How to make marketing easy by discovering your Ideal Client

For the last 11 years that I’ve been in business, I’ve attracted a particular ‘type’ of person.

For the most part, it’s due to the type of marketing I do (more on that later). But also because my clients and support network tend to refer other, similar people to my services.

I’ve gone through the process (several times!) of deeply understanding exactly *who* my ideal client is. This is hugely worthwhile, because it makes EVERYTHING else in business so much easier. Especially marketing.

Why? Because knowing your ideal client makes everything easier.

  • You create services, packages, events, etc, that literally fly off the shelf becaue you’re making them for people who actually want them
  • Your work is so much more enjoyable when your clients are perfect-fit, hand-picked, awesome-type people who refer other perfect-fit, hand-picked, awesome-type people
  • Your marketing becomes much, much easier because you’re talking to what people are interested in, rather than trying to make them interested in you
  • Because you’re empathising with your ideal clients and talking about things they’re interested in, marketing becomes far less self-conscious and far more natural and easy for you
  • You know exactly where your ideal clients hang out (online and off) so you can be far more effective with reaching them.

What does your ideal client look like?

Crafting an ideal client from scratch can seem like a daunting task. But it simply requires investigation, imagination and a whole bunch of empathy.

You want to be able to get inside your clients’ heads – walk a mile in their shoes – and then come up with a few key characteristics that outline who they are, their particular, specific struggles (that relate to what your business offers), and what they most want and desire.

My ideal client looks a lot like this:

  • Feels deeply drawn to do what they do and is a total nerd about their subject matter. But the business and marketing part? Ha! Not so much.
  • They’re creative, sensitive and empathetic. Consequently, they can sometimes suffer from taking negative feedback and other challenges or failures very personally.
  • They’re critical thinkers who don’t accept things on face value but reflect deeply on whether or not something feels right to them.

If you had to write four short bullet points about your ideal, perfect-fit client, what would they look like?

  1. What are their fears?
  2. What are their dreams?
  3. How do they feel about their problems, worries, inconveniences or stressors?
  4. What jobs do they have to get done?

If you sit down – even for just 30 minutes – working on these questions, you’ll be able to craft an ideal client avatar. If you get stuck you can always “listen in” on forums and Facebook groups to help find some answers (seriously, this is an invaluable benefit of social media that not nearly enough business owners utilise).

Use your strengths, passion, and purpose as a GPS

ManifestoToo often, business owners see the world in black and white – from the old-fashioned perspective that says either you’re working hard and have high integrity, or you’re greedy, frivolous, and have low standards.

That’s stupendously simplistic and out-of-date.

You see, when you’re creative, generous-spirited and empathetic, you have a major head-start in marketing – you can more readily understand your ideal clients, their pains, anxieties and inconveniences – the very same ones that your business seeks to solve.

And, when you’re intimately aware of your innate strengths and are committed to being truly excellent at what you do, you can use your values – rather than compromise them – to guide all your business decisions.

Your values, perspective, passion, and purpose become your brand. And by turning up the volume on this, you’re able to magnify those exact, perfect-for-you ideal clients to your business.

Working for the love AND the money

In my group coaching program Hustle & Heart – we balance the hustle of marketing, sales and promotion with the heart of values, self-care, and resilience. We examine our relationship with money, which is a tool that allows us freedom, flexibility, and choices, whatever those are.

Some people use more profits to:

  • Invest back into marketing – so they can reach and serve many more clients.
  • Cut down on the number of hours they work so they can pursue other interests and passions (including family and friends!)
  • Invest in further professional development and study, to continue to deepen their expertise.
  • Travel more, eat out more, take more frequent mini-breaks.
  • Invest time and funds into a not-for-profit that they feel strongly about, or evolve their business model into a ‘profit for purpose’ or social enterprise.
  • Take off Mondays and Fridays so they can invest in Bitcoin and watch back-to-back episodes of That 70s Show.

Whatever you choose to spend your money on (which is nobody’s business), there’s no doubt that you need your business to make more of it, in order to lead the lifestyle you want. But unfortunately, some of us don’t feel too confident about marketing our services and cringe at the idea of self-promotion.

Which is why I created Hustle & Heart.

It’s important that you know that you can still run a value-based business, love the work you do and keep your integrity intact – while making (far more) money.

Money is simply a tool – a means, not an end. Your values are the bedrock of your brand. And when you craft an ideal client – whose values align with yours – your marketing and money-making will go hand in-hand.

We cover how to build a values-based business AND how to create your ideal client inside the Hustle & Heart group coaching program which is open now. Find out more details about it here.

PS: Want to talk about the program with me? Book yourself in for a call here.