Let’s get on a roll!

Way too many businesses take a stop-start approach to marketing. Either they’re busy working and stop doing marketing, or they’re dead quiet and they’re marketing desperately for clients. As a result, their marketing is much less effective and their income is inconsistent, with lots of dry patches in between busy periods.

The best time to do marketing is every single day (or week), but especially when you’re busy. The best time to make a pitch is just after someone has said ‘yes’. The best time to make a sales call is right after a successful sales call.

In other words, you can get on a roll by creating – and maintaining – momentum. Momentum means you receive a much bigger impact relative to the energy you put in. Without momentum, you’re always pushing, expending energy for little return.

So let’s keep going with short, sharp, minimal-research pitches. We’re going to look at pitching for publicity, client praise and referrals, and open-ended ‘let’s meet and see’ pitches.

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