio, supported by Amy, to ensure you look and sound your best.

While each participant is filmed, the group will be working hard at turning what we’ve done so far into a marketing plan and strategy. Together, we’ll be looking at content marketing, including social media marketing, email funnels, website optimisation and your sales process.

Utilising the group, we’ll be brainstorming creative ideas to help you incorporate video into your marketing plan so you can minimise friction and client stress while maximising your other marketing tools.

Video works best when it’s approached as part of a holistic small business marketing strategy. Together, we’ll map out your next 12 months in business, through the lens of what your clients want and need, and what you want your brand to be known for.

You’ll leave with a grab-bag of ideas, a priority list of videos to create yourself or outsource to a professional video marketing agency, and a marketing plan that incorporates all the moving parts that make marketing powerful.

Types of video we’ll be making on the day

Welcome Video

Your welcome video sits on your website About page or landing page and explains all about your company, brand or yourself. Your 60 second welcome video can be a personal story, a talking resume, an introduction to your website or an overview of what your business offers – anything that answers some of the questions your typical website visitor is seeking.

Tips Video

Your tips video shares insights that make you look knowledgeable, approachable and generous, creating rapport with your audience who are getting useful information. This 60 second video, for your social channels or website, position you as an expert through sharing three tips and insights, with a brief explanation of each.

Sales or Product Video

Your sales or product video demonstrates or explains one of your products or services. These videos, up to 90 seconds long, can be used by your sales team and as part of an email marketing campaign or email sales funnel. They can sit on your website sales page and on your social channels.


Still need convincing?


– Almost 50% of web users look for a video before visiting a store according to Google.

– 79% of people prefer watching video to reading about a product, according to Wyzowl.

– 82% of all internet traffic will be to video content by 2022, according to Cisco.

– By 2019 (that’s now!), 80% of content consumed online will be video, according to Cisco (video content accounted for 64% of all the world’s internet traffic in 2014 – this is how fast this is moving!).


Don’t miss the boat! Video is a massive marketing opportunity, and far more accessible than you may believe, once you’re equipped with the knowledge and tools to do it properly.


When is the course?

The course is happening Thursday, April 11, 10am-6pm.

Where is the course?

The course is held at Studio Manly in Balgowlah.

Will we cover social media videos?

Yes, we’ll be looking at how, where, and when to use videos on social media, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo and LinkedIn. You’ll learn how to optimise your videos for each, and what you might say to ensure your social media engagement is high and your channels are growing.

What about live video? Will we be looking at this?

Yes, we’ll look at live Insta Stories and Facebook Live – how they differ and what works best for each.

Will you teach me how to stop feeling so nervous?

Hot damn yes! We can certainly share our favourite tricks to keep our nerves under control, but please appreciate that a little nervous energy is also very useful for increasing your charisma on video.

How much practical time will be given on the day?

First we learn, then we do, then we learn again. This is an immersive, hands-on, practical course, with plenty of opportunity to get familiar with equipment such as smartphones and tripods, and implement what you’ve just learnt, so that it sticks.

I’ve never done video before, is this still relevant to me?

A video virgin! We’d be delighted to help you pop your video cherry in a supportive environment, so that you can make video part of your everyday marketing.

Will I really leave with a completed, professional-quality video?

You better believe it. Your course fee includes scripting guidance and feedback, approximately 30 minutes of filming with the Itchy Feet Digital team, with Amy there for moral and practical support, and your new, professional video edited and ready to go. We can use your logo or fonts that you supply us before the day. You’ll leave with your video on USB drive, ready to upload to your website (and beyond!).

But I don’t know what to say! Will you help me prepare my script?

Yes indeed. Your course price includes a preliminary script writing task to do, plus 30 minutes one-to-one time on the phone with either Brook or Amy, to finetune your message, dive into the language you’ve chosen, and ensure that your words will connect with the right people, creating the right impression.

Will you show me how to use my videos online, to widen my reach and grow my brand?

Absolutely – as digital marketers, we are passionate at ensuring that your video has a life beyond your website. There are countless ways and means to get your video in front of the right eyeballs. We’ll show you how.

Stop thinking about video and actually make it

We know it’s easy to postpone video marketing. It’s technical, complicated, and excruciatingly public. AND, it’s hugely powerful in business.

So enough with the excuses. We’re going to take your hand and turn good intentions into ‘done and dusted’. Leave the day with your professional video, armed with the knowledge, tools and strategy to integrate video marketing into your marketing plan (don’t have a marketing plan? Guess this is the time to write it, with our help!).

Emily Becher“I could read Brook’s personality in her writing and got the feeling that she would deliver the information in a way that I could enjoy, relate to and really benefit from. The day was fantastic. Brook’s teaching pace was perfect, class participation was encouraged but I never felt like I was put on the spot so there was no anxiety. Brook’s knowledge on the topics covered was amazing and up-to-date with current trends. Throughout the day, Brook was put on the spot with questions specific to different people’s businesses and she’d quickly come up with a new approach to use for each scenario.”
Emily Becher, Emily Becher Jewellery

Caroline Giles“I felt like I knew Brook before I walked in the door – that’s how effective her writing and marketing is. This course gave me a head full of new and different ways to get my unique message out there.”
Caroline Giles, Experience Yoga

Essential info

Thursday, April 11.

Studio Manly, North Balgowlah, Sydney.

Price: $979 (including gst).

Course numbers are limited to a maximum of eight people to ensure plenty of attention. Course includes pre-homework, 30-minutes one-to-one coaching with either Brook McCarthy or Amy Bingham, hand-outs, follow-up resources, and the day is fully catered. And, a finished professional video, edited and ready to use!

This is a BYO laptop class, so you can be familiar and comfortable with your device. We strongly recommend laptops, not tablets, due to the limited functionality on some tablets. Please get in touch with us if this is a problem, we will help you sort it out.

This is is an action-based course. Expect to have preliminary homework to complete (don’t worry, you won’t be asked to share it at the front of the class!), expect to write, brainstorm and dive in on the day. First we learn, then we do.

$979 (inc. gst).

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You’re sick of postponing having a professional video made and want to get it done already.
  • You need more leads and inquiries.
  • You want your marketing to be far more effective while also short-cutting the process of relationship-building so that your leads are far warmer.
  • You’re sick of go-nowhere conversations with prospects and want to reduce endless, same-same questions from inquiries.
  • You want to save time by using video to remove some friction with your communications with clients, prospects and staff, while also making customer service far better, without hiring staff.
  • You want to share your opinions online while being compelling, relevant, and eloquent.
  • You don’t have time for hype and fluff and want to learn from seasoned professionals.

This is not the course for you if:

  • You’re a bit of a luddite – your internet connection is dial-up, you’re using a Nokia phone, and you’ve only just registered on Facebook.
  • You want someone to do everything for you – while you will leave this course with a professional video, edited and ready to go – this is a course, so we’re learning, experimenting, brainstorming and mucking in!
  • You’re looking for a secret formula to grow your business quickly, without any additional effort.
  • You’re petrified of being on video and don’t believe you can get over this. Your nerves will overcome your desire to get on and create video.

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