of your ideal clients

Knowing your ideal clients better than they know themselves – this is GENIUS.

Because the better you know your ideal clients, the better you can craft marketing messaging that reaches through screens to pluck the heartstrings of strangers.

And when you can make strangers feel like you’re squatting in their head, reading their thoughts?

Then your marketing is working.



The greater your market share of attention, the greater your market share

In the age of information, people are scanning information OUT. Which means, if you want your marketing to be noticed – let alone acted upon – you MUST be specific. Specific to who? Your ideal clients. And no, we’re not talking demographics here. We’re talking describing their unique situation or circumstance in great, vivid, sensual detail. And using marketing and sales messaging that appeals to their heads as well as their hearts.

Satisfy the ‘to niche, or not to niche’ once and forever

Become a category of one and render your competitors irrelevant by going beyond nicheing. Whether or not you have a clearly defined niche is far less important than whether your ideal clients feel seen, heard, and understood in your business marketing. 

Representation matters

Sophisticated marketing, that speaks to the particular, specific nuances of your ideal clients pays attention to the details. Powerful marketing speaks to your ideal client’s publicly curated identity, while also being sensitive to their shame and embarrassments, their real selves, and their future identity.

Call in your ideal clients so you frequently hear people say “it’s like you’re reading my mind”

Brook McCarthy
Your Intrepid Guide, Business Coach & Digital Marketing Trainer

Hi! I’m Brook McCarthy.

I’m head trainer and business coach here at Hustle & Heart.

If you’re a small business owner or sole trader who’s keen to build your digital marketing and sales skills to grow your business, then welcome! I’m a business coach and communications trainer who’s been self-employed since early 2008.

I’ve been working in online communications and Public Relations for more than 18 years and have always worked in small businesses.

Our courses are the result of years spent in the trenches, helping small business owners across all sectors and industries, to create compelling marketing and widen their reach.

Our training course promise? No fluff. No hype. Just highly practical, actionable, up-to-the-minute marketing and sales courses to help you magnify your impact.

The specifics matter. In fact, the specifics are everything


Where is all this wonderfulness taking place?

In the comfort of your home/office/park bench. If you prefer to get smarter while on the go, you can enjoy our private podcast, to listen to through your favourite podcast reader, such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Do I get to keep this training foreverafter?

Look, nothing is forever, so we can’t promise that, but for as long as this business is in existence (16 years and counting), you have access to this training! Drop in and review the recordings and content – because you’re not some miracle worker. You might need a few swings at it before it properly hits. But don’t forget to follow through and DO STUFF. Because business learning without implementation is just a fancy form of procrastination.

What kinds of business owners is this for?

Smart ones! Ones who know this is excellent value for money and unlikely to be repeated, and who hate fence sitting (it’s very uncomfortable.

We specialise in values-based service businesses. Which means we tend to attract awesome folks who are consultants, teachers, helath professionals, coaches, creatives.

Most are online business owners, though some have staff and bricks-and-mortar businesses. All are keen on no-fluff, no-hype, highly practical and actionable education that doesn’t treat you like a fool.

Does this apply to small or large businesses?

This course is predominantly for small businesses and micro enterprises. Which means that I’m teaching for people who are likely wearing many hats, with little or no team to delegate to. This is why we start with minimum viable marketing, and go from there.

However, the same principles of marketing apply no matter what industry, sector, business size or type. Many people come to learn about digital marketing so that they’re far better equipped to outsource and manage others who will be implementing. Outsourcing to others when you don’t have a solid understanding of what’s what is a recipe for disaster.