The Five Biggest AdWords Mistakes People Make

Melinda Samson, Premier Google Partner, talks with Brook McCarthy, digital marketer and copy writer, about the five biggest mistakes people make with Google Adwords.

Join digital marketer and writer Brook McCarthy and Premier Google Partner Melinda Samson for a special masterclass on how to increase leads and improve conversion rates so that your business sells more.

This masterclass has been specifically created for sole traders or small business owners looking to increase leads, enquiries, and improve website conversion rates, as well as marketing professionals seeking to maximise their Google AdWords return.

Together, we’ll lift the hood on Google Ads and online selling to take the guesswork out of our efforts, so that we know exactly what’s working, what’s not, and how to boost our results.

Google ads success

If you’ve tried Google AdWords in the past without much result, or you’re currently running ads but not sure if they’re working, how you track in relation to typical results, or how your ads could be improved, then this masterclass is for you. Stop wasting money and time second-guessing yourself. Together, we’ll look at Google AdWords from the ground up, to ensure your Google ads bring the results you’re looking for.

We look at what’s working in 2017, new opportunities in the Google ads network, and typical conversion rates across different industries.

The bigger picture of planning a marketing campaign

We move into the nitty gritty of planning a marketing campaign, examining timelines, lead magnets for email list growth, Google remarketing, and sales pages. From the granular to the big picture strategy, Brook and Melinda will help you plan a strategy overview to ensure your marketing campaign is smart, strategy, cost effective and brings results.

In just one day, we’ll move between the macro view – your strategy, goals and all relevant pieces of the digital marketing puzz – to granular – from the most common mistakes that people make when setting up an AdWords campaign, the most essential elements of a successful campaign, your target market, Google Analytics goals, ad copy, landing page and calls to action. We’ll uncover how AdWords fit into your bigger, broader marketing and sales goals so that all marketing pieces are working in harmony.

Creating your Google strategy

Before we meet, participants complete a thorough registration process and preliminary homework to clarify why you’re using Google AdWords, what you’re selling and who you’re targeting.

Over the course of the day, we’ll share the different approaches that Australian businesses are using in different industries, to build their marketing and sales funnels, increase enquiries and effectively convert these into new paying clients.

Google AdWords Remarketing, to follow your prospects around the web

Have you visited websites and been targeted by their ads as you travel through the web? Wondering how to implement this yourself or improve your current Remarketing campaign? Melinda Samson will share her up-to-the-minute knowledge of Google Remarketing so that you can use YouTube ads and Google ads to tag your web visitors for Remarketing.

Learn how to optimise your remarketing campaign so that your ads are memorable and effective and support other marketing efforts such as email marketing and social media marketing.

Sales page writing

It doesn’t matter how good your ads or other marketing is – if your sales pages are poorly written, confusing or dull, your marketing won’t work. Your sales pages are expensive – and excellent sales copywriters are too. But writing an effective sales page is not rocket science and we’re going to teach you how to do just that.

Together, we’ll write our sales page ingredients list before combining this into a sales page recipe. Brook McCarthy leads you through her process to write your own sales page that converts. Drawing on Brook’s 12 years experience in digital communications and marketing, she’ll share the essential techniques to build trust and rapport in your web visitors, heighten desire and anticipation, and tap into urgency and scarcity in order to convert browsers into buyers.

You know your business better than anyone else, now learn how to connect the dots between what your prospects are searching for and the problems they’re grappling with that your business seeks to solve.

Metrics and benchmarks to measure your AdWords results

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to better understand how your website is performing, notice opportunities and uncover weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Melinda Samson will share her ten years experience in Google AdWords and expertise in Google Analytics to help you create goals in Google Analytics, and quickly and easily understand relevant metrics in both Analytics and Google AdWords, to make real improvements.

Masterclass outcomes

Working through practical exercises, brainstorming, creative copy writing, technical demonstrations, goal setting and data analysis, this masterclass is a wonderful combination of up-to-the-minute information and practical application. Working at our laptops, we’ll be implementing as we go, to ensure this masterclass is as useful, relevant and valuable as possible.

With Digital Marketing Trainer & Copywriter Brook McCarthy
Premier Google Partner Melinda Samson, from Click Winning Content

When: Tuesday, May 16, 10am-5pm.
Where: Little Tokyo Two, 155 Queen Street, Brisbane city, Australia.

“The day was fantastic. Brook’s teaching pace was perfect, class participation was encouraged but I never felt like I was put on the spot so there was no anxiety. Brook’s knowledge on the topics covered was amazing and up-to-date with current trends in online marketing.
Throughout the day, Brook was put on the spot with questions specific to different people’s businesses and she’d quickly come up with a new approach to use for each scenario.”

Emily Becher, Emily Becher Jewellery

Masterclass participants leave with:

An understanding of best possible lead generation strategy to suit your sales goals so you’re not playing “follow the leader” with somebody’s else’s template that isn’t suited to the nuances of your business and goals

Your lead magnet concept outlined so that you can grow your email list quickly and easily, knowing these leads are relevant and qualified

A report from Brook of your existing sales page, scored for all relevant metrics, with specific insights and suggestions so that you can improve your sales page performance

Sales page ingredients list and recipe so you can quickly and easily create your own sales pages that converts

A checklist of the key metrics you need to monitor to maximise your ad spend

Meaningful goals that you’ve set against your checklist of key metrics, to give you real data to monitor your progress.

Who is this masterclass for?

  • Sole traders and small business owners looking to increase their leads and improve their website conversion rates.
  • People who have some writing skills and an aptitude for online marketing but are looking to improve their conversion rate, persuasion and influence.
  • Marketing managers, coordinators and directors looking to maximise the return from their Google AdWords spend.
  • You’ll need to bring along a laptop for this course. We can put you in touch with our preferred leasing supplier, if you need.

Who is this masterclass NOT for?

  • Course junkies who are hoping to progress their business by osmosis. Like all business education, this masterclass is highly practical and designed to be implemented – before we meet, through the masterclass, and afterwards.
  • People who don’t want to put in the time to adequately prepare to get the most out of the masterclass. Your homework isn’t graded, and you won’t be put on the spot and asked to share. However, you’re not going to realise the value of the masterclass if you’re ill-prepared.
  • People seeking a general course on how to write; the writing skills we cover are specific to sales copy and ad copy.

Essential information

When: Tuesday, May 16, 10am-5pm.
Where: Little Tokyo Two, 155 Queen Street, Brisbane city.
Includes: fully catered, preliminary homework, personalised report card for one sales page, invaluable industry contacts and ‘best in business’ little black book of marketing contacts.
Price: $449 (including GST) until April 16; $549 (including GST) from April 17.
This masterclass is limited to a small number to make this as interactive, personal and valuable as possible. As spots are limited, book and pay to reserve your place.

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