All professional services businesses should have a premium offering (or three).

Your premium offerings take your clients deeper

Whether you’re a consultant, web designer, copy writer, organisational strategist, consultant, coach, healer or teacher, your clients want to have a transformational experience with your business. Your premium offering enables that.

Your premium-priced offering can dramatically increase your business’s profitability, enabling you to more easily sell your lower priced services as well.

But your premium-priced offering doesn’t just increase your business revenue and profits, it also increases your client retention and engagement, by giving your clients a more comprehensive experience of what you do.

It doesn’t matter how valuable your work is, it doesn’t how fantastic you are or how many years’ experience you’ve accrued, if people don’t get it. Your premium offering means you need to amplify the impact of your work and turn up the volume on your value.

Centre your clients

Your premium offering centres your client, creating the best possible experience for the outcome they want. But when you’re pricing too low, people won’t trust the promises you make, because there’s a disconnect between your words and your price.

Let’s draw a line in the sand today between your money past and your money future

Time to shake things up

Nobody will tap you on the shoulder and tell you to price higher

You have to do it. You alone must decide that you’re going to charge a premium price, and then take responsibility for communicating the value behind your price so that people get it, love it, and buy it.

Your marketing and sales skills are crucial

Learn how to position your brand and offerings in the minds of others so that you can charge (far) more.

Reimagine yourself in business

Your identity, beliefs, thoughts, and attitude has a massive influence on how you price and how much you earn in business. Understanding your own psychology and learning to work with it, rather than let it sabotage your progress, is central to increasing your earnings.

You don’t earn more by working longer hours


So you’ve accrued several years (decades?) of experience, and you’re still earning far less than you would be if you’d stayed employed.

Forget about acquiring further professional qualifications. It’s not likely that you’re “not good enough” at what you do. I hazard a guess that you are, in fact, far better at what you do than many of your better-paid competitors.

You don’t earn more money by working longer hours. Working all the time doesn’t make you a more virtuous or worthy person.

Taking a great leap upwards in earnings can be far more straightforward than you may believe. It could be done without any drastic external changes. No fancy tech. No trendy inner city office with a young, hip receptionist.

It could simply be done through introducing a new, premium-priced offering to your stable.


Isn’t it time you stopped worrying about your financial future?

Here's what you'll learn in this on-demand training

We cover:

  • The key things that influences your earnings as a business owner that have nothing to do with expertise or experience
  • Pricing fundamentals – what to do, what not to do
  • Creating context for your price
  • Brand positioning and how to do this without an expensive overhaul of your website and marketing
  • Brainstorming new offering ideas that make sense for your current business and clients
  • Brainstorming new offering ideas for your brand new business 
  • Testing and evaluating your new offering ideas
  • Creating your preliminary sales page to sell before you create, so you’re not wasting time, effort and money building something that your clients don’t want
  • Pricing your new offering in 20 minutes or less
  • Launching your premium-priced new offering
  • Measuring and refining your premium-priced new offering

IAA ridiculously profitable mini-course – at a tiny price

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