Momentum makes things easy(er)

At-your-convenience coaching + community + support
to redesign the way you approach your ‘to do’ list.

Welcome! You’re in.

Look at you, making decisions pow pow pow!

You want more growth, accountability, clarity and focus. Go you.

So, Momentum is built on the premise that:

* We’re greater together
* We all need far more support and encouragement! ūüéČ
* Accountability makes us way more productive
* We know what we need to do, we just need more support to help facilitate this
* To step into our starring role as the B.O.S.S. means that we need to keep be directing and planning and stop reacting and responding.

When do we start? Now.

Please download the Slack app on your mobile phone, and look out from an email from Slack, inviting you to join our channel. Each Monday morning, you’ll receive your Momentum email, giving you a challenge for the week, and prompting you to share and declare your top three most important tasks for the week, in Slack. You can do this from your mobile.

If you can, I highly recommend that Mondays become your new CEO day. (Put this in your electronic diary as a weekly recurring event.)

On your CEO day, you can:

  1. Review your Momentum Measurement Retrospective, once you start it.
  2. Review your revenue goals. (Haven’t got any? Now’s the time to set a monthly revenue target and a monthly profit target.)
  3. Set your weekly top 3 tasks and share them with us in Slack.
  4. Review how you’re attracting new prospects.
  5. Review how you’re engaging with new prospects.
  6. Review how you’re inviting new prospects to become new clients.
  7. Review how you’re delighting your existing clients.
  8. Book in any fun dates and self-care activities (eg: meeting up with friends, going to the library or a cafe).
  9. Write out any questions that need answering (the clearer your question, the better your answer).
  10. Update any project management software or systems you might have.
  11. Delegate like a boss. (Even if, at this stage, it’s just to yourself!).

On Monday mornings, I’ll be in our Slack channel, so feel free to ask any questions and I should hopefully respond promptly. At other times, I may be slower to respond, but I will respond.

Finally, if you feel¬†intimidated, uncertain, or¬†like you don’t belong, then please know that this is normal, this feeling will pass (as all feelings do), and you absolutely definitely DO BELONG and are welcome to bring all of your ‘stuff’ to us. We are here to witness ALL of you, including the ugly bits, the embarrassing bits, and the ‘I wish it wasn’t so’ bits.

Take up space.
Don’t apologise.
Come as you are.
Don’t hide.
Be accountable.
Be coachable.
Be open to new ways of thinking, doing and feeling.

The best is yet to come.

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