The Non-Planner’s

Business Plan

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Hi! I’m Brook McCarthy.

Despite being a business coach and digital marketing trainer, and having been in business for myself since 2008, I have to confess that I’m not a natural planner.

I don’t obsess over diaries and organisers. I haven’t got a five-year plan.

I’m without a vision-board. I’m a non-planning type of person.

But I still have a plan. With a busy business and a multitude of projects to manage and clients to look after, I need a plan to keep my head on straight. I don’t want to be the manic entrepreneur working weekends and evenings. I have a life outside of work.

Plans are road maps
to get you where you want to go

They help prioritise your time and resources.

They stop you getting distracted, discouraged and disheartened.

They bring clarity, focus and confidence that you’re doing the right thing, at the right time.


There’s a system to getting the right stuff done – and I want to share how.


Business plans don’t have to be a tome with a snore-inducing executive summary.

Effective business plans are those that are used. And they’re used because you wrote it.

You know your business better than anyone so you need a plan that’s uniquely yours.

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I’ve created this free, 12-step challenge to guide you through writing your own business plan, your way. Enter your details below for immediate access to the first of 12 steps. They’re delivered via email, once per day, and take around 20 minutes to complete (because I know you’re busy.) Includes an overview video and support through our Facebook group, if you wish to join us there.

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What past participants say about the challenge

“I wanted to thank you for this – what a wonderful thing you have created for us all!

I really enjoyed this process and found it immensely valuable.

The combination of our Facebook community, downloadable lessons and notes, and your short videos made the content so incredibly accessible and easy to follow.

Who knew planning was really that simple!”

Shel Sweeney

Writer & Editor

“Thank you so much, you have saved me!

This simple, extraordinarily valuable Non-Planner’s Business Plan is exactly what I needed.

I had actually gathered 5 different ‘goal setting,’ planning programs and had become seriously overwhelmed. I could have spent weeks trying to get through them and a 5-year plan and an annual and quarterly plan.

Instead, yesterday my business partner and I chose our one big goal for the year, then we added a couple of possibilities for later. Now we are chunking.”

Carolyn Newall

We Teach Well

“I LOVED it!

This was the first business planning advice I’ve ever encountered that broke it down into easily digested, easy to put into action pieces.

I never felt like the half hour or so a day I spent on each part was too much, and I had a real sense of progress as I moved through the program.

It also helped me see that you ‘get’ people like me. You should be seriously proud of what you’re putting out into the world.”

Shauna Maguire

Copy writer

“I have gained so much clarity and focus from this challenge!

I loved the short bytes of two-page questions and notes plus the short videos.

I have made up a hard cover book with your questions and my answers and my actions to refer to on the go as well as a-one pager with the 12-day challenge questions and answers for my reference.

I’m currently working on refining my goals and timelines. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

Rhonda Weatherby

Yoga Teacher