Email marketing & sales funnel fundamentals

Your work could be much easier – and far more effective – than it currently is.

You want your business to be personalised – to give impeccable attention, to make people feel seen and appreciated. You work hard to give exceptional service.

Your clients love you for it and tell others – just not enough of them. In fact, it’s likely that you’re working harder than you need to. Working for yourself isn’t easy.

And while there’s no silver bullet, a lot of what you’re doing – working after hours and weekends on – can be automated.

If you sometimes feel like a slave to your business, in a dysfunctional love-hate relationship where you give a lot of love and effort, with little in (financial) return, then it’s time to conquer marketing and sales funnels.

With Brook McCarthy, digital marketing trainer & business coach

Brook McCarthy
Marketing and sales funnels allow you to map out your ideal customer journey – from random stranger to raving fan. If you want to provide exceptional service – and work smarter, not harder – you can use marketing funnels to automate the process of moving people towards purchase.

With the best of intentions, we don’t give all prospects equal attention because we’re only human! We sometimes give substandard service because our staff aren’t well trained, we’re tired or stressed, and our systems are patchy (or non existent).

Join this course to learn how you can save a lot of time, money and effort using marketing funnels to ensure the process of attracting and converting is both consistent and effective.

Funnels aren’t just for selling digital products. They’re for all types of businesses, large and small. So long as you want customers, then funnels can help turbocharge your efforts, making your life far easier.

Smart use of technology doesn’t dehumanize the sales process, it allows you to make people feel seen and appreciated, ensuring your business’ humanity – it’s values, mission, and brand personality – are evident throughout. Best of all, you produce one thoughtful piece of communication to service thousands of people and bring you real results in revenue.

Ideal for

This course is for people who understand the basics of sales and marketing and want to extend their knowledge and implement new strategies. Students must have confidence with computers and online applications. Some familiarity with Mailchimp and WordPress is useful, but not essential.

Important information

The course will be held in our Mac computer room, and we will be using the following software:

  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • Typeform
  • Acuity Scheduling

Please note, we cannot explore all participants’ different website platforms, email marketing software tools and CRMs. We’ve had to choose technology to focus on (listed above). You do not need to be using these particular platforms to benefit from this course, but these platforms allow us to demonstrate and try out what we’ve learnt and done in the classroom.m.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will:

  • understand the fundamentals of increasing website traffic (through paid and free tools) and choose appropriate marketing techniques to increase leads and inquiries
  • understand the fundamentals of an opt-in lead capture funnel, a sales funnel, and a launch funnel
  • leave with a grab bag of targeted lead magnet ideas, specific to your business, to attract your ideal clients
  • write welcome emails to create a winning first impression for subscribers
  • put together a 4-part email funnel using MailChimp
  • put together an in-depth form using Typeform to automate the process of educating prospects and extracting the necessary information
  • have learned how to integrate forms into websites or how to use online forms in place of websites, in order to attract prospects.

This course is taught through Sydney Community College