Profit Planning

& Pricing Confidence

Write your Profit Plan, to grow your income and find the confidence to price for profit – so that you can earn more money and have more time to outsource, invest, or simply spend to enjoy.

Earn excellent money while growing your confidence

Your Profit Plan is the foundation of your business. It is the roadmap behind your income goal.

It maps out what you’re selling, at what price, and how many. All these numbers need to add up to your goal – if they don’t, you go back and start again.

A business without a profit plan means working far too hard, for far too little, and none the wiser for it.

Your profit plan is the map that will get you where you want to go.

Take the guesswork out of earning excellent money

When you’re working from a Profit Plan that makes sense for your business model, skills and personal propensity, you know exactly what you’re charging, what you’re earning, and how.

Your Profit Plan enables you to see exactly where your profits are coming from – and highlights what you need to charge to price things at to earn what you want to earn.

Your Profit Plan gives you the confidence to price for profit, knowing the value of what you do.

“I couldn’t possibly charge that?!”

Yes, yes you can.

You don’t wait to feel confident to price higher, you act confident

Charging profitable pricing has a lot to do with confidence – the confidence that comes with knowing the value you offer and how to communicate this value so that people get it, love it, and want it.

Knowledge is power

How come some people get paid a motsa and others get paid a pittance – for the same thing? There are numerous tried-and-tested methods to communicate and demonstrate he value of what you sell that leads to an inevitable ‘hell yes!’ But this isn’t what you’ll learn at business school.

Learn how to think like an entrepreneur

The hardest part of running your own business isn’t the technical skills – it’s the invisible stuff. The psychology of managing yourself and your clients, your staff or suppliers, competitors, and the broader market. Learning how to think like an entrepreneur doesn’t mean pretending to be something you’re not. It means working with your own psychology to understand what’s helpful, what’s not, and when fear is actively sabotaging you. 

Isn’t it time you were wildly, joyfully profitable?


You’ve waited and wondered about where your profits were disappearing to for far too long. It’s time to stop being retrospective and start taking the reins in leading your profitable business.

Whether you’re brand new to business, or an industry veteran, it’s time to take your money seriously.

You can be wildly, joyfully profitable, and it can be far more straightforward than you might imagine. Knowing how to plan, communicate value, and price for profit makes you an unstoppable force of awesomeness.

Let me show you how to write your Profit Plan and price for profit, clearly and confidently.

Together, we’re going to uncover the stories you tell yourself – and try on new beliefs, attitudes and thinking that makes your own head your ally in business, not your saboteur. So you can stop low-balling yourself, engaging in endless negotiations to bargain you down and erode your self-confidence.


It starts with creating a clear Profit Plan & having the confidence to go for it.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why we find talking about money so damn uncomfortable – and practical ways to get more comfortable discussing dollars
  • Understand how your business model impacts your pricing
  • Setting your revenue goals without hype and fear
  • Understanding your offering ecosystem
  • How you can change your context to influence the perception of value
  • Common mind-traps that will sabotage your best intentions – and how to work with them
  • Writing your profit plan
  • Why ‘Charge What You’re Worth!’ is dangerous propaganda
  • Marketing strategies to sell your price

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