Note from Brook: I first met Lauren in 2012 in Byron Bay when she came along to one of my online marketing courses. We kept in touch and collaborated on her community building free project, Capturing Gratitude. Late last year, Lauren became a business coaching client and very quickly launched her first digital program, A Daily Dose of Bliss. Over to Lauren …

Business coaching case study

My work as a clinical psychologist in Mullumbimby, near Byron Bay is thriving, and I have wait lists. But I was keen to develop online offerings so that I could have more time to spend with my family and my own self-care. I already have a few audio meditations for sale on my website so I wasn’t a novice to online selling, but I really wanted to launch my e-course ‘A Daily Dose of Bliss’ that I’ve been developing for a couple of years now. I decided to engage Brook as my business coach because I’d worked with her before and I knew she knew her stuff and I wanted someone ‘in the know’ to support me during the launch.

Within a couple of weeks of commencing, I opened the doors to my online shala and invited people to purchase. The experience was very nerve-wracking and, of course, plenty of hard work and late nights, but I was thrilled that 37 people signed up in the first run. I’m just about to run it a second time and, hopefully, many more times into the future.

Brook helped me in those pivotal days to focus on the key tasks that were essential, not only to the smooth running of the course, but reaching the people who would be most likely to benefit and would purchase. She was, variously, my teacher, trainer, cheer-squad, confidant, accountability coach, and business manager and it made the whole experience that much more easy.

Shining a light on finances

Brook helped me to concentrate on the economic realities of my business. Like many creative people, I’m far more interested in sharing my work and creating new offerings, both online and with the face-to-face iRest Yoga Nidra courses I run, but Brook helped me to examine what’s working and what’s not, so that I’m set up to reach my financial targets.

A Daily Dose of BlissDreaming big

Since starting coaching, I’ve been encouraged to dream big and have moved outside my comfort zone – sometimes, well outside! Supported by my lovely husband Stefan, who looks after the technical details of A Daily Dose of Bliss and other digital conundrums, I’ve pitched myself to festivals, streamlined my websites, cut out a lot of unnecessary details with running Capturing Gratitude, and written a plan for A Daily Dose of Bliss.

Through various exercises and homework tasks that Brook has given me, I have a much clearer and deeper understanding of exactly who is best suited to my business and how I can best reach them. I feel that my marketing communications, from email newsletters to social media and blogging, is far more strategic and effective at appealing to people and helps to make their lives easier, simpler, happier and more enjoyable. This was the reason that I created online courses in the first place.

I want my business to be meaningful for me, to provide well for my family, and to make a positive contribution to the world. I donated ten per cent of the cost of my online course to Krama Yoga in Cambodia and have many more plans for the next course, and the one after that.

Brook is a great combination of supportive, plain speaking, encouraging, and firm when required. I love the work that I do, and I now feel far more confident in the online arena and sure of my place in it.

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